Thailand Budget Travel Guide 14D 13N

Thailand Budget Travel Guide 14D 13N

When you hear about Thailand, some of the things that comes to mind are rich culture, great food, amazing temples, lovely beaches and extra ordinary people. No wonder people around the world in all walks of life consider Thailand as their first stop in South East Asia. Bangkok, its capital is not called the ‘Backpacking capital of the world’ for nothing. You’ll be truly amazed how many people in different nationalities are travelling and/or living in Thailand.

We’ve been to Thailand before. My wife’s first time in Thailand was in 2003 as part of their educational trip in College. Then in 2014, we travelled together and explored Bangkok and its nearby attractions and we’re still hungry for more! We just can’t get enough of Thailand so much that in our 23 Days South East Asia backpacking trip, we allotted 14 days in Thailand alone! We revisited Bangkok and experienced Songkran! We also went to Chiang Mai to see other temples, try other sorts of food and even learned how to cook Thai dishes!

In this guide, you will know our Itinerary, expenses, accommodations and food we ate in our 14 days trip in Bangkok and Chiang Mai! Plus I may put some remarks and tips on our past travels to Thailand. Please also note that we didn’t do much “touring” in Bangkok as we already did that in our last visit to the city where we visited the Grand Palace and its neighboring wats, Ayutthaya/Bangpa-In palace and other great attractions. We planned a more relaxed travel where we focused on cheap Thai food and mostly visited places that have either free or cheap entrance fees.

Our Itinerary

Day 1

8AM –Bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok

5PM – Arrive Bangkok

Check-in Lamphu House in Soi Rambuttri

6PM – Streetfood dinner and explored Soi Rambuttri

Pad Thai Stall in Rambuttri

Pad Thai Stall in Rambuttri

Day 2

7AM – Breakfast

8AM – Go to Wat Saket temple (Golden Mount)

Wat Saket

7PM – Explore Khao San Road

Day 3

12PM – Go to Platinum Fashion Mall


Day 4

10AM – Go to DMK Airport

1:55PM – Fly to Chiang Mai

3:15PM – Arrive Chiang Mai

5PM – Check-in Julie Guesthouse / Dinner

Day 5

9AM – Go to Wat Doi Suthep Temple

11PM – Hmong Village / Doi Pui Village

Flower garden in Doi Pui Village

Flower garden in Doi Pui Village

530PM – Dinner

Day 6

12PM – Lunch

1PM – Warorot Market

6PM – Saturday Walking street market at Chiang Mai gate

Day 7

10AM – Check-in JJ Guesthouse

4:40PM – Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Phan Tao

6PM – Sunday Walking street market at Thapae gate

Day 8

9AM – Asia Scenic Thai Cooking Class

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice

6PM – Streetfood dinner

Day 9

9AM – Go to Chiang Mai Airport

1:35PM – Fly to Bangkok

3PM – Arrive Bangkok

5PM – Check-in Lee Travel Inn

Day 10

Happy Songkran!

3PM – Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park

5PM – Water festival at Silom Road

Day 11

11AM – Terminal 21

Terminal 21

Terminal 21

12PM – Lunch at Terminal 21 Foodcourt (The best Food court ever!)

2PM – Strolled around Siam Paragon and picked up some groceries

4PM – MBK, watched movie (Batman V Superman)

Day 12


Dinner at Terminal 21

Day 13

8AM – Chatuchak Weekend Market

Dinner at Terminal 21 again

7PM – Walked along Soi Cowboy 😀

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy

Day 14

4PM – Went to Silom, Soi Convent for foodtrip

7PM – Walked along Patpong Night Market and clubs 😀

Day 15 (last day)

9:35AM – Depart to Manila. Bye!


Bring USD or order some Thai Baht from BDO.


Siem Reap to Bangkok

Bus + Mini-van combo: Capitol Tours

Fare: 10USD

Travel Time: 9hrs including immigration exit/enter at the border

The Bus was ok, but the mini-van is a little cramped. They have wifi on board though.

At the border, they will give you a sticker. Don’t ever lose that sticker. Stick it on your shirt. After exit in Cambodia (right side), you go to the left side of the Thailand border for immigration entry. Once finished, the Capitol tours staff will look for people with the sticker that was given to you. They will guide you to the terminal near 711 where you will take the van.

