Hangang River Ferry Cruise / Yeouido Park

Hangang River Ferry Cruise / Yeouido Park

One of our items in our bucket list is to ride aboard a cruise ship for a fantastic holiday. While waiting for that chance, luckily, some countries (or almost all of them) offer ferry cruises along their rivers or sea. When we were in Bangkok, unfortunately, we didn’t get to try the Chao Phraya River Ferry Cruise. So for the first time, we’ll aboard a ferry in South Korea, cruise the majestic Han River and watch the Banpo Bridge fountain show.

The first time we saw the banpo bridge fountain show in a Travel channel, we were amazed with the beauty and synchronization of the light show. Then and there, we promised ourselves that someday we’ll go to South Korea and watch that fountain show. Now that bucket list is checked, I’m sharing to you our experience so please read on.

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Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

I’m using this picture from theseoulguide.com as we didn’t get to be near the fountain, so all our pics and videos were from afar.

There are two docks where you can aboard a ferry cruise and watch the Banpo Bridge fountain and light show. One is in Yeouido, the other one is in Jamsil. It’s just a matter of preference and location. Choose one that’s near to you.

Yeouido Dock

Yeouido Dock

Yeouido Park

We arrived at Yeouido Park at around 3pm and immediately went to the ticketing booth to grab our tickets for the 7:30PM Live concert cruise. Why did we choose that schedule? To see the Banpo Bridge fountain show, you must get the 7:30PM cruise because the show starts at 8pm. So I advise you to go here earlier as the tickets might get sold out especially when there are lots of tourists on that day.

Ticket Fee: 15000 KRW each

While waiting for our cruise at 7:30PM, we seated on one of the benches near the terminal. It is also a time for us to relax, eat and just watch people pass by. It is a park after all.

Yeouido Park

My wife just chillin’

I roamed around the park and saw lots of locals enjoying their free time. They put up tents, picnic mats, eat chicken and drink beer in a lovely breezy afternoon. You can also rent a bicycle too but we just wanted to sit, rest and enjoy the view. One thing I noticed about the park is it is so clean even there are lots of people. I hope parks in Manila can be this clean too.

Yeouido Park

Locals walking, biking, playing.


Yeouido Park Playground

Kids at the playground


Yeouido Hangang Park Tents

Locals set up tents and camps here.

Cruisin’ time

Now it’s time to come aboard the ferry and start the cruise! But of course, before that, pictures first!

Hangang River Ferry Cruise

Picture first!


Hangang River Ferry Cruise

You’ll walk on this lovely footbridge to board the ferry.

The crew will then ask the people to line up in two lines. You’ll see how disciplined Koreans are as they are not pushing each other, they just simply line up in an orderly manner.

Once inside the ferry, you can buy hotdogs and snacks or sit in the middle where a singer will perform live. Don’t stay at the rear end of the ferry as it is smoky and smells of gasoline. It’s either at the side or in front of the ferry. We stayed at the side as there are lots of people at the front.

The cruise started at exactly 7:30PM. Going to the Banpo Bridge, you’ll pass along a number of other Seoul’s bridges. The crew will explain a little bit about their history and other trivia as well. Since it was night time, the breeze was cool and the overall atmosphere was quite romantic. It is perfect for married couples like us.

Han River is also very clean and unpolluted not like *ehem* Pasig *ehem* river. You won’t see any trash or smell bad odor or squatters living under the bridge. How I wish Pasig River is like this. We can have this kind of ferry cruises only if it is clean.

Some pics during the cruise:

Hangang River Ferry Cruise

Selfie lol


Hangang River Ferry Cruise

We stayed at the side


Hangang River Ferry Cruise Bridge

Passing a lovely bridge


Hangang River Ferry Cruise

A moment of silence. She’s thinking of something.


Banpo Bridge Rainbow Moonlight Fountain Show

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Moonlight Fountain Show

The beautiful rainbow moonlight fountain. Too bad we’re not near it.


Banpo Bridge Rainbow Moonlight Fountain Show

Lots of tourist at the front


Banpo Bridge Rainbow Moonlight Fountain Show

Wifey taking the video

Here is our video of the Rainbow Moonlight fountain. You can turn off the audio so you won’t hear our comments lol.


It would really be much better if we are closer to the bridge but I guess they have safety protocols or whatever. Overall, the experience was great. It was very romantic and the duration of the cruise was a full 1 ½ hours, just enough time for relaxation and sightseeing. So for those going to South Korea, I would really suggest you put this in your Itinerary especially for the lovely couples out there. It is worth it.

Directions going to Yeouido Park and Ferry terminal:

  • Yeouinaru Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 3.
  • Walk for about 5 minutes from the station and go to the terminal/dock where the ticketing booth of E-Land cruise is located.
Hangang River Ferry Cruise Ticketing Booth

Hangang River Ferry Cruise Ticketing Booth and Terminal

For more info click here

Ticket Fee: 15000 KRW each

If you want to book tickets in advance, you can do so via KKDay by clicking here. They also offer a Pang Show (Bread Baking show) and bread baking tutorials while cruising. Click here to find out more about this.

PS: The cruise finished at around 9PM. At this time, some subway stations are closed like in Myeongdong (as per the Korean local who helped us on the subway). So be attentive on the train stops and use your innate navigation skills. You can always ask the locals for help, they are really helpful. They will even approach you if they see you are lost or having trouble. So 3 thumbs up for Korea! 😀







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