El Nido Tour C

El Nido Tour C

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As mentioned in our DIY Palawan Trip, we booked our El Nido Island tours with Northern Hope Tours for P1000 per pax per tour. The tour is inclusive of lunch, snorkeling gear, life vest and tour guides to assist you. You can also check the tour here in Klook because sometimes they offer discounted rates.


This is our second Island Tour in El Nido, which for us, is better than Tour A. I cannot say that this is the best among all the Island tours as we haven’t gone to all of them but most of the people who have done all the tours say Tour C is the best!

Tour C includes trips to these islands and beaches:

1) Secret Beach

2) Matinloc Island and Shrine

3) Tapiutan Island

4) Hidden beach

5) Helicopter Island

El Nido Tour Map

El Nido Tour Map from www.gopalawan.travel

Come aboard our boat and let’s take a trip to these wonders of nature!

1) Secret Beach

“And me? I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for. Because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something. And if you find that moment… It lasts forever.” – Richard, The Beach.

Well, what can I say. When we entered the Secret Beach, all I can remember is the movie “The Beach”. This beauty is well hidden by limestone rocks and you wouldn’t expect that there is a beach inside. As far as I remember, our tour guide told us that one of the Survivor seasons were shot here. Cool.

Secret Beach

Nice, white sand of the Secret Beach

Secret Beach

Feeling like a Survivor Cast away

Secret Beach

Selfie, ‘pamewang’ shot

2) Matinloc Island and Shrine

Next stop is the majestic island of Matinloc. It was said that the island was owned by a German national who married an El Nido local and built a mansion and a shrine there that is now abandoned. The reason for the abandonment was not clear, our tour guide said. Whatever the reason is, we’re still thankful that this place is open for travelers like us as the place is just very beautiful.

For us, this is the highlight of our trip to El Nido. We climbed the rocky limestone cliff of the island to get a breath taking view of the open sea and neighboring islands. Just be quick to fall in line though as the queue of the people wanting to get to the top for a view can get long quickly.

Matinloc Island

Atop the rocky limestone cliff of Matinloc Island

Matinloc Island

Wifey with her “Jap” pose.

3) Tapiutan Island

After the trip to Matinloc Island, we headed to Tapiutan Island for our lunch! You can do some snorkeling here while waiting for your lunch or just relax and enjoy the beauty of the island.

Our lunch consists of freshly grilled fish, liempo and squid, halabos na hipon, veggies and fruits! They also provide water and soda.

Tapiutan Island Lunch

Our awesome lunch for that day!

Tapiutan Island

Our boat docked in this beautiful beach.

4) Hidden Beach

After our hefty lunch, off we went to another “Hidden” beach called, well, Hidden Beach.

As usual, the place was amazing. The water is so clear you can see the corals beneath it, something you will never see in Manila lol. Just take extra care when walking on it as you may slip or step down a pointy rock. It’ll hurt even if you wear slippers. Might be great to buy aqua shoes if you have the budget.

Hidden Beach

Water so clear you can see the corals

Lots of beautiful foreigners as well in El Nido. 😉

Hidden Beach

Hey hey, Mr. Photographer, we are here! Focus on us! 🙂

Hidden Beach

My wife taking a picture with a European woman. #tomboymode

5) Helicopter Island

Last, but certainly not the least… our final destination, Helicopter Island! It was called such, because, as our tour guide said, it is shaped like a Helicopter. Well, you have to see it for yourself and decide if it is indeed shaped like a Helicopter. If you have wide imagination, then it might shape like something else…

Our tour guide also said that the Ayalas bought part of the Island, thus the reason why there are fences circled in it. I just hope that they’ll maintain the beauty and natural resources of the island. We don’t want this to be the next Boracay.

Helicopter Island

The beach has a great shade due to the Island’s forest.

As this is our last island trip in El Nido, we made the most out of it by snorkeling, chillin’ and enjoying the sights of this wonderful place on Earth.

Helicopter Island

Getting ready for my last snorkeling session!

Helicopter Island

My wife in her “feeling Dyesebel” pose.

That’s it for Tour C! I Hope you’ll enjoy your time there as much as we did. Tour C is definitely a must when you visit El Nido.

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