Trick Eye Museum and other quirky places

Trick Eye Museum and other quirky places

Last year, when we went to Seoul for the first time… we really planned to visit either the Trick Eye Museum or the Alive Museum. We actually printed out discount coupons already but sometimes plans don’t push through due to some circumstances. In our return trip to Seoul, we finally made the decision to go to Trick Eye Museum and visit not just one museum but all four museums in Hongdae!

First we visited their main museum where you can interact with the artworks that gives an illusion of being in 3D! Then we checked out the Carnival Street where you can play games just like in a normal carnival! Next one is Love Museum but kids, this is for Adults only! I have lots of crazy poses in that museum that I think is too erotic! Haha! We went to the Ice Museum last so we can don our jackets and go straight outside after (winter time in Korea).

Ok, enough talk. Let’s see some pictures! I’ll include some of the ‘best’ ones here but of course, nothing beats something you experienced personally. So yup, I suggest you visit them!

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Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Shark

Surfing with Sharks!

Trick Eye mermaid

My wife’s a mermaid?!

Trick Eye Piano

Great, now she’s a pianist too?

Trick Eye Box

Why does a T-Rex carry a box with a human inside? I don’t get it.

Trick Eye Fish


Trick Eye WTF

This is a WTF pic.

Trick Eye Piss

BRB… Drinking piss.

Trick Eye Peek

Go ahead, have a peek.

Trick Eye Witch

Please don’t cook my wife!

They also have an interactive 4D concept called Art Fighter! As an avid gamer of Fight video games back in the days, I truly enjoyed this one! You would be projected to the screen and fight a big nasty challenger on the way! I felt like I was Ryu of Street Fighter! Hadouken! Haha!

You can watch my silly video in our facebook page here:

Finish Him!

Posted by The Travel Debugger on Sunday, December 11, 2016

A kid who’s watching me fight was laughing his ass off on my antics haha! Fun-tastic!

Carnival Street

Carnival street is where you can play games where some are free but others requires you to purchase a token to play. You can play balloon darts, basketball shoot out, Air Hockey to name a few and other digital games. Here are some pictures:

Carnival Street Clown

Who here loves Clowns? Raise your hand!

Carnival Street Balloon Darts

Balloon Darts

Carnival Street Air Hockey

Air Hockey

Carnival Street Digital Game

Carnival Street Digital Game

Ice Museum

I’ll show you the Ice Museum first as I want to make the Love Museum as my finale haha!

Okay, as if the weather in Korea’s not cold enough, we braved the Ice Museum, which, as far as I recall is kept at around -10C°! Since we visited Seoul in the Holiday season of December, the Ice Museum’s theme is Winter Wonderland Christmas! I remember in the Philippines we have something similar and the staffs are actually handing out jackets to keep you warm. But I guess here in Korea, they assume you have a jacket with you since it’s so cold outside too!

Ice Museum Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Ice Museum Slide

Ice Slide!

Ice Museum Living Room

Icy Living Room

Ice Museum Toilet

Someone pooped at the toilet seat!

Ice Museum Christmas

More Christmas pics

Love Museum

Now for the finale, the Love Museum!

The moment I stepped on the museum, I told myself ‘This is going to be epic’. With a devilish smile in my face, I posed for some of the funniest pics I ever had in my life. I’m sharing just some of it here because I think others are too erotic haha! Please don’t judge me. I’m just a simple man, I see… uhmm, never mind 😀

Love Museum Horse

Wholesome pic!

Love Museum Just Married

Oh No!

Love Museum Sausage Party

Sausage Party!

Love Museum Superman

I love to be Superman even just for a day ;P

Love Museum Art

I would love to have one of these at home!

Trust me guys, you’ll enjoy it here! You have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate it 😀

How to get there

Here’s a map taken from their website on how to get to their Hongdae branch.

Trick Eye Map

Trick Eye Map

For more details on the direction, click here.

Trick Eye Museum

Entrance to Trick Eye Museum

Ticket Prices

A ticket for Trick Eye Museum that also includes the Ice Museum and Carnival street cost 15000 won for Adults and 12000 won for children.

While for Love Museum, it’s 8000 won for adults only.

For more info, click here or book your tickets here in Klook.

Buy Love Museum tickets here.


Check out Discount coupons from time to time. They offer discounted ticket prices to both Trick Eye Museum and Love Museum.

Here’s one:








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