Dumaguete Apo Island Siquijor DIY Travel 4D 3N Itinerary and Budget (P5653 all-in)

Dumaguete Apo Island Siquijor DIY Travel 4D 3N Itinerary and Budget (P5653 all-in)

Looking for a resort in Siquijor? Check out our review of Charisma Beach resort here!

When I booked roundtrip plane tickets from Manila to Dumaguete in one of Cebu Pacific’s seat sale, I really don’t have an idea what to see and do in Dumaguete. We were supposed to book a trip to Taiwan but due to budget constraints we thought it’s not yet time.

When the trip is getting nearer, I found myself researching for activities to do, how to get around, where to stay, etc. I found out that it’s possible to go to Siquijor and Oslob for whale shark watching. I was ecstatic. Siquijor looks mystifyingly beautiful and to swim with the whale sharks is once in a lifetime experience. Then I also found out we can go to Apo Island and do some snorkeling and swimming with the turtles! It made me more excited but I didn’t completely include it to our Itinerary since I heard the boat ride cost P2000 for 4 persons (there are only two of us traveling). I was hesitant at that time but fortunately, Harold’s Mansion is offering a package tour to Apo Island (including food, water and snorkeling gears) for P1000 each! I thought that’s a better deal than DIYing the trip and take chances if someone can share the boat ride expenses with us.

Of course, not all Itineraries are followed. On our 3rd day after the Apo Island trip, we decided not to pursue with the Whale Shark watching in Oslob on our last day. First of all, we’re dead tired snorkeling and second we agreed that it’s much better if we just go to the Public Market, try some delicacies then buy silvanas at Sans Rival. And whatever silent debate there is in the Whale shark watching, we decided to just be neutral with it. I guess there will be some other time or place to try it.

In this post, we are sharing our Itinerary, expenses, budget, guides and our amazing adventure in Dumaguete and Siquijor. Hope this can help you in your future trip there. Read on folks!

Our Itinerary:

Day 1 (Jan. 22)

7:30AM – Depart from MNL to DGT (Supposed to be 7AM, flight’s delayed)

9AM – Arrive in DGT

10AM – Ride ferry from Dumaguete Port to Siquijor Port

11:15 – Arrive Siquijor Port

12PM – Arrive Charisma Beach Resort (We were able to check-in at 2PM)

We just chilled at the beach and pool all throughout the day

Day 2 (Jan. 23)

7:30AM – Start Siquijor Island Tour

7:45AM – Old Enchanted Balete Tree (Fish Spa)

8:15AM – San Isidro Labrador Church and Lazi Convent

8:45AM – Cambugahay Falls

9:30 – Salagdoong Beach

12PM – Check-out Charisma Beach

12:30PM – Boat ride back to Dumaguete Port

2:30PM – Check-in Harold’s Mansion

2:45PM – Eat at Neva’s Pizza

4PM – Quezon Park/Belfry Tower/ Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral

430PM – Eat at Sans Rival

4:50PM – Rizal Blvd (Tempura Eating)

Day 3 (Jan. 24)

7AM – Depart from Dumaguete to Apo Island

9:40AM – Start Snorkeling

5PM – Rizal Blvd again

6PM – Dinner at Jo’s Chicken Inato

Day 4 (Jan. 25)

7:45AM – Dumaguete Public Market

8:10AM – Silliman University Anthropology Museum

12PM – Check out Harold’s Mansion

12:10PM – Lunch at Foodnet

12:30 – 2PM – Standby at Rizal Blvd, 7-11, bought Silvanas at Sans Rival

2PM – Go to Sibulan Airport

5:30PM – Depart DGT to MNL

7PM – Arrive Manila


Going to Dumaguete from Manila (and vice versa)

We booked roundtrip plane tickets from Cebu Pacific at P1476 each (including seat selection fee, no check-in baggage) during their seat sale. Both flights got delayed by 30 minutes or so. It’s the first time in our experience with Cebu Pacific that the flights got delayed.

Going Around Dumaguete

From Sibulan Airport to the town proper, a special tricycle trip cost P100 to P120. Going around the town is just the standard P8 tricycle fare or you can also just walk to your destinations. That’s what we did on some occasion.

