DIY Puerto Princesa and El Nido 5D4N on a Budget

Our DIY Puerto Princesa and El Nido, Palawan for 5 days on a humble budget.

During our trip to Palawan, I posted a picture in Facebook of me and my wife enjoying the beauty of Shimisu Island. Then a friend of mine (real friend, not just an FB friend) commented “Big Time” to which I replied “Di naman pre, budgeted lang. Sardinas nga lang kinain namin kahapon eh lol” (No dude, we’re on a budget. We even only ate sardines yesterday). Well, I can’t blame him for saying that we are “Big Time” since we are in a very beautiful place known to be visited only by those who have the “moolah”. And since I am the “Travel Debugger”, let’s try to debunk the stereotype in this post that El Nido (and Palawan for that matter) is only for the high rollers. My wife and I committed with a budget of P25000 (for the two of us) without sacrificing much of our comfort and our addiction to good food.

Chillin' in Shimisu Island

Chillin’ in Shimisu Island

PS: This blog post is more on the budget breakdown of our trip to Palawan. Though I would post a summary of our Itinerary, there’s not much stories here. I will write a separate post of our amazing trip to Palawan. 🙂

First things first

I very much advice you folks that you just DIY your travel to Palawan instead of booking your tour in a Travel Agency. For me, it’s cheaper, more flexible and sometimes, even easier. I have never booked a tour in a Travel Agency before because doing your own Itinerary is much more fun than being fed to you in a golden spoon. It’s very easy to DIY your tour in Palawan. Just do a little research and read some Blogs (like mine ;P) and you’re good.

Our Itinerary:

Day 1 (March 4)

4:30AM – Depart NAIA T4

5:45AM – Arrival PPS

7AM to 1PM – Underground River Tour

3PM – Depart to El Nido by Van

7PM – Arrive in Tay Miloy’s Inn in El Nido. Sleep.

Day 2 (March 5)

8AM – Early Checkin Ricgem Hotel.

9AM to 4PM – Island Hopping Tour A

8PM – Eat at Squidos restaurant

Day 3 (March 6)

9AM to 4PM – Island Hopping tour C

8PM – Pukka Bar

Day 4 (March 7)

12pm – Checkout Ricgem

1PM – Depart El Nido. Click here for a blog post regarding the sights and sounds of El Nido Town

7PM – Arrive in PPC. Check in Aniceto Pension House.

8PM – Dinner in Balinsasayaw restaurant.

Day 5 (March 8)

7AM to 11AM – DIY City tour

12PM – Airport

3PM – Depart Puerto Princesa

4:30PM – Arrive in Manila

You can also check a sample itinerary in my post here.



We booked our roundtrip tickets for two in Cebu Pacific Air for P7053.68 (P3526.84 each) all in. It’s a little expensive than the usual since we booked it just a month before our trip. Reason is, this trip is something we didn’t plan months in advance. I was thinking of somewhere to go on our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on March and I swear I didn’t thought of going out of town. What I just want back then was like a simple restaurant dinner or a road trip to Tagaytay. But then I thought about we should do something out of the ordinary or just go somewhere we have never been to in our anniversary. Then, frack it, let’s go on a trip out of town. It’s been 7 months since our last trip anyway (July 2014 in Vietnam was our last trip).

Going to Underground River

The Van transfer from Puerto Princesa to Sabang was part of our payment in our Underground River tour. More information regarding the tours later.

Going to El Nido

We initially planned to take the RoRo Bus to El Nido at night as I have read that sometimes the Van is too tight, crowded and does not have much legroom. Plus, if we ride the bus, I can stand from time to time to stretch. But since our tour guide in the Underground River tour told us the tour will be finished at around 1PM, we decided to go ahead to El Nido from Salvacion earlier than we were supposed to (Salvacion is the junction to those going to Sabang or El Nido). I contacted Tay Miloy’s Inn to book us one night plus he offered a Van transfer from Salvacion for 500 each. It’s a good deal and we left Salvacion at around 3PM and arrived in El Nido at 7PM. That’s just 4 hours! Thanks to our speed demon driver. And oh, the comfort level in the Van was just ok. We were still able to stretch our legs a bit.

