Meat-Ing Cheap BBQ Buffet Hongdae Korea

Meat-Ing Cheap BBQ Buffet Hongdae Korea

Korean BBQ is one of the most delicious barbecues in the world. And having experienced eating in a BBQ Buffet Restaurant in Korea is such a great experience especially for food lovers like us!

We didn’t actually plan to eat in a Korean BBQ restaurant at first but I did managed to research beforehand for a good and cheap one just in case we changed our minds. And well, our couple friends from Abu Dhabi made us change our minds as they insisted that we all eat Korean BBQ together. So we did.

My research paid off as we went to one of the cheapest BBQ buffet restaurant in Korea. The place is called Meat-ing. As in, like we went to a Meeting, but for Korean BBQ. Read on!

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The story went like this. The day before we went to Meat-ing, our couple friends insisted that we should eat Korean BBQ somewhere near our Hostel. So we scouted the place and found one. We saw that the lowest set-menu is 35k KRW (already consists of pork and beef cuts) so we thought it’s a pretty good deal! We sat on one of their tables and ponder further on the menu and what to order more. Then we wondered if the set-menu of 35k KRW is good for how many persons so we called the waitress and asked her. Then she told me it is only good for one person and not meant for sharing. Multiply that to 4 persons, then that’s 140k KRW! Considering that it’s the lowest priced set-menu! The highest is 132k KRW! Then I said, Nope Nope Nope… we should get outta here guys! We hurried out the restaurant without saying anything haha! I know it’s a bit rude but I really cannot afford to pay such high price for dinner! And to be honest, it’s hot in that restaurant and I bet we will sweat like pigs there once we start eating and grilling. So I told my friends that we will just go to a cheap and good Korean BBQ restaurant in Hongdae tomorrow. We ended up eating in a local resto to eat Bibimbap then chicken and beer at Two Two Chicken! Awesome night!

Then came the night for our Korean BBQ adventure! We went to Hongdae and searched for this Meat-ing BBQ restaurant and fortunately, we located it with no hassle. Thanks to the directions I found online.

Meat-ing Korean BBQ Buffet

We will just have a Meat-ing hmmk?

Menu and Price

As a buffet restaurant, their menu is simple. Be there Lunch time (10:30am to 4pm), then you pay 12,500 won per person. Be there Dinner time (4pm to 12am), you pay 13,900 won per person. We  arrived there around 5pm, so we paid 13.9k won each. No big deal, it’s still cheap compared to the restaurant we went to last night!

Meat-ing Korean BBQ Menu

Meat-ing Korean BBQ Menu

We sat besides the glass wall and off we went to the buffet station to get some meat and start grilling them!

The Food

They have pork, beef, octopus, salad, veggies, potato, bread, sausage, rice and of course chili sauce! I forgot to take pictures of the food in the buffet station so here are some that is on our table.

Meat-ing Korean BBQ Food

Commence the Grilling!

Meat-ing Korean BBQ Food

Grilling and waiting

Then, wow! For its price, it is really delicious especially the pork! The meat kind of melts in your mouth and has a savory taste to it. This is what I call “Bang for the buck”! We really enjoyed eating that we showed our inner Filipino by eating rice with it haha! So good!

Just be cautious on getting food. If there’s left over, you have to pay an additional 2k KRW including vegetables. So only get what you think you can eat. You can always go back to the buffet station for more food! Also note that they will only give you 1.5hrs to eat. I don’t know if that’s a strict rule but we didn’t stay there for 1.5hrs anyway.

You can also order drinks if you want but it’s not included in the buffet rate. There’s free water anyway.


As for the ambiance, it’s two thumbs up as well! It’s very cozy, the customers are not noisy and it’s not hot! They have clean restrooms too, so don’t worry if nature calls. 😛

Meat-ing Korean BBQ Interior

Inside the restaurant


Service is good too! They will assist you whenever you have a concern or a request. A big plus for us!

Meat-ing Korean BBQ Restaurant

Look at those happy faces! 🙂

Overall, our food experience here is fantastic! It’s light on the pocket, tasty and delicious food, good ambiance and service! I rate it 4.5/5! So if you will travel to Korea, consider going to Meat-ing for your Korean BBQ experience. It’s worth it!


Here is the direction to Meat-ing:

  • Hongdae station, exit 9.
  • Turn left, walk past the Dunkin’ Donut, turn right, walk straight.
  • Meat-ing is on the left side
Meat-ing Korean BBQ Direction

You can see here the Dunkin Donuts at the right. Turn right here and you will see Meat-ing


Meat-ing Korean BBQ Buffet

A special thanks to our couple friends Jeremy and Rochelle for the treat! Hooray to both of you! 😀







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