If you are planning to take only a bus/van/taxi to Poipet (Cambodia border), then you can just look for a bus/van in the terminal/car park near 711 in Aranyaprathet (Thailand border). I have read guides that you can also hop on a casino bus to Bangkok from here.

Going Around Bangkok

There are many ways to go around Bangkok. Each has its pros and cons to deal with. Let me enumerate below:

  • Trains (MRT and BTS)

Probably the most efficient and cost effective way to go around the city. It takes you to your destination in no time without hassle. There are stations that are connected and near to the mall so there’s no need for long walking. Get your tickets at the vending machine or buy stored value passes like Rabbit card (your choice, we didn’t avail it).

The trains are our favorite mode of transportation there in Bangkok. Easy, efficient and cheap.

  • Bus

There are places in Bangkok that are not reached by trains like Khao San Road. So your best bet of commuting there cheaply is by public bus.

It’s not an easy feat to ride these buses especially in a big city like Bangkok. What we did was we ask the locals (usually the guesthouses’ receptionist) for directions and what bus number should we take to get to our destination.

How cheap it is? Well, a ride from Siam road to Khao San Road is just 6.5 THB or 8.64 PHP! There are even times that you can ride for free!

Bus ride to Siam

Bus ride to Siam

  • Taxi

Of course, there’s the no brainer just-get-me-to-my-place taxi rides. Just ask for metered rates and don’t agree for special negotiated rates. The pink taxis are usually good. If you have internet connection, then get uber or grab taxi.

Taxi rides often does not come cheap but if you are too lost or too tired of carrying your things, then taxi is a good option.

There are also motorbike taxis plying around. We didn’t try them but if you are going to, make sure to hire someone who wears a numbered orange vest.

  • Tuktuks

Funny, but we never, ever rode a tuktuk in Bangkok just yet. Whenever we want to try it and ask for their rate, they will often reply with exorbitant tourist prices so we just say no. We understand that they are a bit more expensive than taxis and are willing to pay a little bit more but geez, they really want to pocket a handful.

  • Water taxis

Bangkok is home to one of Thailand’s major rivers, the Chao Phraya river. Some locations in Bangkok can be accessible by riding a motorized boat. It’s a nice alternative to land transportation since you won’t have any problems with traffic.

We rode water taxis on our first trip in Bangkok when we explored the Grand palace and nearby Wats.

Going around Chiang Mai

There are two main modes of transportation in Chiang Mai. Tuktuks and Songthaews. I already explained the Tuktuk above so I’ll just describe the Songthaew.

Songthaews are pick-up trucks converted to accommodate a number of passengers just like Jeepneys in the Philippines. They’re just roaming around the city and you can flag them but ask first how much is the fare going to your destination. Minimum fare, I think is 20 THB.




Accommodations in Thailand is cheap. Even their 3 or 4 star hotels are way cheaper than here in the Philippines.

Since we’re on a tight budget, of course, we stayed at guesthouses and inns which are plenty in Thailand. We mostly stayed at double fan rooms but we also opted for air-conditioned rooms for some days to recuperate from the heat.

Bangkok (First 3 nights):

On our first 3 nights in Bangkok, we stayed at Lamphu Guesthouse located at Soi Rambuttri (near Khao san Road). Pretty affordable rooms and what we like most about the guesthouse is its clean bathrooms even the shared ones! We stayed in a fan room for 2 nights then in an air-conditioned room on the last night. Remarks and rates below:

Lamphu Guesthouse (2N)

460 THB per night

Twin bed, fan room, shared bathroom

Clean but wifi does not reach our room

Twin beds in Lamphu House

Our Twin beds in Lamphu House

Lamphu Guesthouse (1N)

700 THB per night

Double bed, air-conditioned, private bathroom

Clean but wifi does not reach our room

Lamphu House airconditioned

Our airconditioned room in Lamphu House

Here are more recommended hotels/hostels in Bangkok:

Pho Hostel
Red lips Hostel
Bed and Butler Hostel
Meet Up Hostel Bangkok

Or search for more hostels/hotels in Bangkok here

Chiang Mai

We stayed at two different guesthouses in our 6 days stay in Chiang Mai.