There are also the Ceres Buses that can take you to other places in Negros Oriental like Bais and Manjuyod.

Going to Siquijor

Go to the Dumaguete Port and buy the earliest ride to Siquijor port. We took the GL Lines ferry boat for P130 each plus a terminal fee of P15 each.

Dumaguete Port

We boarded a fast craft ferry boat to Siquijor owned by GL Lines

Going around Siquijor

Upon arrival in Siquijor port, there are tricycles waiting at the terminal willing to take you to your destination for a special trip. We really didn’t want to take it since it cost P250 fare to San Juan Beach but they showed us their tariffs and it got us to agree. Upon arrival in Charisma Beach Resort, the receptionist told us that we should’ve rode a tricycle near the market where locals ride too. It will only cost us P25 each to San Juan Beach (13KM). I guess for short distances, you will only pay P8 for a tricycle ride.

For the Island tour, I’ll explain it later in the Tours section.

Going back to Dumaguete from Siquijor

Well, we learned our lesson from our first day and on our way back to Siquijor port from the resort, we just flagged down a tricycle and just paid P25 each.

We booked the earliest ferry tickets at the Siquijor port (Orlines) for P120 each. There’s a terminal fee of P14.


In Siquijor:

Charisma Beach Resort – 1 Night for P1400 in a beach front native bamboo fan room

I wanted to give my wife a laid back, lazy and comfortable stay in Siquijor. It should be like a mini-staycation for us. So when I found this room at Charisma Beach at an affordable rate, I immediately booked it.

The room was above our expectations! The queen sized bed is really big and there are two single beds outside our room ideal for taking a nap at the front of the beach. The toilet is clean and the water’s strong. During the night, it was sooo quiet and peaceful. Time really is slow at this part of the world and we felt like we slept for 12 hours or so.

They also have a pool where you can take a dip. It’s a nice addition to the resort so if you got bored beach bumming, then try relaxing in the pool.

The staffs are really friendly and accommodating too. We have no complaints whatsoever in this resort. Highly recommended!

We booked online through paypal in their website.

Charisma Beach Front Room

Our room is a native hut made of bamboo.

You can also take a look on these accommodations:
One Sunset View Resort and Restaurant
Coco Grove Beach Resort
Blue Wave Inn
Adayo Cove Resort

Or search and compare prices of accommodations in Siquijor here

In Dumaguete:

Harold’s Mansion – P800 per night for 2 nights (Private air-con room)

We didn’t have high expectations on our stay in Harold’s Mansion. For P800 per night for a private air-con room, we just expect to have a nice clean bed to sleep at and a functioning air-conditioner.

Well it’s good that they have an LED TV, hot and cold shower but we didn’t expect that they have free breakfast too! Though it’s just bread, toast, tea and coffee… it’s still free! Plus, the drinking water is free too. So you can fill your bottle or jug anytime.

Our only concern is the sink and the towels. The sink is clogged so we didn’t use it again. The towels we “rented” (for a P500 deposit but refundable upon check-out) stinks of cigarette smoke. That’s what you get when you forgot to bring your own towel lol.

But it’s still a nice stay as it is cheap with very nice location and they have great affordable packages to Apo Island and others.

For booking, you can contact them at their mobile: 09173024455

Their website: www.haroldsmansion.com

Harold's Mansion Room

Our Private air-con room in Harold’s

Look for more accommodations through Agoda or check out these accommodations:

Dumaguete Royal Suite Inn
Golden Gate Suites
Hotel Nicanor
C & L Bay View Inn

You can also search and compare prices of accommodations in Hotels Combined here.


In Siquijor:

We contacted Kuya Luloy as suggested by one of the members of Backpackers of the Philippines in Facebook for a half day Island Tour that consist of:

  • Old Enchanted Balete Tree (P5 entrance fee each)
  • San Isidro Labrador Church and Lazi Convent
  • Cambugahay Falls (P20 parking fee)
  • Salagdoong Beach (P25 entrance fee each)

We explained to him prior to our trip that we require a tricycle for the tour, not a motorbike. But on his arrival at our resort, he still brought a motorbike with him. Good thing he asked a friend of his to take us on a tour in a tricycle.

