DIY Puerto Princesa City Tour for P80 each!

DIY Puerto Princesa City Tour for P80 each!

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In this blog post, I will share to you how we managed to DIY a half day City tour in Puerto Princesa City in a measly budget i.e. P80 each for transportation and other expenses! The places we went to are Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel, Mitra’s Ranch, Baker’s Hill and had lunch at Bona’s Chaolong House.

Most of the people who went to Puerto Princesa rented a tricycle to tour them around the city for P600. This is all good especially if you are at least 4 in the group and I very much advise you to do it this way since I think you’ll spend almost the same. But if you are going solo or there’s only two of you traveling, then I suggest you take a look at the option of commuting from one place to another especially if you are on a really tight budget.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

We started the day tour by going to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. From our stay (Aniceto Pension House) to the cathedral, it’s just one tricycle away for P10 each.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Entrance to the Cathedral

The first thing that I noticed is of course, its color. The light blue color is so easy on the eyes and I think it is the first church that I went to with this color.

The Church’s interior is elegant and solemn as well. We stayed and finished the whole mass before going out to our next destination.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Going to the Church was a good start for the tour as it kinda gave us some soul energy to jumpstart our day. Next on our list is just across the cathedral, Plaza Cuartel.

Plaza Cuartel

Aside from the luscious greens and the scenery of the Ocean, Plaza Cuartel has a very dark past. It is the site where more or less 150 American Prisoners of War during WWII were burned alive by Japanese Soldiers and only 11 POWs managed to escape by swimming out to the sea. I can just imagine the horror and cries of those POWs. Wars like these must not happen again.

Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel Marker

Underground bunkers in Plaza Cuartel

Underground bunkers in Plaza Cuartel. Can you imagine 100 or more people inside there?!

Now, enough of the horrors. Let’s move on to the present! Since 1997, Plaza Cuartel had been renovated and converted into a leisure park where people can just chill, relax and have a good view of the Ocean.

Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel is now a beautiful park

Plaza Cuartel Ocean

You can have a good view of the Ocean from the Park. Quite gloomy that day.

Plaza Cuartel Kalesa

An old Kalesa (Calash) is displayed in between the trees.

After the historical visit to Plaza Cuartel, we then decided to head to Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill.

Directions going to Mitra’s Ranch:

We rode a multi-cab going to Irawan (or going to Iwahig is also possible) at Rizal Avenue (we walked from Plaza Cuartel to Rizal Ave) and alighted at Mitra Road for P15 each. One of the nicest things about travelling is you get to befriend locals. In our case, it is our multi-cab driver. We were the only passengers that time and we had a nice chit-chat with Mr. Driver about anything Palawan be it Politics, the people, the wonderful places, the food… but mainly we chatted about Politics hehe. He is already retired and he only drives the multi-cab just to do something (and earn of course) and not get bored. He even like to invite us over to their house for food but unfortunately, it was our last day in Palawan so we humbly declined the offer.

When you get to Mitra Road, you must ride a tricycle to go up to Sta. Monica Heights for P10 each. Just tell the driver you’d like to go to Mitra’s Ranch.

Mitra’s Ranch

Mitra’s Ranch is owned by the late Senator Ramon Mitra. Now, the Ranch is being maintained by his children where you’ll see horses, cows and a relaxing view of Palawan.

We very much love the view on top of the Ranch. It’s like you just want to grab a cup of coffee in the morning and sit in your favorite chair and say “I own all of these!” lol.

Mitra Ranch View

Breath taking view in Mitra’s Ranch

You can also try their zipline, from what I remember is P300 for a ride.

Mitra Ranch Zip-line

This is the zipline site.

We also went inside their house for P20 each for maintenance fee. You need to leave your shoes/slippers before entering the house so that you won’t leave dirt marks inside.

Mitra's Ranch House

The Living Room

Mitra's Ranch

Be careful not to break those vases. I bet they’re worth something.

Of course, what’s a farm without animal pics right?

Mitra's Ranch Horses

Yes, it’s a real farm with real horses.

Our last stop for our DIY PPC half-day tour is at Baker’s Hill. This is where we will buy some of our pasalubongs for our friends and relatives’ enjoyment. We just walked from Mitra’s Ranch to Baker’s Hill as I think it was just a 5 minutes walk. It’s not that far, plus you can enjoy the scenery while walking.

Baker’s Hill

Upon entry, we saw that Baker’s Hill has a lot more to offer than souvenirs! It’s like a park with a mini zoo inside!

Bakers Hill

Welcome to Baker’s Hill!

There are statues of different cartoon characters and celebrities as well. So you will enjoy strolling around here and taking pictures!

Bakers Hill Marilyn

Me “checking out” Marilyn hehe…

Bakers Hill Snow White

Wifey with Snow White and the 7 dwarves

After buying the necessary pasalubongs and our cute stroll in Baker’s Hill, it’s time to go home. We wanted to order pizza but unfortunately we were early and Baker’s Kitchen is still closed so we opted to have lunch somewhere else.

Outside Baker’s Hill, there are tricycles waiting already so don’t worry about the transportation going to the main road. For the fare, it’s just P10 each… but of course, there must be at least two people in the tricycle, else, you will pay P20 for the ride.

Once in the main road, take the same multi-cab but this time, going back to Rizal Avenue. Same fare, P15 each. We then went back to our accommodation (P10 each for the tricycle fare), packed our things and had lunch at Bona’s Chao Long House (P10 each for the tricycle fare).

So to summarize our expenses for that day, see below:

Description Fare per pax Total for 2 pax
Tricycle from Accommodation to Immaculate Conception 10 20
Multi-cab from Rizal Avenue to Mitra Road 15 30
Tricycle from Mitra Road to Mitra’s Ranch 10 20
Entrance fee to Mitra’s House 20 40
Tricycle from Baker’s Hill to Mitra Road 10 20
Multi-cab from Mitra Road to Rizal Avenue 15 30
Grand Total  80 160

We didn’t add the fares from Rizal Avenue going back to our accommodation since this was not part of the day tour as we are already packing up. 🙂 Of course, expenses for pasalubong is not counted also as this is optional.

So I very much suggest you just do a DIY tour if there are only 2 in the group or you are travelling solo. I guess it’ll be much cheaper even if it is a whole day tour. But if you really want a little comfort of just riding one vehicle all throughout the day and not going through the hassle of hailing multi-cabs/tricycle and walking, then go for the P600 tricycle whole day tour. Or book and join a tour here via Klook. It’s quite affordable too. It’s all up to you. 🙂

Hope this post will help you in your PPC tour! Thanks for reading!

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