El Nido Tour A

El Nido Tour A

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As mentioned in our DIY Palawan Trip, we booked our El Nido Island tours with Northern Hope Tours for P1000 per pax per tour. The tour is inclusive of lunch, snorkeling gear, life vest and tour guides to assist you. You can also check the tour here in Klook because sometimes they offer discounted rates.


In this post, I will share to you our experience on our first Tour in the islands of El Nido which is famously called “Tour A”.

Tour A consists of trips to these majestic places:

1) Small Lagoon
2) Simizu Island
3) Secret Lagoon
4) Big Lagoon
5) 7 Commando

El Nido Tour Map

El Nido Tour Map from www.gopalawan.travel

Let’s tour them again one by one!

1) Small Lagoon

First stop is the Small Lagoon. Upon arrival, we saw many boats already docked around 9:30AM. Due to this, we weren’t able to dock our boat in the nearest entrance of the lagoon. So it’s always better to go here early so you can also avoid the big crowd. Also, don’t be late on the scheduled time of meet-up.

Small Lagoon Docking Area

Lots of tourists that day in the Small Lagoon.

There is a beach in the Small Lagoon but we didn’t go there.

Small Lagoon beach

A Beach in the Small Lagoon

Activities to do in the Small Lagoon is Kayaking and Snorkeling.

Small Lagoon activities

That’s me just floating and enjoying the clear water of El Nido.

TIP: If you will rent a Kayak in the Small Lagoon, it’ll cost you P300 for just 30 minutes while you can rent a Kayak for a whole day for P500 in the town proper! You can then bring your kayak to the islands and use it whenever there’s an opportunity. I think this is a much better deal than the 30 minutes rental. But of course, it’s up to you.

Small Lagoon

Farfie (Far Selfie) in the Small Lagoon lol.

While we were enjoying the Small Lagoon, our tour guides were busy preparing our lunch to eat in our next destination, Simizu Island.

2) Simizu Island

We headed to Simizu Island for lunch and more relaxation! The place is so beautiful you wouldn’t want to go home.

Simizu Island

The beauty of Simizu Island

Simizu Island

Blue skies, fresh air, white sand and a beautiful ocean.

Simizu Island lunch

Our lunch! Boy was I hungry that time I ate a lot.

Simizu Island

You can relax in one of the shaded corners of the beach.

While waiting for your lunch, you can do some snorkeling again or just relax at the beach. We prefer to relax.

3) Secret Lagoon

After lunch, we then headed to the “Secret” Lagoon. It was called the Secret Lagoon because it is well hidden by rocks and you have to enter in a small opening to go inside the lagoon.

Fortunately, the water current that time was not that strong so we were able to enter the Lagoon with ease. My wife didn’t go though because she was a little bit scared hehe.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much pics in the Lagoon and the pics I have was all crappy. So I’ll just upload one decent picture.

Secret Lagoon

My only “matinong” picture in the Secret Lagoon.

4) Big Lagoon

Onwards to another Lagoon, this time it’s the biggest of them all and very beautiful as well… The Big Lagoon.

Big Lagoon

Very beautiful

Big Lagoon

Take pictures, snorkel, swim and enjoy nature.

There are others cruising the Big Lagoon in a medium sized boat. I wonder how much is the rent for a day?

Big Lagoon boating

People cruisin’ in the Bag Lagoon livin’ their life.

Warning! You see those shaded corners under the limestone rocks? Beware of sitting or swimming there, it’s full of sea urchins! I should know coz I got stung by it and the pain is no joke. If you got stung accidentally, soak your hands in warm/hot water or vinegar. I even pissed on my hands 😛

5)  7 Commando

Our final destination for Tour A is the 7 Commando Beach.

The beach here is great. Fine sand, lots of trees and girls getting their tan lol. There’s a chill vibe and after a day of touring, you can just relax in one of the cottages there and talk with your love ones about anything with sense or none. Now this is life!

7 Commando Beach

Girls gettin’ their tan hehe

7 Commando Beach

Foreigners enjoying Paradise

There are stores that sells here drinks, halo halo and food but are very expensive. But if you really like to chill out, then go ahead because we did bought some halo halo too for P100 each.

So that’s it! If it is your first time to go to El Nido, make sure you get Tour A as these places is a must visit!

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