After the tour, we told the driver that Kuya Luloy and I agreed with P800 but I think Luloy told the driver it’s for P1000. So we just haggled if he is ok with P800. We’re thankful he agreed.

All the places above are very nice but we love Cambugahay Falls and Salagdoong Beach the most. We wanted to stay more at those two places but due to time constraints, we have to cut it short. We started the tour at 7:30AM and finished at 10:45AM.

Cambugahay Falls

Majestic Cambugahay Falls

TIP: If you have a whole day for the Island tour, I suggest you spend more time at Cambugahay Falls and Salagdoong especially Salagdoong. When we went there, it was low tide so I didn’t get to jump at the cliff or slide down.

Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach

In Apo Island:

We availed the Apo Island snorkeling package at Harold’s Mansion for P1000 each inclusive of food, drinks, land transfer (to/from Dumaguete and Dauin), boat ride (big boat) to Apo, guide and snorkeling gears.

The experience was amazing and it brought out the adventurous side of my wife again. She never thought she would be able to snorkel in deep sea in her entire life but she did it! All she needs is a little push from me lol.

We saw sea turtles, clown fishes (Nemo), beautiful corals and volcanic bubbles. But aside from snorkeling, what made it more fun is the overall vibe in the boat where we get to chat with other travelers, the staffs and just had fun.

Apo Island Snorkeling

Hey there Raphael!

In Dumaguete:

You can easily roam around Dumaguete either by walking or take a tricycle ride. Take a leisurely walk in Rizal Blvd, educate yourself at the Silliman University Anthropology Museum for an entrance fee of P50 each (Photos are not allowed), listen to a mass in Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral or just simply eat around the city.

You can also go to Twin Lakes and Casaroro Falls.


Eat Like a Tourist

We ate at the following:

Neva’s Pizza – Great and affordable pizza and pasta! We ordered the Kuripot Italian Sausage pizza for just P115 and a shrimp and mushroom pasta for P85. The difference between the Kuripot pizzas and the special pizzas is the cheese. The Kuripot pizzas are sprinkled with cheddar cheese while the special pizzas are sprinkled with mozzarella.

Sans Rival – Yummy desserts! Everybody knows this. When you are in Dumaguete, be sure to take home some silvanas with you!

Sans Rival

A slice of Sansrival is all you need

Jo’s Chicken Inato – Their Inasal is good but admittedly, I found Mang Inasal’s inasal better. We also didn’t like their Halo-halo that much. Still a great choice for dining in! Maybe we’ll try other dishes next time as the price is also affordable.

Eat like a local:

Around 5PM in Rizal boulevard, there are vendors setting up tables and chairs for you to dine and eat tempura and balut. They offer kikiam (P4), squid balls (P4) and squid rolls (P5). We particularly love the squid rolls. For P4 to P5 each, it’s a great merienda.

Just near Harold’s mansion, there is an eatery called Foodnet. We ate lunch there on our last day. The food is really affordable and tasty for P30 to P40 for one viand. You would know that the food’s good when lots of locals (especially students) are eating. That’s the case in Foodnet.

A trip to the Public Market is also nice. Try their Kabog (made from Millet) in the Painitan area where locals eat their breakfast. We also bought 1/4 of chicharon for P120 which taste really great and not salty.


Try this at the Public Market!

Eat like a pauper:

We didn’t plan to eat out in Siquijor so we brought our own food there like canned goods, bread and cup noodles. Our plan worked since the resort offers Western food at Hotel prices. We also didn’t want to go out of the resort just to eat so it’s a nice plan to just pack your own food and lessen the cost.

I’m just not sure if you can cook your own food at Charisma but maybe you can in other resorts.


Here is a summary of our Expenses for our 4 days trip in Dumaguete and Siquijor. Please note that shopping items and souvenirs were not included as this may vary per individual preferences. Food and drinks are shared between the two of us.

