Isdaan Resto Fun Park at Calauan, Laguna

Isdaan Resto Fun Park at Calauan, Laguna

Everybody wants a Happy Birthday. People around the world one way or another, likes this day to be something special. Some save for a year and spend their money on that thing they very much wanted without someone against it. Of course, it’s your birthday! Spend it on whatever! Some loves to host a big party, invite their friends… the friends of their friends and their yayas too, and get drunk till dawn. Some just likes it to be simple. Like just going out to a nearby favorite restaurant or just cook a simple meal, pinoy spaghetti and of course, the immortally loved pancit. Not that I didn’t do all of these! Of course, I also did that except for a big party (mine’s not big, just a party in my house, but yeah we almost get drunk till dawn almost every year I guess?) and inviting their yayas.

But since I started travelling actively, I see to it that I travel on my birthday or at least be somewhere that I’ve never been to. Last year, my wife and I went to Vietnam as birthday gift to myself. Then I thought, I should do this every year! Be it out of the country or just out of town, I must be out on my birthday! Haha! Though my parents always insist that there should be at least a simple party at home (drinks again of course) to celebrate. I wouldn’t mind that, but I also promised to myself that I will always give myself the gift of travel on my birthday. Actually, we have already booked a flight to Davao on my birthday month next year (c/o the Air Asia Sale).

This year, since my wife and I are booked to South Korea on September and my older brother can’t afford an overnight stay somewhere due to his studies, I suggested that we just go out to Lunch somewhere… somewhere a bit far from Manila. Thus, my whole family and I decided to go to Isdaan Resto-Fun Park at Calauan, Laguna. Somewhere we’ve never been to and we get to at least travel and see some sightings.

Very sorry for the long introduction as this blog post must be about the restaurant. 🙂

Directions going to Isdaan Resto-Fun Park by private vehicle

To get there by car, go to SLEX then exit at Calamba. Then follow the road going to Los Baños then just go straight going to Sta. Cruz and not to Bay or Calauan. On the right side of the road, you will first see Kamayan sa Palaisdaan restaurant, but that’s not the one. 😛 Around 500m more, you’ll get to Isdaan Resto-Fun Park. 🙂

Transportation Expenses

Toll fee: P214 one way from C5

Gas: P500 back and forth (We brought an Innova. Matipid!)


Near the entrance, you’ll be greeted by a big fish that works like a fountain. It’s still not functioning at that time since I guess we’re still early (11:11AM).

Isdaan Resto Fun Park

A big fish smiles at you in the entrance

Upon entry, you’ll be welcomed by these Thai inspired mermaid statues as if they are wishing you a great stay in their humble place. Kids need to wear a life vest upon entry for safety purposes.

Isdaan Resto Fun Park

Mermaid-like statues greets you on your way to the restaurant

Floating Restaurant

There are many seats to choose from when we got there but we took ours near the entrance and stage where the different performances will be held. As this is a floating restaurant, you can choose a floating nipa hut style house where you can actually see and feed live fishes in the man-made river.

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Floating Restaurant

Floating Nipa hut style house

My 3 year old niece had fun feeding the fishes!

Isdaan Resto Fun Park fishes

Here fishy fishy fishy…

The Sights

While waiting for our orders, my wife and I took a quick walk around the area to see the sights! Basically, the restaurant’s theme is a mix of Asian and Western combined. There were lots of Buddha statues, Marvel and Disney characters and a giant Gorilla overlooking the whole place! Awesome! Might be a little more awesome if it would move though lol.

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Gorilla

Look out! It’s a giant Gorilla!

Isdaan Resto Fun Park White Buddha

Giant White Buddha

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Shrek

Wifey with the Shreks!

There are also performances done in the center stage for your entertainment. Magic, acrobats, clowns in stilts and even the old school extreme performer who rips off a coconut with only his teeth.

I swear, he even looks like Manny Pacquiao. Just didn’t get a close up picture of him.

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Performances

Manny Pacquiao ripping off a coconut.

Fun Activities

There is also a fun place for adults where you can throw and smash plates and mugs at a wall! There are clocks and T.V.s but I guess these are reserved for Isdaan employees since I think they always encounter abusive customers everyday and this is a place where they can vent all their frustrations! haha!

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Tacsiyapo


If you are going to do this, it is advisable for you to shout Tacsiyapo! while throwing the items. Tacsiyapo is a Kapampangan word that means “Shame on you!”. The cost for you to throw a plate is P30 and P20 for the mug. We didn’t do this as we don’t feel angry that time. I guess we’re happy lol.

My wife said there are other activities there like fishing for your own lunch. Didn’t see someone do this though. I also didn’t see kids biking or boating so I’m not sure if these activities can be done here.

Then my mom called me that the food is already being served. Time to hurry up to the table as we’re starving!

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The Food

For the food, our expectations weren’t really high but what I read is their servings are huge because they cater to big families.

We wanted to try their Titanic so we ordered the Mixed Teppanyaki that consist of pork, chicken, shrimp and veggies for P1,226 good for 10-12 persons (We were 8 adults and 1 kid that time).

The food was prepared by the waiter right in front of us while a musician was humming the Titanic theme song in the background. Cool, but don’t let this place sink alright?

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Titanic

The waiter busy preparing the Titanic!

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Titanic

All done!

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Titanic

Even Donald approves of it.

Aside from the Titanic, we also ordered a Nilagang Baka for P519 and Kangkong for P175. I love the Kangkong’s sauce and it has some generous beef chunks mixed in there. The Nilagang Baka is just ok, nothing spectacular.

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Nilagang Baka

Nilagang Baka for P519

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Kangkong

Kangkong for P175. I hurriedly took this photo as we were all hungry lol.

For the steamed rice, they cook it in this cute kaldero that’s good for 2-3 persons

Isdaan Resto Fun Park Sinaing

Bagong saing na kanin – P134

The only thing that sank that time was the food into our stomach. We didn’t finish the Titanic though as the serving was just so huge.

Breakdown of items:

Mixed Teppanyaki Titanic – P1,226

Nilagang Baka – P519

Kangkong – p175

Rice – P134 * 3 = P402

1 Pitcher of Iced Tea – P253

Total: P2,575

Not bad. You would think that it’s expensive, but I think it’s reasonable since they have big servings.

Also, near the entrance, there is a souvenir station where you can buy your pasalubongs. We bought a bottle of Honey (P180) and 7D Mango Puree (P120).


Ambiance – 4.5/5

South East Asian inspired theme, Giant Gorilla, Marvel characters, circus and magic performances, live fish just below you and a very pinoy-like fiesta… hey, what more can you ask for?

Service – 3.5/5

Our bill took longer than our orders. Make sure to get your bill while eating if you are in a hurry to get home after you eat. More smiles from the crew is also appreciated. 🙂

Food – 3.5/5

It’s ok and reasonable with its servings and price. No high expectations really. The taste was not bad, but it is not overwhelmingly good either. Just ok. 🙂

Overall Rating – 4/5

Props to the overall environment and ambiance! It’s a great place to visit once, but won’t be coming back soon unless invited.  It’s a good place to bring balikbayans or foreigners though to somewhat experience Pinoy food and culture.


Isdaan Resto-Fun Park

National Highway Barangay Santo Domingo 4012 Calauan, Laguna

PS: Bring cash, they don’t accept credit cards. 🙂

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