Going around El Nido

A tricycle ride from the market terminal to El Nido town proper will cost you P50. So if you are 4 in a group, you can share the fare and pay much cheaper.

Don’t bother riding a tricycle going around the El Nido town proper since it’s small. You can just walk around from one point to another. Plus, it’s good exercise.

You can also rent a motorbike or a mountain bike when you are in El Nido and go somewhere else if you crave for more adventure. I just didn’t take note of how much though since we didn’t avail it.

Click here for a blog post regarding the sights and sounds of El Nido Town

Going back to Puerto Princesa

Northern Hope tours offered us van transfer from El Nido to Puerto Princesa for 500 each. I don’t know if that’s their rate for everybody or just because we booked all our tours with them. The going rate for Van transfers, as some say is around 700 to 800 per person but I think you can haggle or try to get it from the tours/hotel you booked in since they can give you a discounted price.

El Nido Terminal

El Nido Terminal

Going around Puerto Princesa

A short distance tricycle in Puerto Princesa cost us P10 per ride (P20 for 2 pax). If a tricycle is charging you more than that, then they are being greedy and are ripping you off just because you’re “tourists”.

You can also ride a multi-cab to your desired destination. From Puerto Princesa proper to Mitra Road, our fare is P15 each. I guess the minimum fare is the same in Manila, I’m just not sure. We managed to DIY tour the city for P80 each. More on that on the Tours section.

For more info and details regarding transportation in Palawan, check it in this site:

For our DIY Puerto Princesa Half day City Tour, click here!


For our first night in El Nido, we booked a fan room in Tay Miloy’s Inn for P500. We just needed a place to crash that night and luckily there is an available room for us even if we didn’t reserve days before. We just booked the room the same day.

For the succeeding nights in El Nido, we booked Ricgem Hotel a month in advance for 2550 for 2 nights for a standard room with a/c and own restroom but no T.V. (You don’t need one anyways right?). Clean room, quiet neighborhood and just a few minutes walk to the beach where the boats for island hopping are docked. Great service and friendly staffs as well. I very much recommend Ricgem Place and reviewed about our stay here.

Book your stay with Ricgem Place in Agoda here.  or compare prices here

Ricgem Place Hotel

Ricgem Place Hotel

Also check out the following accommodations:
El Nido Viewdeck Cottages
St. John Island View Pensionne
Tapik Beach Park Guest House

TIP: If you’re thinking of booking a beachfront hotel in El Nido for a higher price, you may want to think twice. A beachfront hotel is nice but is not a must in El Nido since it is not advisable to swim in the town proper’s seashore anyways. They dock their boats there and it smells of gasoline.

For our last night in Palawan, we booked a fan room in Aniceto’s Pension in Puerto Princesa for P550. Just like in Tay Miloy’s, we just need a place to crash so don’t expect anything fancy.


We booked our Underground River tour and Island tours with Northern Hope tours based in El Nido.

For the Underground River tour, we paid a total of P1400 each which is inclusive of buffet lunch (home cooked meals), air-conditioned van transfer, permit, environmental fee, boat transfers, paddle boat tour and a licensed tour guide.

For the El Nido Island tours, they offered us Tour A and Tour C which we happily agreed on. We paid P1000 for each tour per person plus P200 each for ETDF (Eco Tourism Development Fee).

The Island tours are inclusive of a sumptuous lunch, snorkeling gear, life vest and tour guide. On our last tour (Tour C), we gave a P100 tip to one of the tour guides (Kuya Bong) since he is very kind and assisted us especially my wife because she can’t swim very well.