First in Julie Guesthouse which was recommended by a top travel blogger in his website but sadly it wasn’t good enough. The bathroom’s a little dirty and the wifi does not reach our room. You have to go outside in the reception area to get a signal and the downside for us non-smokers is we have to inhale the 2nd hand cigarette smoke from the guests and there are lots of mosquitoes as well.

Julie Guesthouse

Room in Julie Guesthouse

The saving grace of this guesthouse is their food. Their cook is really good in Thai dishes. Also their location is walking distance to Chiang Mai gate where there’s also nice selection of streetfoods and thai dishes.

After spending 3 nights in Julie’s, we transferred to their neighbor guesthouse, JJ guesthouse. They have the same price as Julie’s for 350 THB per night for a double fan room with private bathroom so we thought why not try this one because their rooms looks far better than Julie’s!

So we did and we’re both happy with that decision since our room, the bathroom and the whole guesthouse is clean. The wifi connection is also strong and we didn’t have to go down to the reception area.The room though is a bit hotter than Julie’s but it’s still tolerable.

Lobby of JJ's Guesthouse

Lobby of JJ’s Guesthouse

Our only complaint in our stay was some guests were partying in the middle of the night and quite disturbed our sleep.

Details below:

Julie Guesthouse (3N)

350 THB per night

Double bed, fan room, private bathroom

Bathroom a little dirty. Weak wifi in our room.

Nice food. Ranges from 50-60THB.

JJ Guesthouse (2N)

350 THB per night

Double bed, fan room, private bathroom

Clean but hotter than Julie Guesthouse but it’s ok. Strong wifi.

For more recommended hotels/hostels in Chiang Mai, see below:

I Lanna House Chiangmai
Pak Ping The Cozy Living in Chiangmai
Great Chiangmai Hostel
Sleep Guesthouse

Or search and compare prices of accommodations in Chiang Mai here

Bangkok (Last 6 nights)

For our last nights in Thailand, we chose to stay near Silom area since we planned to take part on the Songkran festival. Upon research, I found Lee Travel Inn being one of the most affordable stays in that area. I immediately booked the rooms through their website and I was glad it didn’t fail our expectations.

The fan room is spacious and it’s really quiet in that place. We even had the whole Inn’s extension house for ourselves in the first 2 days so it was like we rented the whole house. Wifi is strong in the fan room but is weak in the air-conditioned room in the 2nd floor. See more details below:

Lee Travel Inn (4N)

440 THB per night

Double bed, fan room, shared bathroom

Nice and clean. Strong wifi.

Lee Travel Inn (2N)

560 THB per night

Double bed, air-conditioned, private bathroom

Nice and clean. Weak wifi in our room (2nd floor).

Lee Travel Inn's facade

Lee Travel Inn’s facade

Lee Travel Inn is located in Sathon, just 5 minutes walk to Lumphini MRT station. They also offer rooms for rent for long term stays at a nice discount.


Tours/Places to See

As mentioned in the first part of the article, we didn’t do much sightseeing or touring in Thailand mainly because of the reasons stated there. But let me help you on some of the must see places we went to in our first and second trip to Thailand.

  • The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun, Wat Suthat

You can visit all these temples in 1 day as they are close to each other. Of course, you must take into consideration the heat and your endurance as exploring these temples needs strong legs.

Also, no need to book a tour as you can easily DIY these temples as they are quite near to each other. To go to the Grand Palace, take the train and get off at Saphan Taksin station then take the chao phraya express boat (orange ferry) to Ta Chang Pier. Walk towards the Grand Palace.

A word of caution, there are indeed some scammers in Grand Palace telling you that the place is closed. Just ignore them and follow the flow of tourists and ask information from the soldiers in uniform.

Grand Palace

Inside Grand Palace

Entrance fee: THB 500

Wat Arun is just opposite of Wat Pho, so to go there, ride a boat going to the other side. Boat fare is 3 Baht last time we went there.