 Per PaxTotal 2 PaxRemarks
Day 1 (Arrive in Dumaguete, Ferry to Siquijor,Check in Charisma Beach Resort)
Cebu Pacific Roundtrip tickets MNL-DGT14762952This includes seat selection fee
Trike to Dumaguete Port from Airport60120
Ferry Boat to Siquijor130260GL Lines
Terminal Fee in Dumaguete Port1530
Trike from Siquijor port to Resort125250Special Trip
Charisma Beach beachfront room7001400Fan room
Day 2 (Siquijor Island tour, check-in Harold's mansion, Roam around Dumaguete)
Siquijor Island tour (Trike)400800Originally 1000 but we haggled for 800
Balete tree entrance fee510
Cambugahay falls parking fee1020
Salagdoong beach entrance fee257525 each, two of us plus the driver
Trike to Siquijor port2550
Ferry to Dumaguete120240Orlines
Terminal fee in Siquijor Port1428
Harold's mansion room for 2 nights8001600Private aircon room
Neva's pizza111222Kuripot Italian sausage pizza (115)
shrimp and mushroom pasta (85)
Iced tea (25)
Sansrival restaurant2754Sansrival slice (30), cassava (24)
Other food and drinks73146water, bread, tempura (40 - squid balls, squid rolls, kikiam), ice cream langka (20)
Transpo around Dumaguete3264P8 per head for a tricycle ride
Day 3 (Snorkeling at Apo Island, Roam Dumaguete)
Snorkeling package in Harold's10002000Includes land transfer to Dauin, boat ride, food, water, coffee, tea, gears
Jo's Chicken Inato128256Pecho (98), Paa (96), Halo-halo (62)
Tempura again in Rizal blvd32.565
Day 4 (Silliman museum, public market, travel to Manila)
Kabog18.537Original kabog (25), Chocolate kabog (12)
Entrance fee (Silliman anthropology museum)50100No picture taking
Lunch at foodnet60120Pork gardella (35), Spicy squid (40), 4pcs rice (5 each), cali (25)
Transpo around Dumaguete1632
Trike to airport50100
Terminal fee Sibulan airport150300
GRAND TOTAL565311331

For a total of P11331 (P5653 each) for this experience, it is very well worth the cost. You can lessen the cost if you’ll just stay at a dorm room in Siquijor or a non beach front room (But I tell you, the beach front room is fantastic). Also take the tricycles that are just passing by in Siquijor and insist for a non-special trip.

For souvenirs, a fridge magnet cost around P35 to P50. A bracelet with your name hand painted in it is P20. A box of Silvanas is P140.

Hope this post helps you and inspires you to go to these places. Be not afraid of the mystical island of Siquijor as it is very beautiful. Be brave to conquer Apo Island and swim with the turtles (they’re really cute!).  Be yourself in Dumaguete!

Feel free to drop by a comment or ask questions and I’ll try to help you as much as I can.

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  • isla junkie

    Hi, nice blog btw! is food inclusive in the Apo Island tour of Harold’s? also, can you provide Kuya Luluy”s contact #? will be in siquijor/dumaguete this march! 🙂

    • Hi Isla Junkie!

      Thanks for visiting!

      Yes, it’s inclusive. Unli water, coffee and tea… They served us pansit canton and bananas for lunch.

      Kuya Luloy’s #: 0909 756 1901

  • Ysabela Meraz

    Apo Island is really a must-visit if you’re in Dumaguete. Lots of sea turtles and amazing coral reef. Also, don’t forget to try silvanas in Sans Rival.


  • I do not think you should ask for less money on the tours, they work with fixed prices set by the government. Any way, I booked my private tourguide here, paid him the regular fee of 1000 pesos for 6 hours work. And tipped him generously. https://m.facebook.com/Siquijortouristtransport/

  • Hi! Awesome post you have here. My friends and I are thinking of going to Dumaguete – Apo Island – Siquijor too and this itinerary and budget will help us in planning the trip. Thanks so much for blogging about this! Will definitely bookmark it 🙂

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    Hi, may contact number pa ba kayo ni Kuya Luloy? 😀

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    Thanks much for this detailed blog.
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