Haneul Park; From wasteland to Heaven on Earth

Haneul Park; From wasteland to Heaven on Earth

If I have one word to describe Haneul Park, it would be ‘Seductive’. She’s like a very sexy, sophisticated, crazy beautiful woman from every angle that all you can do is give in and fall in love. Every part of her, uhmm, I mean the park – has its share of equally stunning views perfect for wandering and amazing photo ops.

Haneul Park or ‘Sky park’ is one of the 5 parks in the area of the World Cup Park in Seoul. Believe it or not, this park was once a landfill, full of garbage but was converted into a hill full of miscanthus grass (eulalia), sunflowers in summer and offers breathtaking views of Seoul city, Han River and Bukhansan mountain.

Come join us and let’s take a walk again in this beautiful park.

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Haneul park is a little walk from the World Cup Stadium. Upon arrival in the park’s vicinity, you’ll see a wooden bridge that would lead you to other side of the road where Haneul park is.

Haneul Park Wooden Bridge

If you’ll look closely, there’s a stair that leads to the top of the hill.

After you cross the bridge, it’s either you go up the stairs to the top of the hill or ride a shuttle bus for a fare of 3k won per way (6k roundtrip). We chose to go up the easiest way.

At the top, we were amazed by what was in front of us. A sea of golden-like miscanthus grass gracefully dancing with the wind. Like a kid in a toy store, I hurriedly went to somewhere elevated and took snapshots of the field.

I mentioned earlier that the park was once a landfill, mountain of garbage piled up. But because of the government and the people’s cooperation, they have transformed it to a beautiful park while converting the garbage under it as source of energy for the residents! Imagine we do the same here in the Philippines – Payatas for example. Metro Manila’s waste would not be put to ‘waste’ but to reusable energy instead for the people.

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Okay, going back… we started to walk around the park and took pictures of the tall eulalia grasses up close. There are areas in the park where signs are put up indicating that the spot is great for picture taking, so keep your eyes open for that.


Picture picture!

Eulalia Haneul Park

A scene in a Koreanobela?

Road Haneul Park

Great for light walks or a jog

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Besides the marvelous miscanthus fields, what’s more amazing about this park are the breath-taking views of Seoul City. Just walk at the park’s side and you can stop on viewing platforms and feast your eyes with the beauty of the Han River, World Cup Stadium, Namsan and Bukhansan mountain.

Han River Seoul

Beautiful view of the Han River and of course my beautiful wife too 😀


Bukhansan Mountain Seoul

View of Bukhansan Mountain

World Cup Stadium Seoul

World Cup Stadium

I love cities that use renewable energy and besides the waste-to-energy system of Haneul park, windmills are also placed all over for that wind power generation. Of course, whenever there’s a windmill, you know it’s great for photo-ops. You can go up to the elevated viewing platforms for a more scenic view.

Windmill Haneul Park

It’s perfect up here!

Windmill Haneul Park

The sun is setting

We also noticed that there are lots of couples dating here and no foreign visitors but us! Locals strolling, playing, bonding, jogging and having a picnic. You know you’re in the right place if it is mainly visited by locals than foreigners.

Lovers Haneul Park

Insert millennial caption here: “Ganito sana tayo bes, kaso…”

If ever we go back to Seoul (again), this is one place we will re-visit in a different season. I think the park’s more beautiful in Summer or Autumn but hey, if ever you’re traveling to Seoul it doesn’t matter what season you’re in. Just go here!

How to get there: Hapjeong station, go out at exit 9. Take bus 271 or 7733, get off at World Cup Park bus stop. Walk around 3-5 minutes to Haneul Park. You can take the shuttle bus for 3K won roundtrip or hike your way up.







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