If you need to book a tour to explore the temples, you can check out these tours by Klook:

Bangkok Grand Palace and River Cruise Sightseeing Half Day Tour 
Bangkok City & Temples Tour by Tour East
Grand Pearl Dinner Cruise

  • Ayutthaya and Bangpa-in Palace

Ayutthaya is the old capital of Thailand where you’ll see the ruins of their magnificent temples, Buddha statues and the popular Wat Mahathat, the Buddha head in tree roots. This ancient city in Thailand is one of the most powerful and finest city in the world until the Burmese sacked the city in the Burmese-Siamese War from 1765-67.

Even it was ruined, the city resembles greatness. Its charm is different from Angkor Wat but both shows great power, culture and beauty.

Reclining Buddha

A reclining Buddha in Ayutthaya

You can also include a trip to the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace also known as Summer palace. Both places can be done in one day.

Bang Pa-In Palace

Bang Pa-In Palace

Price: We booked our tour at a travel agency inside BKK city hotel and paid THB 1060 per pax (2014 price). It’s expensive compared to the prices in Khao san but we’re not budget travelers yet in that time hehe.

You can also check out these tours which for me, is reasonably priced:

Ayutthaya Day Trip with Sunset Boat Ride
Ancient Ayutthaya Tour by AK

  • Siam Niramit cultural show

Even if you don’t like cultural performances, I’m sure you’ll love the performances in Siam Niramit. My wife really loved it and so did I. I booked the tickets at Hotels2Thailand with hotel transfer and cost us THB 1348.5 per pax. Show starts at 8, but you won’t be bored if you arrived early. There are mini shows outside and you can ride an elephant for THB 200 for 30 mins I think. We didn’t try it.

Siam Niramit

A performance inside Siam Niramit

You can also book your ticket here in Klook, it’s cheaper!

  • Lumphini Park – Free and near Silom Road. There are some big lizards and crows here. Not for those who are afraid of exotic animals.
  • Other notable Wats we went to

There are lots of Wats in Thailand and all of them are beautiful. I won’t name it all so I’ll just enumerate the ones we visited.


  • Wat Saket – You can walk to here If you’re staying in Khao San road or Soi Rambuttri. It’s 344 steps to go up and once there, you can see a wonderful view of Bangkok and enjoy fast wifi, instagram your photos or whatever. It now has an entrance fee of 20 THB.
Wat Saket

Going a lil bit crazy in Wat Saket

  • Wat Traimit – visit this Temple if you are going to Chinatown. They are near to each other.

Chiang Mai

  • Wat Doi Suthep – Amazing golden temple. It’s one of Thailand’s most beautiful and sacred temple. It’s easily accessible from downtown Chiang Mai. Just flag down a songthaew and pay around 40 THB going to Chiang Mai Zoo. Then take another songthaew in the terminal to go to the temple for another 40 THB. It’s 300 steps to go up but you can take a tram for 20 THB. Entrance fee is 30 THB.

Wat Doi Suthep

  • Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phan Tao – Lots of temples inside the old city of Chiang Mai. We happen to visit these two temples when we were shopping in the Sunday Walking street market at Thapae gate.
Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang

  • Baiyoke Sky Tower – Magnificent view of Bangkok at night! In our first trip to Thailand, we availed the International food buffet at Bangkok Sky Restaurant for 800 THB per pax. Yes, it’s a touristy move but I know you can just pay to go up to the Tower and see the view. Food is just ok.
Baiyoke Sky Tower

Night View of Bangkok

Book your Baiyoke Sky Dinner Buffet here.

Other places to see worth mentioning:

  • Jim Thompson House – near National stadium
  • Floating Markets – There are touristy floating markets but there are also some that aren’t that touristy and I think one of them is Taling Chan. We planned to visit Taling Chan floating market but failed to do so. I guess there’s next time?

  Klook offers tours to the popular floating markets. Have a look in the links below:

  Thailand Floating Markets Day Trip

  Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Or browse for more here in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Songkran Festival

We took part in the celebration of Songkran or Thai’s New Year in Silom Road. Every year they close out a long part of this road to open for water fight and some entertainment like dancing and singing. It was our first time and it was such fun! All are merry and ready to pump and blast water on you. I bought a small and cute doraemon water gun as my weapon of mass wetstruction! I shoot like an assassin, slowly creeping towards my victim in stealth then silently unleash the power of my cute water gun!

