Ewha Womans University / Sinchon / Hongdae

Ewha Womans University / Sinchon / Hongdae  

South Korea’s University area is one of the hippest and most exciting places to go in Seoul. There, you’ll see young, beautiful and energetic people everywhere. There’s also a plethora of great food, enticing merchandises (mostly for women) and of course, magnificent universities.

On our trip to Seoul, we went to one of the most well known Universities in the world. As per Wikipedia, this University is the world’s largest female educational institute and is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea. It is the Ewha Womans University. Read on for more information.

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Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University Entrance

Wifey posing at the Entrance


Take Subway line 2 and alight at Ewha Station, exit 2 or 3 then head straight.

Ewha Womans University entrance

The campus facade looks really big and neat

Never did I see a University so clean and green in my whole life. It is very well maintained and it seems both the students and the university staffs are taking good care of the school. I wouldn’t mind to go back to school again if the school is this beautiful.

Ewha Womans University

So clean and green


Ewha Womans University Campus

I kinda miss school lol

I’m no architect nor have a fascination for buildings or construction, but the university’s underground complex is one sight to see.

Ewha Womans University Underground

The underground complex


Ewha Womans University Underground

Great architecture here folks

Again, the landscape of the University never fails to amaze us.

Ewha Womans University Landscape

Nice to see they incorporate their culture here.

After exploring the university, we sat down and relaxed in these steps leading to, I think is a Church (correct me if I’m wrong). The shade of the trees made it so relaxing that we spent some good 30 minutes there just enjoying the view and watching people.

Ewha Womans University Church

Selfie while taking a rest under the tree

Sinchon area

Next, we explored the fashion district of Ewha and Sinchon area. Of course, this activity benefited my wife as she went crazy with cute socks, earrings and some few clothes as well. I was just looking for a chair but found none.

Sinchon Shoes

Women and Shoes are inseparable.


Sinchon Area

Sinchon Area

Girls would love to shop here as the items are really fashionable and the prices are catered to students, so you would expect it to be a tad cheaper than in Myeongdong. So if you like shopping, don’t forget to check out the stores in Sinchon area.

Sinchon Shopping

Shop shop shop… while me, I look look look for a chair.


One tip is to skip the Main Shopping street (the street going straight to Ewha) and walk deeper in Sinchon area for more cheaper items.

Hongdae Area

Last, we went to Hongdae Area just to feel the vibe there. During Saturdays, a flea market opens in Hongdae and is popularly known as Hongdae Free Market. Too bad we went on a Sunday because we didn’t have enough time to go there on a Saturday, the time we arrived in Seoul. Though it wasn’t a Saturday, there were still students selling their items and even doing some musical performance. Oh how I miss those times when I was still young, selling merchandises and even being in a band.


From Sinchon or Ewha, you can just actually walk it. But you can also take the subway line 2, exit 9.

Hongdae Shopping

Lots of students and shops here


Hongdae University Area

Some students are still performing here even if it’s not a Saturday

There is also a display of artistic murals showcasing the work of the students. I think the theme has something to do with climate change and the environment.

Hongdae Murals

Mural on display


Hongdae Murals

Girly mural

We actually went back to Hongdae with two of our friends to eat in a Korean BBQ Buffet restaurant called Meat-ing. You can check my post here.

So that’s it! Whenever you go to a place you’ve never been to, make sure to check out the different vibe of the streets and how locals live their daily lives. Don’t just visit tourist spots coz there’s a lot more to see.







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