You can also check these Palawan tours from Klook as sometimes they offer discounted rates:

El Nido Lagoons and Beaches Day Trip (Tour A)

El Nido Hidden Beaches and Shrines Day Trip (Tour C)

Puerto Princesa Underground River Day Tour

Northern Hope Tours' space in El Nido

Northern Hope Tours’ space in El Nido

TIP: They will offer you to rent a kayak in the Small Lagoon for P300 for 30 minutes. I think this is not worth it since you can rent a Kayak for P500 in the town proper for a whole day! You can even take the kayak in the tour boat and use it everytime you visit an Island or lagoon.

We didn’t rent a Kayak, because, well, we’re not up for it. 😛

For the city tour in Puerto Princesa, you can hire a tricycle to take you around the tourist spots for P600.  But in our case, since we just would like to visit 4 places (Immaculate Conception cathedral, Plaza Cuartel, Mitra’s ranch and Baker’s hill), we opted not to hire a trike but just commute from one place to another. This is very doable and much cheaper. We just spent P80 each for our customized City tour and it really wasn’t tiring.

PS: You can walk from Mitra’s Ranch going to Baker’s Hill. Also, there are tricycles waiting in Baker’s hill, so don’t worry about the scarcity of transportation when you want to go back to the highway.

Wifey walking from Mitra's Ranch to Baker's Hill

Wifey walking from Mitra’s Ranch to Baker’s Hill

For our DIY Puerto Princesa Half day City Tour, click here!

If you want convenience on transportation, you can book a tour here in Klook.


This is where things got balanced. We ate in all of the types of food places. We ate in the streets, carinderias, mini restos and restaurants. When travelling, eating is one of our favorite things to do. We still keep an eye of our budget but at the same time, we don’t want to miss out on the cuisine or dishes the place has to offer. One type of eatery won’t provide all of our foodie needs. I’ll sub-categorize this section with the types of food we ate. Here it goes:

Eat like a pauper:

We brought canned goods (sardines), bread, junk foods and mamon baked by my wife for those times that we just need to fill up our empty stomachs. We ate dinner twice in El Nido with just a can of sardines and steamed rice bought from the Hotel/Inn we are staying at for P15.  The price of mineral water ranges from P20 to P30. This is the cheapest way to go if you are very tight on budget. Just bring your own food and buy rice/water and you’re solve.

Eat like a local:

Puerto Princesa and El Nido have lots of carinderias, eateries and street stalls to satisfy those empty stomachs in a cheap price.

In El Nido, we ate at Silog Republic which cost P65 per order of a Silog Meal. There are also street stalls where you can buy pork and/or chicken barbeque for cheap. Don’t buy at those commercialized grill stalls where a stick of chicken bbq costs P75 and it was not satisfying for its price. You can also check out the Women’s Cooperative eatery which sells home cooked pinoy meals similar to our carinderias in Manila. We spent P85 for an order of sweet and sour fish (good for two), 2 rice and a mineral water. We also ate at this Chao Long eatery in El Nido where we ordered Vietnamese beef stew, pork sisig and rice. The sisig was not great but the beef stew is close to authentic. We paid a total of 195, a little costly than most carinderias but the bad thing is they have bad service and the food takes a while to be prepared. For breakfast or merienda, there is a bakery in El Nido named Midtown bakery where they sell fresh breads and pastries for dirt cheap. We bought 2 big Spanish breads and 2 piyayas for just P30 total. You see, it’s not that expensive in El Nido like what others thought. 😉

In Puerto Princesa, again, we ate at a Chao Long eatery called Bona’s Chao Long. You see, I love Vietnamese food (check my post here) and I would like to try if the dishes here are at par with what is served in Vietnam. We ordered one beef noodles (P65), a French bread with chicken spread (P35) and one softdrink (P20) for a total of P120. As opposed to the Chao Long eatery in El Nido, this one has good service and better noodles in terms of taste and serving.

Eat like a Tourist:

Let’s admit it, when we travel, we really like to go on a splurge sometimes or when we have remaining budget, we like to spend that money on something fancy. And food is one of the things we like to spend that on.

