N Seoul Tower; A Thoughtful View of Korea

N Seoul Tower; A Thoughtful View of Korea

Another main attraction and a must visit in Seoul, Korea is the N Seoul Tower. It is located in Mt. Namsan and offers a great view of the city. The letter ‘N’ actually stands for the tower’s new look due to its remodeling last 2005.

I will relate here our wonderful experience in this towering symbol of Seoul. Read on!

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Directions / How to get there / Fare:

Since we are just near N Seoul Tower (Myeongdong area), we preferred to go there by just walking up to the Cable Car station. Don’t worry, the required fitness level is not high. It’s good exercise too!

You can also take the bus and get off at the N Seoul Tower bus stop.

By Cable car:

  • Myeongdong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 3.
  • Walk towards the Pacific Hotel and walk to the left side.
  • Just walk up straight until you get to the Cable Car Station. There are signs that will lead you there.

Cable Car Fare: 8500 KRW Round trip. Click here for more details.

N Seoul Tower Cable Car Station

N Seoul Tower Cable Car Station at night

By Bus:

  • Chungmuro Station (Seoul Subway Line 3 or 4), Exit 2
  • Take the Yellow bus 2 at the bus stop in front of the subway station
  • Get off at the N Seoul Tower bus stop

Bus fare: 950 KRW / Hours: 0730-23:30 / Bus interval 15 minutes

Click here for more details.

The cable car ride was just ok. I actually thought that it’ll be a private ride from the station (like in Ngong Ping 360 in Hong Kong) but you will be riding with others as well, standing. The ride is also short. It’s just about 2-5 minutes I think. Plus, you can have all the view at the top anyway. So if you want to save more money, the bus ride is a better choice.

N Seoul Tower

View of the Tower inside the cable car


NSeoul Tower Cable Car

View from below inside the Cable Car

Going Around

Upon arrival in the view deck, we saw lots of lovelocks and couples putting theirs (with dedication) as a sign of their love for each other. I just only hope that their love for each other is forever too 😛

We actually expect that we can buy a lovelock there (we didn’t buy one prior to our visit) but there is none so we didn’t get to participate in this activity lol. So if you are a couple and you’re planning to lock your hearts forever, then bring your own padlock.

N Seoul Lovelock

Some even put celphone cases instead of padlocks

Well, about the view. The view was amazing! I suggest you go there around 4:30PM to enjoy it during daytime, sunset and evening. It was perfect just to chill in the chairs and enjoy the terrific view from above. I call this the “Feeling Rich moment” lol.

N Seoul Tower View

Amazing view of Seoul at daytime


N Seoul Tower View

Groufie time!

N Seoul Tower Sunset

This is the view during Sunset


N Seoul Tower Night

View during night time

More walk and you’ll get to the open ground where you can see a pavilion and the entrance to the observatory for a more stunning view of Seoul. It’s up to you if you want to maximize more of your trip by going to the observatory. Fee is 9000 KRW. You can book your tickets here in Klook.


N Seoul Tower Pavilion

The Pavilion

Before leaving, make sure you don’t forget to take the mandatory picture behind the tower. 😛

N Seoul Tower Sign

Mandatory picture in the N Seoul Tower


N Seoul Tower is truly a must visit in Seoul especially for first timers in Korea. It really felt relaxing just to be there on the view deck and amaze on the beautiful city of Seoul. When I was there, I thought about how Korea struggled during the war in the 50s and how advanced and progressive they are now. Places like these are symbols of the people’s yearning for everlasting peace and freedom.

N Seoul Tower Symbol

Seoul’s symbolic Tower

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