Budget Hostel in Korea – Zaza Backpackers

Budget Hostel in Korea – Zaza Backpackers

Finally, the day has arrived for our travel to Korea. Months before our flight, I was already scouting for a nice accommodation. It doesn’t have to be an ultra cheap hostel nor a high end hotel, but one that fits our three criteria: cleanliness, affordability and good location.

All these I found in Zaza Backpackers Hostel. My officemate actually recommended Zaza to me and one look at the pics, I knew this is a good Hostel! It was clean, fits our budget (60k KRW per night) and has a very good location! It’s just a 3 minute walk to Myeongdong station (exit 3 and 2) and around 7 minutes walk to Myeongdong shopping center. It’s also near Namsan Park where you can take a cable ride to go to the N Seoul Tower. Not to mention they have fantastic reviews in Trip Advisor! That’s enough for us to book them!

Zaza Backpackers Hostel

Chillin’ at Zaza’s sofa with the cute Teddy Bears!

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Booking and Check-in

We booked a Double room through email for our 5 nights of stay for a total of 300k KRW which you have to pay in cash upon arrival. They don’t require a down payment or credit card guarantee, but they do require you to re-confirm your reservation 30 days, 15 days and 5 days before your check-in date. If you failed to re-confirm, then your reservation will be cancelled and you can try to book again with them. Don’t worry, they respond to emails very fast! A big plus for me!

Book your stay here in Zaza Backpackers Hostel through Agoda! Or compare prices here

Book your stay here through Agoda!

Zaza Backpackers!

Upon checking-in, they gave us the keys to our room and two maps; the subway map and a map of Seoul City! How awesome! They also have free soap, shampoo, tissue and towel for you to use. And if in case they are not around the reception, then you can call them for your required assistance.

Also a week before our scheduled arrival in Korea, my office mate asked me a favor if she can send a package (CD and poster) and have it delivered to Zaza for me to pick it up upon arrival. Due to Korea’s efficient delivery system, her package arrived in Zaza 2 days before our arrival. So I asked Zaza if they can keep it safely for the meantime until we arrive. And as expected, after they gave the keys to our room, they also handed me the package without any damages. Two thumbs up for good service!

Room and Amenities

Now, let’s look at the room.

Zaza Bed

Our comfy bed for 6 days

The bed is comfortable and there’s an outlet near it which is very convenient if you want to charge our phones and browse the net at the same time while lying in bed.

Please do note that the outlet is different in Korea. Click here for more details. We didn’t bring a travel adapter with us because my office mate told me we can borrow one from Zaza. And as expected, Zaza let us borrow one! So no need to buy if you really want to maximize your budget!

The windows are on the bedside if you want to take a peek at the streets from time to time lol. There’s also an electric hair dryer for you gorgeous women out there.

Zaza Bed and TV

Our Room

They have an inverter type aircon but there’s a little water drip when it’s turned on. We just put tissues to stop the leak. They have cable TV and we actually watched some Korean dramas and Western movies from time to time.


Besides the double size bed, there is an extra double deck bed where we put some of our things. It really helped with the clutter 😀

Zaza Double Deck Bed

This is the double deck bed which we used to put our things. 🙂

They have free breakfast every morning starting at 8am until 11am at the lobby. Breakfast consists of bread, peanut butter and jelly and coffee. We asked them if we can just take away some bread instead of eating in the lobby and they happily agreed. 🙂

For a complete list of their facility and services, check it here.

We actually forgot to relax at the rooftop. It must’ve been a good view. Maybe next time. 😀


After checking out at 10AM, we asked if we can leave our bags for the meantime since our flight is at 9pm and we still wanted to do some Museum hopping on our last day. They happily agreed with this setup and even put “Zaza” stickers to mark our bags. How kind of them!

Zaza Backpackers Hostel

We trusted our bags with them so we can tour more!

Book your stay here in Zaza Backpackers Hostel through Agoda!

Directions going to Zaza:

They posted a directions and map on how to go their hostel here.

Since we got lost on finding it (maybe it’s just us failing to be good navigators that time), I will tweak their directions a bit.

This is by Limousine Bus number 2015 (Bus stop 12A) from Incheon Airport:

1. Take bus number 6015 from bus stop 5B or 12A ( bus fare – 10,000 KRW each / one way )

2. Get off at Sejong hotel bus stop.. (This is the last stop and It will take around 1 hour 20 minutes. )

3. Walk 30 meters towards the crossing shortly after passing ‘ Myeongdong  Exit No.9’ (Don’t go in the subway, just walk pass it) and ‘Tous les jours bakery’. Once you’re in the Tous Les Jours Bakery, you must cross the road going to the other side where Pacific Hotel is located.

Tous Les Jours

Tous Les Jours Bakery. This is our landmark to cross the street.


Myeongdong Crossing

Cross this street in Myeongdong to go to the other side.

4. Turn right to Myeongdong Exit No.2 (Don’t go in the subway, just walk pass it) and Turn left at the corner between ‘chinese restaurant’ and ‘7 eleven store’.

Myeongdong Crossing

Here you can see the Pacific Hotel and the Myeongdong Exit No. 2 for your reference.


Myeongdong 711

You can see the 7-11 here. This is taken on a Saturday so some students are selling some stuff.

5. Go straight 60 meters then once you’re facing the Pacific Hotel, go to your left and walk on that side.

Myeongdong Stores

Here are some stores along the 7-11’s path.

6. Turn right at white exterior building ( DUBU restaurant near Mini stop) on the corner and you will see our sign on your right side.

Restaurant Dubu

This is the final landmark, Restaurant DUBU. Turn right here.

Book your stay here in Zaza Backpackers Hostel through Agoda! Or compare prices here

Final thoughts

Zaza Backpackers Hostel is a budget friendly accommodation that offers good services, comfortable beds, clean rooms and most of all, friendly and polite staffs.

I wouldn’t mind booking with them the next time we go to Seoul. 4.5/5 stars!

Contact details:

Website:  www.zazabackpackers.com

Telephone:  +82.2.3672.1976

Email: webmaster@zazabackpackers.com

Address:  32-3, Nansandong-2ga, jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Zaza Backpackers Hostel

Zaza Backpackers Hostel was our home for 6 days.

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