Seoul Food Trip / Two Two Chicken

Seoul Food Trip / Two Two Chicken

Eating is probably our most favorite thing to do not just while traveling, but in our whole existence in this world (no kidding). No wonder that our trip to Korea was full of excitement because we will get to try authentic Korean Food especially street foods!

In this post, I will be sharing to you the food we ate in Korea whether it is in the street or in a restaurant. Some of them may have prices and names indicated but some I forgot to take note of as we’re truly enjoying the food that taking notes is a waste of time. We mostly ate street foods and just in cheaper restaurants wherein we just have a budget of 2000 to 6000 per meal.  Higher than that is likely going overboard in our budget. Also, you won’t find here a list of what’s best or essential to eat in Seoul as I haven’t eaten most of Korean food so I cannot really provide that. What you will see here is our experience on Korean cuisine that we truly enjoyed every bit. There’s also a section with my mini review of Two Two Chicken!

Before reading, make sure that you’ve already eaten as this post might make you hungry. You’ve been warned! So here it is, enjoy! 🙂

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Myeongdong Street Foods

Since we are staying near Myeongdong, we go there almost every night. The plethora of street foods there is unbelievable but it’s a little bit more expensive than in other places. That didn’t stop us from eating there though. Actually, we had our first taste of authentic Korean street food in there in Myeongdong. Here is our Myeongdong street food experience!

This is the first stall that we saw in Myeongdong and the first of many street foods we ate. We bought an egg muffin and pop corn chicken with rice cake.

Myeongdong Egg Muffin Chicken popcorn

This stall sells Popcorn chicken with rice cake and egg muffins.

I don’t have a close up pic of the two but these babies are definitely a must try street food in Seoul! The popcorn chicken is sweet and spicy with generous serving of chicken and rice cake. The egg muffin for me is an ideal breakfast food, tasty as well.

We don’t have close up pics of the food but you can just search the net if you need to.

Popcorn chicken with rice cake – 5000 KRW

Egg Muffin – 2000 KRW

Next, we bought this sausage in a stick stuffed with rice cake. We Filipinos love any food that’s in a stick as long as it’s edible.

Myeongdong Sausage Stall

Myeongdong Sausage in a stick Stall


Korea Sausage Rice Cake

Sausage with Rice Cake – 4000 KRW

You will also find these lovely crispy fried seafoods in Myeongdong. Don’t forget to put chili sauce in it!

Korea Crispy Fried Seafood Stall

Crispy Fried Seafood Stall

Korea Crispy Fried Seafood

One bucket of goodness for 5000 KRW

Want to be a little adventurous? Try something exotic. How about these snails? Put some soy sauce and dip into the chili sauce, and you’re good to go.

Korea Snails

As far as I recall, an order cost 10000 KRW. I wonder what’s with these snails? Super nutrients perhaps

For dessert, how about a soft-serve ice cream?

Myeongdong Soft Serve Ice Cream

I love the height of this ice cream!

Two Two Chicken – Amazing Fried Chicken!

There’s also a nearby Two Two Chicken in Myeongdong, one of the famous Fried Chicken joint in Korea! We got hungry after our Hangang River Ferry cruise so we just thought of ordering a box of delicious fried chicken for our midnight snack. Well, the hunger pain paid off coz these sweet and spicy fried chicken are the bomb!

Two Two Chicken Sweet and Spicy

Finger licking goodness!

Definitely one of the best tasting fried chicken we had!  I don’t want to compare but it’s better than Bon Chon or Kyo Chon or any other Chon!

The day after, when our friends arrived from Abu Dhabi and joined our South Korea escapade, I suggested we go to Two Two Chicken for chicken and beer! This is after we went to N Seoul Tower.

Two Two Chicken Kitchen

This guy is the best. I salute the hard work for bringing us one of the best fried chicken in the world.

Since we tried the sweet and spicy flavor and one of our friends isn’t into spicy food, we just ordered the Garlic sauce flavor. It’s good, but not as great as the sweet and spicy flavor! Or is it just my wife and I coz we like our chicken spicy?

Two Two Chicken Garlic

I think it’s 17000 KRW also as far as I recall. It is served with coleslaw on the side


Two Two Chicken Group Pic

Enjoying our food and drinks!


Two Two Chicken Cass Beer

Cass Beer is life. I’m so happy.

Two Two Chicken is highly recommended!

