How to get a Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate for Filipinos

How to get a Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate for Filipinos


Filipinos can now enter Taiwan VISA Free for 30 days starting June 1, 2017. Click here for more info. No need to get a Travel Authorization certificate but will retain this blog post for past reference only.

Last year (2016), the government of Taiwan did an awesome move by allowing VISA free entry to eligible citizens from India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines. But of course, it’s not entirely free for all. There are certain requirements to be met in order to enter Taiwan VISA free. One must need a Travel Authorization Certificate. If you don’t meet the requirements for this certificate, then you need to get a VISA from the Taiwan embassy. Continue reading to check the requirements and steps on how to get one.

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The Requirements

These are the requirements for a VISA free entry to Taiwan for Philippine passport holders. I copy-pasted the requirements below from this site.

To be eligible for an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The applicant’s passport must have remaining validity of at least six months starting from the date of arrival in Taiwan.
  2. The applicant must possess an onward/return air or ferry ticket.
  3. The applicant has never been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan.

In addition, the applicant must possess at least one of the following documents issued by Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, any of the Schengen countries, the United Kingdom, or the United States:

  1. Valid resident or permanent resident card
  2. Valid entry visa (may be electronic visa)
  3. Resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to the date of arrival in Taiwan


  • The visas in the aforementioned list of required documents do not include work permits.
  • Online applications can only be made by persons holding valid regular passports. Persons holding temporary, emergency, or informal passports, or travel documents other than a passport, cannot submit online applications.
  • Applicants who hold permanent resident cards with no expiry date may enter 9999 for year, 12 for month and 31 for day in the Date field.
  • If any mistake is made during the online application process, the applicant may submit a new application.
  • Once the application has been approved, the applicant is kindly requested to print out the ROC Travel Authorization Certificate. The applicant must present the certificate and the required documents for inspection when entering Taiwan. Entry will be denied if the required documents are not produced.
  • An approved ROC Travel Authorization Certificate is valid for 90 days. Multiple entries within these 90 days are allowed. The holder of an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate may stay in Taiwan for 30 days, starting from the day after arrival. If the holder wishes to apply for another ROC Travel Authorization Certificate, he or she must do so seven days prior to the expiry of the current certificate.
  • Those who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements for visa-free certificate to enter Taiwan, or who intend to study/work/or stay in Taiwan for more than 30 days, are required to apply for appropriate visas at Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines.

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How to apply for a Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate Online

In our case, we have two valid entry VISAs that we may use… An unused multiple entry US VISA (expiring on 2026) and a used multiple entry Korea VISA (expiring on 2018). In getting a certificate, we preferred to use our Korea VISA.

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It’s fairly simple to apply for a R.O.C. (Taiwan) Travel Authorization Certificate. I’ll show you how in these simple steps:

1) Go to this link –

2) Select your preferred language, click next.

Taiwan Certificate - Step1

3) Next screen is the process flowchart of the certificate. This is FYI so after you’ve understood it, please click the Next button.

Taiwan Certificate - Step24) Next is the requirements for the certificate and who are eligible. It is the same with the requirements I posted above. Click next if you met the requirements.

Taiwan Certificate - Step35) Ok, so this is your personal information part. There are some fields I want to highlight here.

Taiwan Certificate - Step4

Nil – Check this only if you don’t have an email. Who here doesn’t have an email? Well if you don’t have one up until now in this Age of Information (even my 90 year-old grandpa has one – he even has a Facebook account!) then check this.

Special Requirements:

Choose what you have; a resident card or an Entry VISA. Since we used our Korea VISA, we chose Entry VISA, then ‘Korea’ from the Country dropdown field.

For the number field, it is the one indicated in the upper right corner. Please note that you should enter all the characters here including the 4 numbers below the ‘PH’ number.

So for example, the number is:



Enter: PH12345671234

See below for pic.

Korea VISA

My Korea VISA. Highlighted in red is where the control number is at.

6) Next is the final validation of your information before you hit the Submit button. If everything is fine, enter the Validation code shown to you (not the one shown below, that’s mine) then click Submit.

Taiwan Certificate - Step5

7) Immediately click the Print button to print the certificate. As far as I recall, system would automatically download a PDF of the certificate but if not, then click Print and save it to PDF if you don’t have access to a printer right now.

