Korean Folk Village; Tradition, Nature and Fun

Korean Folk Village; Tradition, Nature and Fun

Going back in time is one of people’s most desired fantasies. From movies, TV Series, superhero powers and actual scientific theories, we longed that one day, people may travel back in time whether to correct past mistakes, win in the lottery or just see what the world is like in the past.

I would very much like to win the lottery but to see the world in the past is one experience that I would not exchange for any amount of money.

Good thing we have places like the Korean Folk Village or Minsok Village. It takes us to Korea’s past where we can experience and see how Koreans live their daily lives back then. It is like a big outdoor museum but more lively and eco-friendly (lots of trees, has a river and a mountain as backdrop). It has daily performances, an amusement park and restaurants. The village was also used as filming location to numerous Korean Dramas like Jewel in the Palace and Moon Embracing the Sun. This village actually reminded me of our own Nayong Pilipino where we went on a field trip when I was in Grade School.

Read on for our guide and pictures!

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Directions / How to get there:

  • Take the subway Line 1 and alight at Suwon Station Exit 4. (From Myeongdong station, our travel time to Suwon station was 1.5hrs).
  • Take the free Shuttle bus ride (30mins) going to Korean Folk Village. Time schedule is:
    • 10:30, 12:30, 14:30

For a more detailed guide on the direction, click here. 

KFV Free Shuttle Bus Ride

This is the Stop for the Free Shuttle Bus Ride.


Korean Folk Village Bus

This is the Free Shuttle Bus that you can aboard.

Entrance Fee:

The original Entrance Fee is 15000 KRW but since we brought our coupons with us, we got a discounted rate of 10000 KRW. Click here to print the coupon. It is only valid for international tourists and is only until Feb, 2016. You can buy the tickets at the entrance.

If there’s no more discount coupons, then check the prices and purchase the tickets here in Klook. Ticket prices here are sometimes discounted too.


Start of the tour

Upon arrival in the KFV entrance area, we saw lots of buses and cute kids in their traditional dress lined up. I guess it’s their field trip! We didn’t mind at all as they are very cute (and the teachers too :P) so we took pictures of them.

Korean Folk Village Kids

They are so cute!

Inside the village you will see lots of traditional houses that shows how Koreans live in the past. They were really simple yet beautiful. These traditional houses are actually ancient (real, not just replicas) and were just relocated from different provinces to the Korean Folk Village for us to see it all in one place.

Korean Folk Village Traditional House

One of the Traditional Houses and a cute Teacher 😛


Korean Folk Village Corn

Oh yes, they love their corn.


Korean Folk Village Tea

They have these teas and herbs for sale

I tried to play a traditional Korean game called Tuho or arrow throwing. I first saw this in Amazing Race and was actually mad at the contestants because I thought shooting those arrows were fairly easy, but it wasn’t haha! I failed miserably and after 3 tries, I didn’t shoot a single arrow. Instead of wasting our time, we moved on to the next.

Korean Folk Village Traditional Game

No points for me

We went to the Local Government office area where it shows how they implement punishment to criminals. It’s funny because instead of being scared, we made fun of the torture devices lol.

Korean Folk Village Torture Device

Wifey having fun torturing me lol


Korean Folk Village Kids

Cute kids innocently playing with the torture device.


Korean Folk Village Prison

Wifey begging for food. Ain’t giving her any.


Korean Folk Village Guard

With the loyal Joseon Guard


There were also scheduled performances inside the village. Among all the performances, we preferred to witness the traditional wedding ceremony.

Korean Folk Village Wedding Ceremony

The beautiful bride.

Though it was a little crowded, it was nice to witness a wedding that’s very different from what it is now.

Here are the schedules of the performances:

Farmers Music and Dance 10:30, 14:00 (Performing arena)
Acrobatics on a Tightrope 11:00, 14:30 (Performing arena)
* No Performance on Monday.
Traditional Wedding 12:00, 16:00 (House on 22)
* No performance from Dec to Feb.
Equestrian Feats 11:30, 15:00 (Performing arena)
 Gugak B-boy performance  13:00, 15:30


After the ceremony, it’s time for lunch. There’s an area inside the village for eating called ‘The Market Place’. It’s like a Food Court where you can order food and wait for your number to be called.

My wife and I ordered a Seafood Onion Pancake for 13000 KRW that is good for two but it wasn’t enough for me because all the walking made me hungry. Good thing we brought bread with us (free breakfast from Zaza Backpackers Hostel) and being true blooded Pinoys, we made some part of the pancake as bread stuffing. Genius.

Korean Folk Village Seafood Onion Pancake

Seafood Onion Pancake for 13k KRW

Our friends ordered the same plus a hot Korean soup which I forgot what’s called.

Korean Folk Village Soup

Hot Soup

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Going back

Earlier, we asked the Village staff what time does the free shuttle bus goes back to Suwon Station and he said the first bus arrives at 2PM. So we kind of went in a hurry (the girls are itching to shop at Lotte Mart) since we just have 30 minutes to go back to the Main Entrance.

But exiting this Village is really hard. Hard because we still saw lots of beautiful places and photo opportunities. Plus those kids are really irresistibly cute! So irresistible that our friend can’t help but take a picture with them. So she asked their seonsangnim (or teacher) if we can take a picture with the kids. We’re happy she agreed.

Korean Folk Village Kids

These kids are amazing!


Korean Folk Village Trees

So lovely.


Though it was a little bit far from the city center and our stay was short (3hrs), we enjoyed the place very much. It was beautiful, educational and most important of all, it was fun! I wouldn’t mind going back again but I think we have so much more to explore in Korea. We actually planned to go to Hwaseong fortress too but due to time constraints and the girls’ shopping itch, we opted not to. So if you’re going to Korea, consider Korean Folk Village as one of the places to go in your Itinerary. Highly recommended.

Korean Folk Village Garden House

See you again Korea.

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