Baler DIY Itinerary, Budget and Where to Stay for 2D 1N

Baler DIY Itinerary, Budget and Where to Stay for 2D 1N

Nearly two months ago, my family were planning for a summer outing and they can’t decide where to go. So I butt in and quickly recommended Baler since they haven’t tried out Surfing. Baler is one of the most frequented surfing spots in the Philippines and is now gaining lots of Tourists not just for Surfing but for its many natural wonders and historical places as well.  I’ve been to Baler before with my friends last 2009 and much has changed since. There were now lots of tourists and there is a steady increase of Hotels, resorts and restaurants being built annually. Commercialization is ok, but I just do hope that they preserve the natural beauty and waves of Baler. Tourists and travelers alike should also take part of the preservation and respect the beach and all the other natural wonders Baler has.

In this post, I will share our Itinerary, Budget and where we stayed for a 2 days and 1 night weekend trip to Baler. Please read on:


Day 0: Leave Manila at 1am.

Day 1:

7am – Arrive in Baler and have breakfast.

8am – Start Town Tour of Baler

  • Museo de Baler
  • Doña Aurora Quezon’s House
  • Baler Catholic Church

11:30am – Lunch and siesta (or you can start surfing if you want, but I recommend that you surf early in the morning or around 3 or 4pm in the afternoon to avoid the burning heat of the sun)

3pm – Surfing in Sabang Beach

6pm – Dinner, socials, drinking

Day 2:

6am – Breakfast

7am – Baler tour part 2

Click here for our trip to Ermita Hill, Aniao Islets and Dicasalarin Cove

  • Ermita Hill
  • Aniao Islets
  • Dicasalarin cove (Just a peek. Entrance is 300 per pax so we didn’t push through)

9:30am – Surfing again since we didn’t have enough time to go to Mother falls or to any other place.

11am – Check out and depart to Manila

11:30am – Lunch

12pm – Balete Tree

7pm – Arrive Manila

Ermita Hill

View from Ermita Hill

Where to Stay:

We stayed at Mama Nene’s Transient House. You can read the full blog post regarding our stay there here -> Cheap Accommodation in Baler

Mama Nene Transient House Facade

Facade of Mama Nene’s Transient House

Or search for Baler hotels/inns in Agoda here

You can take a look at the following accommodations too:

Nalu Surf Camp
Ninas Transient House
The Circle Hostel Baler

Or search and compare prices in Hotels Combined here.


We are 9 in the group, my wife and I, my older brother’s family of 3 (their daughter is 3 years old) and my parents plus my younger brother and his gf. I added a per head column so you would know how much it would cost per person assuming all of you are adults and are paying on a per head basis.

Item Per head Total
Van with Driver * 1111.11 10000
Transient Room 388.88 3500
Diesel gasoline 322.22 2900
Toll Fee ** 143.11 1288
Food *** 144.44 1300
Museo De Baler / Aurora House entrance fee **** 10 90
Lunch at Baled 88.88 800
Balete Tree entrance ***** 10 90
TOTAL 2218.66 19968

* Since we know the owner, we got a discounted rate that I can’t disclose so I’ll just post their regular rate of P5,000 per day (P10,000 for 2 days).

** Toll fee total is for a roundtrip ride Manila-Baler-Manila (P644 per way).

*** Food here includes the packed food we brought and the ones we bought in the public market of Baler

**** Entrance to Aurora Quezon’s House is automatically free when you buy a ticket at Museo de Baler

**** Entrance fee for kids is just P5.

Other expenses that are optional and individual expenses:

Surfing lesson with surfboard and instructor – P350/hr

Surfboard rental for 2hrs – P200

Surfboard rental for half day – P400

Surfboard rental for whole day – P800

Dicasalarin cove – P300 per pax

Baler Surfing

Surfing is the main activity in Baler.


  • If you are beginners in Surfing, I recommend you to avail the Surfing lesson first individually, then rent a board for the whole day and share that board among your group.
  • I know you like foodtrips in restaurant, but if you are in a tight budget, you can bring your own food and cook it in the transient house. You can also buy more ingredients and meat in the Public market. You can eat in the restaurant for your last day.
  • If you will bring your kids with you, better think twice if you’ll go to the Mother falls. They say the trek ain’t a joke.

Thank you for reading! Hope this will help you in planning your amazing trip to Baler! Goodluck 🙂

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