Interview: Kach and Jon of Two Monkeys Travel

Everyone of us aspires to travel the world but not all of us dare reach that dream. Work and other responsibilities often give us excuses not to. Yes you can still travel with a full-time job (like me) but not for long term travel that spans to over a year.

How about I tell you that there’s this sweet couple who has been traveling the world for 3 years straight and built a business around it to sustain their travels? From backpackers to luxury travelers, this couple inspired many of us and are continuing to do so.

Today, we interview two of the most inspiring and happy people on Earth, Kach and Jon of Two Monkeys Travel! Read on for the full interview!

1) I think almost everyone here knows your story so I wouldn’t ask you about the nitty-gritty details of how you travelled the world together. So my question is, what’s your top motivation to keep on traveling amidst the trials and uncertainties?

Stonehenge England

The benefits and excitement we get from this travel lifestyle always far outweigh any difficulties, mostly because any difficulties are our own, rather than being forced upon us by an employer or anyone who could otherwise hold something over our heads. The biggest benefit of this lifestyle is taking full control of our lives – every single decision is our own!

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2) You haven’t returned home for quite a long time. What do you miss most at home?

Of course family always comes first and that can be a hard thing when you’re so far away. Other than that, there are occasional home comforts, like your favorite sauce or having friends nearby, but as soon as you realize you only miss these things when you’re tired or need a break, then you get past it quickly.

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3) You mentioned that you’ll get married here in the Philippines and you’re planning to do a roadtrip. Care to share your route?

We don’t have a route planned out yet, but we do know that we want to build a campervan and travel from island to island by RORO, taking our time to really explore every part of the Philippines.

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4) What particular country affected your life the most in your travels be it positive or negative?

India is the country where we first started to expand our skill set, knowing that we wanted to achieve more than simply travelling, but to create a successful life at the same time. India is also the country where we decided to start Two Monkeys Travel Group!

Taj Mahal India

Taj Mahal India

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5) What is your ultimate destination that you haven’t been to?

Antarctica! It’s been our dream for the past two years and we hope to finally set foot on the great white continent this year!

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6) Have you enjoyed a luxury cruise before?

We have taken cruises before, but it depends on how you define luxury! I (Kach) had a cruise with Royal Caribbean with my family before Jonathan and I ever met, then we took a cruise in Halong Bay back in 2014. We finally had our first cruise together just a couple of months ago on Carnival Cruise Line from Miami through the Eastern Caribbean and back again.

Isla Baru, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Isla Baru, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

7) Besides money and important documents like passport, what’s that one thing inside your backpack that you don’t want to lose when traveling?

We travel with a lot of things, but most of them don’t carry real importance. I think that we would most hate to lose something that carries important memories, like our travel photos.

El Salvador

El Salvador

8) I know you guys are backpackers but now turned as luxury travellers. I don’t know if you miss staying in hostel dorms but what is the grossest thing or a very unfortunate incident you experienced in a hostel?

We’ve both been quite lucky with hostels and neither of us have had the kind of experiences you read about online or hear stories about in hostel bars!

Marrakech Riad Star

Marrakech Riad Star

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9) Of all the food in the world besides the one you grew up with, what’s your favorite of all? Any particular dish or cuisine that you love most?

We both love the food of Istria in Croatia. There is no specific dish that we fell in love with, but the whole attitude towards food as a whole. Fresh, natural ingredients, the best olive oil, seafood, salad and fresh vegetables all grown in the region, all combined with fine, local wines. Food here isn’t just treated as a part of life, but what gives you life!

Restaurant Navigare - in Novigrad

Restaurant Navigare – in Novigrad

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10) I know you guys love to move around and you are already living your dreams but if you will retire in one place, where would it be?

We’re still looking for that perfect place and although we have a picture of it in our heads, we don’t yet know where it is. Imagine a peaceful, sheltered bay with coconut palms, grassy slopes rising up from the beach to a house overlooking the ocean, with space for kids to play, to grow food and keep some pets. This is what we’re looking for!

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11) Aside from traveling, what are the things you enjoy most as a couple?

There are a lot of things, but the two biggest ones and probably food and people! These two things are so inter-connected with society, culture and history. Some of our best experiences and meetings have involved food!

Lunch time at Azarphesha with the Chef and Sous Chef with Tina, the Manager who assisted us!

Lunch time at Azarphesha with the Chef and Sous Chef with Tina, the Manager who assisted us!

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12) We’re a traveling couple too and sometimes during our travels, we have misunderstandings and petty fights. How do you solve these problems as a couple? Kach, do you do the Silent treatment or just confront Jon and be over it? 😀

I do both depending on what effect I’m trying to achieve, but Jon is wise to it now, so I can’t really win using those tactics anymore! People have disagreements sometimes, it’s natural, so both sides have to be prepared to look at themselves and admit to their part of the blame so they can move past it.

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13) What’s the cheesiest thing Jon said to you?

Jon’s not really the cheesy type, in fact he laughs at my cheesiness!

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

14) What’s next for Two Monkeys? What can we expect from your website in the near future?

We have a few big plans that we’re working on in terms of offering something more than words and pictures, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to keep checking in to find out!

15) Where are you traveling next?

We’ve just arrived back to the UK to catch up with family and of course to have our wedding! After July, we’ll be starting to explore Europe!

Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada

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