Punta de Fabian – Your Next Weekend Staycation

Punta de Fabian – Your Next Weekend Staycation

We always look forward to weekends especially those in the workforce (including me) grinding their usual 9 to 6 work week and maybe even beyond that. Many of us hard working folks needs to unwind from time to time so we are always on a hunt for places near Manila for that much needed weekend getaway.

How about this… Relax and swim in an infinity pool overlooking the scenic view of Laguna de Bay away from all the noise and pollution of Metro Manila. Sounds nice? Well yes it is. The Hotel Resort is Punta de Fabian located at the hilltop of Baras, Rizal.  It’s just around 2hrs drive from Manila (no traffic permitting) either via Sumulong Highway, Manila East Road/Floodway or Ortigas Extension.

Let me show you some pictures and highlights of the place and why this should be one of the places you must visit during your weekends.

First things first… this is not an in-depth review of the resort since we stayed there way back 2013. This is more of a throwback post but I’m sure they still have the same awesome view basing on other people’s recent reviews and feedback.

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Infinity Pool with overlooking view of Laguna de Bay

What a beauty. That’s merely all I can say. The owner or founder of the Hotel definitely has a good eye for magnificent views. And to add an infinity pool in it is just radically stunning. Here’s some pictures.

Infinity pool Punta de Fabian

Punta de Fabian’s Infinity Pool

Infinity pool Punta de Fabian

Very relaxing

Baras town Punta de Fabian

The town of Baras

Sunset Punta de Fabian


It’s very lovely waking up to this view with a cup of coffee/tea in your hand and whether or not you have a partner by your side, you’d still feel very romantic just staring out the sky and enjoying the view.

They also have an oval pool. This is where they set-up formal events like Wedding and Christening.

Oval Pool Punta de Fabian

Oval Pool

Room with a view

If you’re going to book a room, I’d suggest that you get one that has a good view or at least one that’s near a terrace. It’s pretty convenient when the amazing view is just a step out of your room.

Room Punta de Fabian

Rooms here, I think has the nicest view

Room Punta de Fabian

Other rooms located here

The rooms were clean and spacious. We had a goodnight’s sleep and no outside noises to interfere. It was peaceful.

Our Wedding Preparation

Ok I just have to share this. We stayed in Punta de Fabian for our Wedding preps and the night after the wedding. From what I recall, everything was smooth even the booking of the rooms. The staff was very helpful and patient in our email conversations even when I changed my requests from time to time.

Our pictures for the wedding preps turned out to be solid. The view is just perfect for these kinds of shoots and you’d feel you’re on top of the world especially if it’s on your wedding day!

Punta de Fabian Wedding

My beautiful wife posing on a beautiful background view

Punta de Fabian Wedding


If you’re thinking of getting married somewhere in Rizal then consider listing down Punta de Fabian as one of your options or maybe do the Prenup pictorial here? Your call.

Important: Please note that the road going to the top of the resort is very steep so take precautions if you will bring your own car and if not, I think the resort has a multi-cab service that’ll take you to the top so you don’t have to walk uphill.

How to book

You can email or call them here:

Telephone Nos.                +63 (2) 433-1995

+63 (2) 994-1455

+63 (2) 871-0374

+63 (2) 871-1221

Telefax +63 (2) 929-2920

E-mail    PuntaDeFabian@yahoo.com


Manila East Road, Barangay Evangelista, Baras, Rizal, Philippines


Click here for the rates.

Website: www.puntadefabian.com

Overall, it was a good stay and definitely memorable since we stayed here during the wedding preparation and after our wedding. Though I read some unfavorable reviews lately which I think the resort really needs to address but if you’re after some quiet time and relaxation with an amazing view near the metro, this resort should definitely be on the list of your next weekend staycation.

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