El Nido Town (Sights and Sounds of Bgy Buena Suerte)

El Nido Town (Sights and Sounds of Bgy Buena Suerte)

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When it comes to El Nido, most of us are just too focused on the Island hopping activities that we tend to ignore that there’s more to see and experience in El Nido than just the beautiful beaches and lagoons.

Whenever I travel to an unknown place, I always like to see what the locals are doing, how they earn for a living, what they eat and how they party lol. It’s always great to learn the place’s culture and environment and appreciate it because that’s one thing you can give to them in return of their hospitality to you.

To do Island hopping in El Nido, it is advisable that you get an accommodation in Barangay Buena Suerte. It is where the tours begin for the 4 Island Tours of El Nido.

El Nido Town

El Nido Port Zone where the tour boats are docked

Along the shore, you will see a big El Nido sign where you can take a picture for proof that you’ve really been to El Nido!

El Nido Town

El Nido Town Sign

We went to the shore again to catch a glimpse of the sunset but unfortunately, there’s no sunset viewing along the bay of El Nido Town. I guess you have to go to Nacpan beach or in one of the numerous islands of El Nido to watch a beautiful sunset. Also, don’t mind swimming here. Tour boats are docked here so expect it to be somewhat polluted of oil.

El Nido Town

El Nido Bay with a view of Cadlao Island

Walking around the town of El Nido, you’ll see that life is pretty much simple here. Thanks to its natural wonders, tourism boosted the town’s economy and helped improve the standard of living of the locals there. This is the reason why the locals are very protective of El Nido’s natural resources since this is what gives them a good and simple life.

El Nido Town

Locals in their day to day life.

The town is surrounded by magnificent limestone cliffs. If only I could take these rock formations back to Manila, It’s a view that I wanted to have in our room.

El Nido Town

The town is surrounded by magnificent limestone cliffs.

Further walking led us to the town’s basketball court where there is a Women’s Basketball game currently being held. I actually don’t see much Basketball League for Women even in Manila. Glad to see this one in El Nido.

El Nido Town

A Women’s Basketball Game is currently on play

While we were waiting in the Northern Hope Tour’s office in El Nido, I saw these two local kids taking selfies (or groufie, whatever you call it). Kids these days are so technologically inclined even in these provinces way far from Manila. I do hope that they still prefer to play outside than tinker with their gadgets just like what I did in the 90s though. 🙂

El Nido Town

Local kids in El Nido taking selfies.

After your Island hopping tours, it’s time to experience El Nido’s nightlife! Generally, restaurants and bars in El Nido are a little bit expensive as they cater to foreign tourists. If you have the budget, then go for it! Enjoy a little and maybe get wasted a little too. Even if you are a budget traveler, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the nightlife right? Just put some budget for your gimik, say P1,000 and don’t spend more than that. It’s that simple.

For the first night out, we went to Squidos restaurant with the newly wed friend of ours. It was such a nice and spontaneous evening especially when you guys didn’t expect to meet each other in El Nido!

Squidos El Nido

At Squidos with the newly weds!

The night after, we went to Pukka Bar for some Roots Rock Reggae! The band played pretty decent Reggae and even played my song request! Badfish by Sublime and followed it up with one more Sublime Song, What I got! It was a cool, tipsy little evening!

Pukka Bar El Nido

Reggae Band in Pukka Bar!

After, maybe, a wild night… I bet your stomachs are empty, hungry for recovery food. Big breakfast always comes to mind (and stomach) whenever I get hangovers. Good thing El Nido has stores, bakery (Midtown Bakery), carinderias and restaurants to re-fuel your mind and body, ready for another day of adventure! On our last day in El Nido, we went to Art Cafe for breakfast for a change (We just usually eat our packed foods, buy bread in bakery and noodles in sari sari store for breakie hehe). We initially planned to eat in The Alternative but unfortunately, they were temporarily closed at that time. I’m not sure if they are open now.

Our Western breakfast for that day! A little expensive as expected but as long as it feeds our hunger, then I’m ok with it. Total for the two meals is P350.

Art Cafe breakfast

Tomato Omelet meal

Art Cafe breakfast

Fried Eggs and Ham

So guys, whenever you visit a town you have never been to, take time to walk aimlessly, appreciate other places than the usual tourist spots and befriend locals. Who knows, you might find a hidden gem among the rubble. 😉

El Nido Town

Bgy Buena Suerte Outpost

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