On our second night in El Nido, we met with a newly wed friend of mine and his wife in El Nido where they are spending their honeymoon. We both agreed days before that we will eat and drink in Squidos. Then off we went to Squidos, ordered seafood pizza, calamari and I don’t remember how many Pale Pilsens we ordered but it sure got us tipsy. We have a total bill of P970 to which my wife and I shared P470. Not bad for a fun night. 😉

At Squidos with the newly weds!

At Squidos with the newly weds!

Then the night after, my wife and I went to Pukka bar to enjoy some beer (P50), fries and Reggae for a total damage of P470. I love music and I can’t let it pass not to see local acts in a place called “Heaven on Earth”.

For the Island tours, Northern Hope tours prepared a sumptuous lunch for our grumbling stomachs. Nothing beats fresh seafood eaten at the beach.

Our delicious lunch in Tour C

Our delicious lunch in Tour C

For our last day in El Nido, we ate breakfast at the Art Café for a change. We were supposed to have breakfast in The Alternative but it was temporarily closed so we opted for the Art Café instead. Total damage was P350 for a Tomato Omelet meal and Fried Eggs and ham.

Other touristy expenses include 2 halo-halos in the 7 Commandos beach for P100 each and a Selecta cornetto ice cream for P50 in the Helicopter beach.  Don’t blame us, it’s hot out there.

In Puerto Princesa, we would at least like to try some dishes in one of the famous restaurant there. We chose the restaurant that’s near our hotel and that is Balinsasayaw restaurant. We ordered the Balinsasayaw express (P175), Shrimp with green peas (P175), Pineapple rice (P110) and a Green Mango shake (P69) for a total of P529. Well the main dishes were good but the Pineapple rice is not that good. It was gooey and very far behind what we had in Thailand or even in local restos in Manila.

To summarize, please see below the breakdown of all our expenses on our trip to Puerto Princesa and El Nido. I will just itemize the expenses for one pax for clarity.


Airfare – 3526.5

Van from PPC to El Nido – 500

Van from El Nido to PPC – 500

Tricycle from El Nido terminal to Tay Miloy’s – 25 (50 per trip divided by 2pax)

DIY City tour – 80 (160 total for 2 pax)

PPS Terminal fee – 150

Taxi from NAIA 4 to Pateros – 100 (200 total)

Transpo Sub-total: 4881.5


Tay Miloy’s Inn – 250 (500 per night)

Ricgem Hotel – 1275.005 (2550.01 for 2 nights)

Aniceto Pension – 275 (550 per night)

Accomodation Sub-total: 1800.005


Underground River tour – 1400

Island Tour A – 1000

Island Tour B – 1000

Tip to Tour guide – 50 (100 total tip)

ETDF – 200

Mitra’s Ranch maintenance fee – (20. This is optional since you will just have to pay if you want to enter the house)

Tour Sub-Total: 3670


Squidos – 235

Pukka bar – 235

Art Café – 175

Silog Republic – 72.5

El Nido Chao Long – 97.5

Women’s Coop – 42.5

Bona’s Chao Long – 60

Balinsasayaw resto – 264.5

Others – 339

Food Sub-Total:  1182

PS: I did not include the cost of our “baon”. Items are posted per individual, meaning the total cost was divided by 2. I only highlighted the cost for the major eateries, the rest are all consolidated in the “Others” item.

For a grand total of *** drumroll *** P11,533.505 per pax (P23067.01 for 2 pax)! Not bad for 5 days trip to Puerto Princesa and El Nido. It’s not cheap but it’s not that expensive also.

What increased the total is the airfare and food. For the airfare, of course, you should get tickets as cheap as possible. For food, you can eat like a pauper or a local and forget eating like a tourist. I’m ok with the price of our accommodation in Ricgem though because for me it’s very reasonable since the place was nice and comfortable. With that being said, you can imagine that it can be very much cheaper if you will just bring your own food, eat little or eat cheaper and book a cheaper flight with a budget airline. Much cheaper if you will book a fan room all throughout your stay.