Songkran Festival in Silom

Songkran Festival in Silom

The authorities don’t allow high powered water guns and alcohol drinking in the premises for security and safety.

TIP: If you just want to watch and not get fully wet, you can go up to the BTS station and view the fun from there.

TIP again: Stay inside your hostel/inns/house if you don’t want to get wet at all. People won’t let you pass without getting wet. Trust me, we know.


Where to shop in Bangkok and Chiang Mai for cheap goods? Here are some suggestions:


  • Chatuchak Weekend Market – is the largest market in Thailand. You’ll easily spend at least half a day roaming and shopping around here. They almost have everything from shoes, bags, blankets, shirts, dress, souvenirs, books, teapots and pets! They also have food stalls that offer amazing food and beverages too. Go here early around 8am to avoid the scorching heat (at least for some hours) because it is an open market. No air-conditioning on most stores.
  • Pratunam Area and Platinum fashion mall – If you’re a woman, then you’ll automatically love it here. It’s heaven for you gals. It’s cheap and they sell a lot more fashionable dresses for women compared to other markets in Bangkok.

That’s lots of shoes there, honey.

  • MBK – It got a little more expensive here than our first visit in 2014 but it’s still reasonably cheap. Lots of souvenir items and Bangkok pants. Plus it’s a mall, so air-conditioned and more convenient.
  • Khao San Road – Cheap items mainly shirts, pants, souvenirs, etc.

Chiang Mai

  • Walking street markets – We went to two Walking street markets here. Saturdays near Chiang Mai gate then Sundays near Thapae Gate.
  • Warorot Market – souvenirs, food items, some clothes

You can also go to lesser known public markets. I’m sure you’ll find some nifty gems there.


Related: Top 10 Foods to eat in Vietnam!

Thailand is globally known for its amazing cuisine. I’ve been twice there and both visits left me still wanting for more. There’s just so much food to eat!

On our South East Asia backpacking trip, we focused on street foods and cheap eats along sidewalks, food courts and public markets. Here, I’ll share some of the foods we ate on our 14 days stay in Thailand.

  • Pad Thai – Of course, who wouldn’t miss Pad Thai in Thailand? This is the very first dish we went looking for and fortunately there are lots of Pad thai stalls in Khao san Road and Soi Rambuttri.
Pad Thai

Pad Thai

  • Tom Yum – There are several types of Tom Yum soup in Thailand being tom yum goong the most popular to tourists. We’ve tried Tom Yum goong many times before so now we would like to try the other variants. Luckily, there are soup stalls nearby Soi Rambuttri where we are staying. One of the dish we ordered is the Herbal Tom yum soup.
Herbal Tom Yum

Herbal Tom Yum

  • BBQ – Anything barbequed in Thailand is awesome. Make sure to try Moo Ping (Grilled Pork on Skewers)
  • Sweet and Spicy Squid – We bought this streetfood while shopping in a crowded Pratunam area hence, the crappy pic. Crappy pic aside, this streetfood is amazeballs in all levels i.e. if you like spicy food. It has an ample servings of squid, herbs, strips of cabbages thrown in there a delicious sweet and spicy sauce.
Spicy Squid

Spicy Squid

  • Food court foods – In Thailand, it really gets very hot especially during summer. That means, you’ll find yourself inside malls more often than not. Fortunately, there are nice, clean food courts that offers cheap and reasonable dishes for everybody to enjoy. But we found that Terminal 21 has the best food court of them all. Not only the dishes are very good, but they’re cheaper compared to others. Here’s one of the dishes we ordered there. It’s a mixed beef noodles with herbs and veggies. Kinda similar to Pho Bo.
Mixed Beef Noodles

Mixed Beef Noodles

  • Khao Soi – is a northern noodle soup dish usually served with deep fried crispy egg noodles, meat, veggies and doused with curry-like sauce similar to Masaman curry. For me, It’s not explosively good but I think it depends on the taste of each individual coz my wife kinda liked it. And of course, if it’s your first time in North Thailand, better try it at least once. We had our Khao Soi in Julie Guesthouse in Chiang Mai.
Khao Soi

Khao Soi

  • Random street foods – As told by Andrew Zimmerman, “If it looks good, eat it.” There’s a plethora of street food stalls in Thailand from the usual skewered meat balls to the exotic crickets and worms. So much variety to choose from and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your food trip in Thailand.
Street Food Thailand

Just one of those street food stalls in Thailand

Fried shrimp rolls

Fried shrimp rolls

There’s a lot more to share here like Pad Kra Pao, Mango sticky rice, Stir fried dishes, Thai Omelette, Pork Stew, blackberries etc. And different kinds of beverages as well like Pomegranate, Thai milk tea, and those fresh juices extracted from flowers. I think I have to create a separate post for foods in Thailand.

