Food Trip in Sagada, an Honest take.

Food Trip in Sagada, an Honest take

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Our food trip in Sagada both has its ups and downs. Some are good, some are not. Prior to our trip, we didn’t research on the best restaurant or what’s the best dish a restaurant has to offer. We just went with the flow and dined.

Here in this post is my mini-review of some of the restaurants we dined at Sagada. This does not include streetfoods and the carinderias (food stalls) in Centrum building which we truly enjoyed.

Read on for our opinion.

Salt and Pepper (2/5)

We ordered Chilli Garlic Inutom (Chicken dish – P170), Dinakiw (pan grilled pork with onions – P170) and Pepper steak (P190).


  • Generous serving.
  • The Chilli Garlic Inutom is the best tasting of all.
Chilli Garlic Inutom

Chilli Garlic Inutom – P170


  • Food takes time to be prepared, around 40 minutes.
  • The pepper steak is too fatty.
Pepper Steak

Pepper Steak – P190

  • The Dinakiw has too much slices of fat and the taste is just bland. Nothing spectacular.

Dinakiw – P170

  • Maybe the staffs should smile a bit.
  • Price is right for its serving, but not for the taste.

They should improve on their preparation time and perhaps on their food? Or I guess we just ordered the wrong dishes and not the spectacular ones that the restaurant is known of. We’ll try again next time.

Rock Farm Inn or Cafe Bodega (4.5/5)

We ordered Banana pancake (P120), BLT (P120) and hot chocolate (I think it’s around P55).


  • One of the best tasting pancakes we ever had! A must try! They used strawberry syrup instead of the usual maple syrup. It’s fluffy and very delicious with vegetables on the side. Yummy yummy yummy!
Banana Pancake

Banana Pancake – P120

  • The BLT is awesome as well! They don’t scrimp on the ingredients.

BLT – P120

  • You won’t get bored waiting for your food if you go Orange picking.
  • Staffs are pretty nice and attentive.
  • No cons. Food was great and orange picking was fun.

The best restaurant we dined at. Will still go here next time!

Lucky’s Shanghai Hauz (2.5/5)

We ordered the Lucky Shanghai Roll Meal (P175), Bicol express (P150) and Pork Binagoongan (P150).


  • Their best seller, Lucky Shanghai Roll Meal is decent and the best of all meals we ordered here. Great tasting lumpia there but nothing extra-ordinary about it.
Lucky Shanghai Roll

Lucky Shanghai Roll – P175

  • The staffs are polite and kind. Probably what I liked the most about this place.


  • My wife ordered Bicol express (P150) which is the lousiest Bicol express we ever had, sorry. It doesn’t even have a little zing in it. Our friend ordered Pork Binagoongan (P150) and it was lousy as well. Both dishes are also too sweet. Didn’t even took a picture of it.
  • The price is just too high for such dishes.

A passing grade just because of the lumpia but they really should improve on their Pinoy dishes. Service is excellent though.

Strawberry Café

We only ordered the Strawberry Yogurt (P80) only for take away, so no rating for this restaurant.

Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry Yogurt – P80

Though the strawberry yogurt has some fresh strawberries there, we didn’t like that it has more cream than yogurt in the mix. We should’ve also tried the yogurt in the Yogurt house to compare. Oh well, there’s always a next time.

Sagada Lemon Pie House (3.5/5)

We ordered a slice of lemon pie (P30), egg pie (P30) and lemon tea (P15).


  • Very quaint and homey restaurant! Love the ambiance. You can dine in a small table with no chair so you can just sit on the floor where you’ll feel you’re eating at home.
Sagada Lemon Pie House

We can just chat here all day and sip tea

  • We love their Lemon Tea.
  • Price is just right. 😉
Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie – P30

No Cons, but their pies are just ok. We would love the lemon pie better if it has a good balance of sour and sweetness. They focused more on the sour side but if that’s their trademark taste, then ok. It has a gelatin like texture which is commonly used in small bakeries but we think is reasonable for its affordable price.


Overall, our food adventure in Sagada was not quite what we expected. It really was a hit and a miss for us. But this review is just focused on the restaurants we dined at and not on the whole food scene in Sagada. I guess we should’ve checked out Masferre, Yoghurt House, Misty Lodge and maybe Log Cabin even though we are not up for a buffet feast. Well, there’s always a next time 😉

Happy food tripping!

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