Korean BBQ

What’s a Korea trip without the delicious Korean BBQ? We also went to Meat-ing in Hongdae, an eat all you Korean BBQ restaurant. You can check out my full review here.

Random eats in Seoul streets

Besides Myeongdong, Two Two Chicken and Korean BBQ, Seoul has a lot more to offer and they are found in the streets! Just by walking around, you will see food stalls, convenience stores, small and big restaurants. You‘re assured that everywhere you go there’s food waiting for you.

Found this food stall around Dongdaemun plaza. Wifey sure is happy with what we bought.

French Fry Coated Hotdog

French Fry Coated Hotdog for 2500 KRW

Of course, we would never miss an authentic Gimbap in Korea!

Korea Gimbap

Gimbap for 2000 KRW

Thirsty? How about this rice drink?

Korea Rice Drink

Some kind of rice drink for 1000 KRW

This one, I can’t remember what is called but it’s like a Katsudon drenched with Korean sweet and spicy Hot sauce. Yummy. Available in pork and chicken.

Korea Fried Pork with sweet and spicy sauce for 5500 KRW

Fried Pork with sweet and spicy sauce for 5500 KRW

Then there’s the immortal goodness of Bibimbap. Whenever we don’t know what to order, we just point out Bibimbap just because we can’t get enough of it.

Korea Bibimbap

An order of Bibimbap ranges from 5000 to 7000 KRW

And whenever there’s bibimbap, there’s the staple Korean condiments. The kimchi in Korea is really different from what I had here in the Philippines, be it retail Kimchi in groceries or in restaurants. The taste and authenticity of Kimchi in Korea is just different! It really taste about 3 times better than the Kimchis here. We even bought a 6 pack of Kimchi from the grocery to take it back home in the Philippines.

Korea Condiments

Korea Condiments. Yummy Kimchi!


Korea Kimchi

We bought 6 packs of these Kimchi to take back home

Speaking of Kimchi, how about Kimchi rice topped with fried egg then?

Kimchi Rice

Kimchi Rice – 5500 KRW

I also had this hot soup with blood sausage and cow innards. Taste is just ok but I think it’s perfect as recovery food after a drinking party. Note though that they actually have a dish called ‘Hangover soup’. I didn’t try it because, well, I didn’t have a hangover.

Korea Hot Soup

Hot Soup with blood sausage and cow innards for 6000 KRW

On our way to Korean Folk Village, we stopped over at Guro station to have breakfast. This stall probably sells one of the cheapest ones we found in Seoul. You can have a scrumptious sandwich or a crepe for around 1500 to 2500 KRW.

Guro Station Food Stall

Guro Station Food Stall

Inside Korean Folk Village, we tried this Seafood Onion Pancake too for 13000 KRW. Though a little bit pricy, it is more than enough for two people. We even put this as filling in our bread to make a sandwich! Check it out here in our Korean Folk Village post!

Korean Folk Village Seafood Onion Pancake

Seafood Onion Pancake for 13k KRW

We also found a stall selling steamed buns. We love steamed buns (or siopao in the Philippines) and every time we see a stall selling steamed bun, we automatically buy one.

Korea Steamed Bun

Steamed Bun for 2000 KRW

As far as I remember it has veggies in it and some ground pork. It’s good, but the steamed buns in Hong Kong and Vietnam are way better.

In Nami Island, our friend bought this steamed bun with red bean filling. This one taste better.

Steamed Bun Red Bean Filling

Steamed Bun with Red Bean Filling

Still in Nami Island, lots of walking made us hungry. And as for our reward, we had this delicious Cold Buckwheat Noodles. All I can say is, it was superb! One of the best dishes we had there!

Nami Island Cold Buckwheat Noodles

Cold Buckwheat Noodles for 6000 KRW

On our last day, we ate at Lotteria at Lotte Mart for lunch. This is the biggest fast food chain in Korea.

Korea Lotteria Fast Food

We had Burger and Fries hehe.

In supermarkets and convenience stores, you can also buy the tasty and nutritious flavored milk (banana, chocolate, etc), snacks (we didn’t like their junk food, too sweet for us), chili paste and chocolate. The chili paste and Lotte chocolate is a must buy!

Korea Vinegared Chili Paste

Vinegared Chili Paste

So there you go! I hope this post will give you an idea what are some of the foods that you must try in Korea! Maybe next time I’ll try the live octopus in Noryangjin or maybe not 😛 Happy Seoul Food Tripping!







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