Taiwan Certificate - Step6

So that’s it! Easy-peasy! The certificate will be valid for 90 days for multiple entries in Taiwan and may stay in Taiwan for 30 days. Sweet move by the government of Taiwan to boost their Tourism! No more hefty VISA fees for eligible travelers! A win-win for both Taiwan and travelers I must say. Air Asia even opened a new route from Manila to Taipei but we booked ours from Cebu Pacific 😛 Let’s go to Taiwan!

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  • mikee

    sir ill be waiting for your itinerary! going solo to taiwan on june hehe! thanks sir! have fun and enjoy taiwan!

  • Verna Villo

    Hi! I’d like to ask if I can apply for a certificate using my expired single entry Korean visa?

    • Hi Verna,

      Thanks for visiting!

      Yes. See below:

      Resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to the date of arrival in Taiwan

      • Verna Villo

        Thanks for replying! Just wanted to make it clear, I’m not sure about the resident card or visa that, but does that cover tourist visa? Sorry I get confused on that part. Thanks again!

  • Uno

    Hi, I have a Single Entry Korean Tourist Visa which was used last October 2016. Can I still use that to apply for Travel Authorization Certificate? Although I tried to apply online already.

    Regarding on Visa Number, I encoded the large red font 8 digit on the second line (beside bdate and sex), and based on your post I provided a different. Do I need to apply for a new one or no need?

    • Hi Uno,

      Thanks for visiting!

      Yes you can use that.

      Yes, you can apply for a new one and put the control number that is highlighted in my pic above. hth

      • Uno

        Thank you sir.

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  • goldiemari

    Hi! May I ask if there is a need to secure Bank cert, COE and ITR along with the travel authorization certificate? I’ll be using my old korean visa (single entry) last Oct. 2016 for my Taiwan trip sana this year.
    Thanks Sir in advance! 🙂

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    Hi Sir,

    I was issued a Single Entry Korean Visa that expires on May 2, 2017. I used it na last Feb 21. pwede ba yun? our travel date to Taiwan is on April 27, 2017 po. Thank you sir

  • jdbts

    Hello. How about yung Taiwan visa ko last January? Pwede ba travel authorization certificate na lang kukunin ko? Will visit this October ulit kase e. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi jdbts,

      Thanks for visiting!

      Sorry but I don’t know the answer since there was no mention of Taiwan visa above. Maybe you can apply for an e-visa instead but you have to pay again. hth

  • April Apple Reid

    HI sir para sa roc certificaten pwd po ba reserved plane ticket?thanks

  • April Apple Reid

    HI sir para sa ROC certificate pwd po ba reserve plane ticket muna?

  • April Apple Reid

    Hello sir! One of the requirements po for ROC is a plane ticket pwd po ba reserved ticket muna? Thanks sir!

    • Hi April,

      Thanks for visiting!

      Yep pwede naman siguro. Just have a return/onward ticket to show in the Immigration.

      • April Apple Reid

        Thanks po sir. Meron na po akong travel cert ito na po ang ipapakita sa immigration? Or do I need to go pa po sa embassy? Salamat po

        • Yan na po yun 🙂 Don’t forget to bring the passport that has the VISA stamp.

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  • jamie

    hi your blog is really helpful,i saved actually. But as today, im having difficulties in filling up the form. im using my US visa, in the number part, what should i fill it in? its a bit tricky, hope you can help me with this.

  • Kat Padlan Sayo

    Ok lang po gamitin USA J1 visa expired 2013?

    • Hi Kat,

      Thanks for visiting!

      I’m not really sure. Can you please call the Taiwan embassy to confirm? I don’t want to advice something I’m not really sure of.

  • Denisyabel


    May I just ask if we still need this certificate? We’ll be flying on July 2017 and there’s already news that by June 2017, we are already visa free.

    Thank you so Much.

    • Hi Denisyabel,

      Thanks for visiting!

      No need na, visa free na tayo hehe… Update ko rin tong blog. Thanks!

      • Denisyabel

        Hahaha thank you rin po!

        I was reading your blog and it was worth it. One last thing po. Malayo po ba yung Hey Bear Capsule hotel sa Ximending, Shiilin, etc yung around Taipei city proper po. Thanks so much po.