Also not in this post is my wife’s cooking class in Chiang Mai through Asia Scenic Thai Cooking Class. She learned how to cook some of the most popular Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum, mango sticky rice and made her own curry from scratch! It was a fun, educational and stomach bloating class. I know, I ate a lot! Definitely, something you should not miss in Chiang Mai!

Read about our Chiang Mai Cooking Class here! 

Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

Join a class with Asia Scenic by booking here.

In Bangkok, you can join these classes:

Sompong Thai Cooking Class

Silom Thai Cooking Class

Thailand is definitely a heaven for food adventurers. No need to eat at mid to high end restaurants coz you’ll find some of the best dishes just around the corner.

Expenses Summary

Here is a summary of our Expenses in our 14 days in Thailand. Please note that shopping items and souvenirs were not included as this may vary per individual preferences. Food and drinks were shared between the two of us.

Please note that I converted the currency to PHP using www.

 Per Pax2 PAXRemarks
Day 9
Banh Mi46.5793.14
Taxi from Victory to Rambuttri59.87119.75
Lamphu House (2N)612.071224.14Fan Room
Dinner89.14178.29Pad Thai Shrimp(45B),Pad Thai Egg(30B),Spring Roll(10B),Water(19B),Orange Juice(30B)
Day 10
Breakfast53.22106.44Herbal Tom Yum Soup(40B),Original Tom Yum(40B)
Wat Saket Tickets26.6153.22
Lunch26.6153.22Kiwi Shake(20B),Rice(10B*2),Pork BBQ(10B*2)
Dinner129.73259.46Pomegranade(50B),Pad Thai Egg(30B),Fried Pork BBQ(10B),Fried Chicken(10B),Pineapple(20B), Chicken with rice(60B),Grilled Banana(15B)
Day 11
Lamphu House (1N)465.70931.41Airconditioned
Breakfast43.9087.81Water(13B*2),Chocolate Bar(10B),Rice(15B*2-paired with packed food)
Lunch111.76223.53Pork Stew(70B),Crab Omelette(60B),Coke(28B),Water(10B)
Train Siam to Ratchathewi19.9539.91
Dinner89.81179.62Ice Cream(12B),Fried Rice Chicken(55B),Stir Fried Noodles(55B),Water(13B)
Train Ratchathewi to Siam19.9539.91
Bus MBK to Khao San8.6417.29
Day 12
Van from Rambuttri to DMK Airport172.97345.95
AirAsia BKK to CNX Roundtrip1713.503427.01
Airport to Thapae Gate79.83159.67
Julie Guesthouse (3N)52510503 Nights for 350B per night. Fan room
Laundry soap6.6513.30
Dinner96.46192.93Thai Omelette chicken rice(45B),Fried rice pork(50B),Pineapple shake(25B),Junkfood(25B)
Day 13
Guesthouse to Chiang Mai Zoo53.22106.44
Zoo to Doi Suthep53.22106.44
Mango Shake26.6153.22
Ticket Doi Suthep39.9179.83
Elevator to go up the temple26.6153.22
Temple to Doi Pui Village79.83159.67
Waterfalls ticket13.3026.61
Village to Temple79.83159.67
Temple to Chiang Mai Gate106.44212.89
Dinner101.12202.24Khao Soi Kai(55B),Fried rice with pineapple(55B),Rice(10B),Coke(20B),Water(12B)
Day 14
Guesthouse to Warorot Market26.6153.22
Mango sticky rice26.6153.22
.5kg peanuts33.2666.52
.5kg cashew 119.75239.50
Warorot to Chiang Mai Gate26.6153.22
Streetfood Dinner73.18146.36Sausage(20B),Roselle Juice(10B),Fruit shake(20)Stir fried seafood(50),Rice(10)
2 Water18.6237.2513B and 15B
Day 15
JJ Guesthouse (2N)465.70931.41Fan Room at 350B per night
Breakfast18.6237.25Apple pie(18B),Steamed bun(10B)
Lunch101.79203.58Rice Omelette(40B),Stir fried chicken with basil(50B),Rice(10B),Water(13B),Strawberry(40B)
Streetfood Dinner79.83159.67Ice candy(10B*2),Padthai(30B),Fruitshake(20B),Noodles(20B),Sausage(10B),Others(20B)
Day 16
Asia Scenic Cooking Class798.351596.701000B for student + 200B for visitor
Day 17
Lee Travel Inn (4N)1170.912341.83Fan room, 440 per night
Taxi to airport79.83159.67
Bus from airport to MoChit39.9179.83
Train MoChit to Sala Daeng55.88111.76
Train Silom to Lumphini21.2842.57
Dinner53.22106.44Water(10B*2),Streetfood(30B),Rice(10B*2),Ice cream(10B)
Day 18
Breakfast19.9539.91Biscuit 2 pcs
Lunch39.9179.83Fried chicken and rice
4 pcs Water26.6153.2210B each
Dinner13.3026.61Pork BBQ and rice
Train Lumphini to Silom21.2842.57
Water gun39.9179.83
Train Silom to Lumphini21.2842.57
Day 19
Train Lumphini to Sukhumvit27.9455.88
Train Asok to Siam27.9455.88
National Stadium to Sala Daeng33.2666.52
Silom to Lumphini21.2842.57
Day 20
Lee Travel Inn (2N)745.131490.26560 per night, aircon
Train Lumphini to Chatuchak55.88111.76
Desserts56.55113.10Lemon Shake(40B),Banana chocolate(45B)
Train Chatuchak to Lumphini55.88111.76
Train Lumphini to Sukhumvit27.9455.88
Beer, juice, junkfood42.5785.15
Train Sukhumvit to Lumphini27.9455.88
Day 21
Train Lumphini to Silom21.2842.57
Lunch33.2666.52Hoi Tod
Streetfood dinner78.50157.00Chicken sausage, shrimp fried spring rolls, fried chicken
Train Silom to Lumphini21.2842.57
Day 22
Breakfast12.6425.28Custard bread
Train Lumphini to Petchaburi30.6061.20
Train Makkasan to Suvarnabhumi Airport46.5793.14