So guys, don’t be afraid of going to Paradise because of the cost. I tell you, it’s all worth it.

A very happy couple atop the Matinloc Island

A very happy couple atop the Matinloc Island


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He is a programmer by profession but has a soul of a traveler. Aside from his ultimate dream of travelling around the world, he loves to eat, drink, listen to music, talk about aliens and the occasional secret guilty pleasure of singing love songs in videoke. His favorite superpower is to teleport from one place to another. I guess you know why.

  • junebride

    hello po! magkano po tour guide jan papunta sa mountain ng matinloc island?

    • The Travel Debugger

      Hi junebride!

      The trip to Matinloc Island is included in Tour C that we availed in Northern Hope Tours for P1000 per pax.
      Thanks for dropping by!

      – The Travel Debugger

    • Jayson Concepcion

      Hi junebride!

      The trip to Matinloc Island is included in Tour C that we availed in Northern Hope Tours for P1000 per pax.
      Thanks for dropping by!

      – The Travel Debugger

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  • Jeff Angeline Grace Gomez-Liso

    before you head to el nido, you had underground river tour. where did you leave ur things while having a tour?

    • Jeff Angeline Grace Gomez-Liso

      another question poh is sa nothern hope tours din poh b ung underground river tour?

      • Hi Angeline!

        Thanks for visiting!

        Yes we availed the Underground River tour with Northern Hope Tours. We just left our things in their tour van but we brought important things with us like money and gadgets. HTH.

        • Jeff Angeline Grace Gomez-Liso

          thanks before going to palawan i should contact northern hope tours to make reservations for the tour for the underground river and to el nido tours?

          • Yes! They may even give you discounts if you booked early. 🙂

          • Jeff Angeline Grace Gomez-Liso

            thru email poh ba or mobile #? im here abroad kasi so hopefully i can make transactions thru emails

          • Yes, you can transact through email. 🙂

  • Artemis Daguinod Toledo

    Hi po. Thanks for this helpful blog. Where can I contact Tay Miloy’s Inn so I can get a reservation po.

    • Hi Artemis!

      Nice name, thanks for visiting!

      You can try these numbers:

      I’m just not sure if those numbers are still working since we went to Palawan a year ago. Better confirm by calling. HTH.

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  • Ian Leyco

    Hi…. we found your DIY tour very much to our liking that we decided to pattern ours with it this Oct 30. Albeit a few changes with accommodations and food preferences (for a a family 2 adults 3 kids), I guess it’s a proven IT that we don’t want to change anymore. Any other tips/advice we need to be aware of since you were only a couple and we have kids to consider? Does all your sleeping arrangement come with a family room? thanks bro…

    • Hi Ian,

      Wow, that’s great! Glad you like our IT!

      Hmm, just follow the tour guide’s instructions and rules. Always wear your life vest and be warned of sea urchins in the shaded areas in the Lagoons. I got stung by one of those. Also be prepared for the long travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. Bring plastic just in case one of your kids would want to vomit.

      I checked Ricgem place and they have family rooms. Not sure with Aniceto’s Inn and Tay Miloy’s. Those two are super budget accommodations that I wouldn’t recommend to a family. HTH.

      • Ian Leyco

        Thanks buddy! We got in touch with your tour package provider and they were very helpful naman. Sadly the budget part is automatically thrown out the window once the whole family is involved. The lowest room accommodation for 5 that suits our liking is 1,800-2k/night inclusive of breakfast. Oh well, our corned tuna (kids don’t like sardines) is locked and loaded for those kinda nights…. lol

        • Ooh, 1800 to 2k is fine for a room good for 5. As long as you guys, especially the kids are comfortable.

          We love corned tuna as well! 🙂

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  • nelson millar

    upon arrival sa PP ,deretso na sa tour according to dala nyo po lahat ng gamit nyo sa tour sa underground river??

  • This is one of the few blog posts that helped me and my family plan for our recent Palawan tour. Salamat. I posted our escapades at