Orange Picking in Rock Farm Sagada

Orange Picking in Rock Farm Sagada

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After our no-sunrise-fail-but-cool experience in Kiltepan peak, I suggested that we go Orange picking in Rock Farm Inn and Café. Our driver told us we will just have to add P150 to bring us at Rock Farm and wait for us there.

Upon entering, we immediately approached the receptionist and asked about the Orange picking experience. They signed us up and suggested that if we will have breakfast, we should order now. I read some blogs about the café already so I know it’ll take them time to prepare our orders so it’s definitely much better to go Orange Picking then eat breakfast after. We also know we shouldn’t order a lot because you can eat all the oranges you can in the farm. You’ll get stuffed with oranges by the time you eat your breakfast.

Before entering the farm, the receptionist explained to us the Dos and Donts inside the farm. So please listen carefully as you don’t want to pay a hefty penalty for doing something stupid 🙂

Entrance to the farm cost P50 where you can eat all the oranges you picked there for 30 minutes. If you want to take home some oranges you picked, then it would cost you P60 per kg.

Orange Trees Rock Farm Sagada

Orange Trees inside the farm


Orange Picking Rock Farm Sagada

Hello Mr. Orange

Indeed, there were lots of orange trees there but not all of them produce the best orange. So if you want to take home some delicious oranges, you need to pick and eat some before you put it in your basket. Strangely, the best tasting oranges are the greenish ones. Our guide told us that the orange ones were not that sweet and a little dry. We tried them all and yes he was right.

The orange ones are perfect for picture taking though…

Orange Picking Rock Farm Sagada

Yes, we are in the Philippines folks

More pictures of us picking oranges:

Orange Picking Rock Farm Sagada

Why does it looks like I’m small and floating here?


Orange Picking Rock Farm Sagada

She felt like a Queen here

My only dismay here is we thought we will be picking the same Sagada oranges sold in Baguio City which is sweeter and bigger. We actually asked the vendors in Baguio why the Sagada oranges are different than what’s sold here. They just told us, they don’t know. The ones sold in the marketplace in Sagada is also the same here in Rock Farm. We didn’t see oranges that are similar to what’s sold in Baguio so we’re kinda expecting to buy it in a much lower price in Sagada because, well, we are already here in Sagada! In the end, we just bought 3kg of oranges here in Rock Farm, and then bought more in Baguio which is more expensive though but definitely tastier.

UPDATE: A reader messaged me through Facebook and told me that the ‘Sagada oranges’ in Baguio is actually imported from China. Now I know. 🙂


Back to Rock Farm, we ate a lot of oranges but we were still ready for our breakfast… or maybe just me lol. So after 30 minutes of orange picking we headed to the café they call Café Bodega for breakfast. Upon return, our orders were all ready for eating.

Cafe Bodega Sagada

Inside Cafe Bodega

The café’s interior is very homey and perfect for Sagada’s cool weather.

I raved about the food of Café Bodega in my previous post about our Food Trip in Sagada here. You can just check it out there but to sum it up, the food here is definitely one of the best in Sagada. Be sure to order their pancakes!


The Orange picking experience was definitely fun but I guess we expected that the oranges here were the same that’s sold in Baguio. Still ok nonetheless because we bought 3kg of their oranges, so it’s not bad either.

The food in Café Bodega is awesome! Make sure you don’t fill up your stomach with oranges and leave something for breakfast. It’s worth it!

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