We spent a total of 10783.22 per person in this leg of our South East Asia backpacking trip. We stayed in Thailand the longest and somewhat experienced what is like to live like a local there. I’m sure we missed a lot of places in Thailand so maybe there’s still a next time for us.

For our South East Asia budget tips, click here!

So there you have it. It’s not a comprehensive guide but it may be a good reference for some of you who are planning to visit Thailand soon. There really is no ideal itinerary in exploring Thailand because it’s up to you what you really wanted to focus on. Is it shopping, food or temples? Or maybe you just want to bum around the beach. But please, don’t patronize attractions that involve riding elephants or the infamous Tiger temple. Let’s start to be part of the solution rather than the problems.

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20 Budget Travel Tips: South East Asia

Our first trip to Thailand (2014)

He is a programmer by profession but has a soul of a traveler. Aside from his ultimate dream of travelling around the world, he loves to eat, drink, listen to music, talk about aliens and the occasional secret guilty pleasure of singing love songs in videoke. His favorite superpower is to teleport from one place to another. I guess you know why.

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  • Kim

    Impressive that for 14 days, you guys managed to only spend that much. 🙂 Thanks for this Budget guide. I can’t wait to come up with one as well when I finally see Thailand. 🙂

    • Hi Kim!

      Yes, you won’t spend that much in Thailand as long as you don’t spend money on expensive restaurants and hotels. Also, in this trip we didn’t do much sight seeing (like temple hopping) since we already did that in our first trip. Just streetfood, hostels/guesthouses, bus/train for public transpo and places with free entrance. If you’re planning to go North like Chiang Mai, you can take the night bus instead of plane but that depends on you. 🙂