Productive things to do when not traveling

Productive things to do when not traveling

Most of us Filipino travelers can’t really afford long term travel due to different circumstances, priorities and situations in life. Not to mention that our passport isn’t strong enough for us to easily hop from one country to another because of strict restrictions on VISAs and immigration. We have to show them proof that we have the means to travel and we’re going back to the motherland when our vacation ends. And because of that, some of us are content of traveling to VISA free countries, but what if we want to travel more? Well, that’s life and we have to adapt to it. All we can do is improve ourselves and do the best we can to fulfill our dreams of world travel.

As young, vibrant, ambitious individuals determined to reach our dreams, we always look for ways to tick-off a place in our list and step-up further our travels. Most of us, being hardworking employees on a 9-6 job, sometimes we can’t find the time to do the things for self-improvement or maybe we just don’t know what are those things to do in the first place!

Some people either don’t have lots of free time or when they do, they tend to do things that are very unproductive like ‘Facebook scrolling’! I know, all of us are guilty of it! I ask you this, when you are not traveling, what do you do besides work? Hmm ok, I hear crickets chirping.

Here, let me help you out with a short list of productive things to do when not traveling. Maybe you are already doing some of the things here but it still is a good reminder to all of us to keep pushing with our goals!

1) Master your craft

Don’t be the Jack-of-all-trades dude. Focus instead on your specialization and master it. If you’ve got nothing to do at work, request for training or train yourself! Learn things you don’t know on your job yet and keep updated with new trends and technologies about your job. I’m sure it will improve your career. This maybe, the most productive thing to do to improve yourself and your career.

Master your Craft

Me at work sometime in 2011

2) Document and share and your travel experiences to help others

It doesn’t have to be a full blown travel blog (though that’s much awesome) but it can be in any type of media you prefer it to be. It can be from a simple private diary that you only share with your closest friends or to a very entertaining VLOG channel in youtube as long as you’re happy doing it while helping and inspiring people in their travels.

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3) Research on your next travel

So your next travel is two to three months from now and you’re excited but feeling restless at the same time. Why not make the effort and research for your upcoming trip? Personally, I enjoy researching for our travels. I create our itineraries, the directions, places to stay, etc. I read travel blogs, get some tips from forums, download some helpful apps and sometimes, even do an estimate of our expenses but that’s really seldom.

Tamsui Riverbank

Tamsui Riverbank, Taiwan

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4) Read books

Knowledge is power. We should absorb anything that makes us wiser. In this age of information, we can harness knowledge not just in books but in the simplest click of the mouse or tap of our fingers. Read read read!

5) Learn mutual funds and the stock market

Many Filipinos are now being financially literate – thanks to the widespread information in the internet and the accessibility to these investments through online brokers, financial institutions and banks! Every one of us can now invest in the stock market!

But if you are one of those who isn’t an investor yet, find time to learn one of the best investment vehicles there is especially while you’re still young! You don’t have to be an expert trader or analyst, just know the basics first, the market flow, the economy and invest on a company you believe in. But if you don’t like all that hassle, then you can invest in Mutual Funds wherein Professional fund managers invest your money and make it grow for you! Know how Peso Cost Averaging and compounding interest works and have the discipline in investing then watch your money grow.

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6) Do sideline businesses

Hey, it’s nice to have extra money in your bank account for that upcoming trip of yours! Think of a small sideline business to help you grow your savings and travel fund! It could be something out of your passions or interests like selling clothes and shoes online, being a tour operator, baking and selling cakes and pastries, etc.

Vietnam selling coconut

Yes I know, I got scammed here…

7) Attend trainings, seminars, events, conventions, expos…

A way to be productive and to improve yourself is to attend trainings, seminars, events and other similar activities be it related to travel or not as long as you’ll learn or gain something from it.

Baking Expo

At a Baking Expo

Pastry Bootcamp Enderun

Wifey at a Pastry bootcamp in Enderun

8) Count your money

For me, it’s important to know how much you have and where your finances are going. There are different enjoyable ways to count your money. You can create your own financial statement, breakdown of expenses (daily, weekly, monthly), income statement, your networth, money challenges, etc. This way, you can monitor your financial status and in a way, will make you more disciplined with money.

9) Have meaningful face to face conversations

People nowadays tend to neglect the importance of real conversations. Almost everyone is communicating through texts or instant messengers that when we are conversing face to face, sometimes we feel awkward or it doesn’t feel natural at all. Worse, we stick our faces to our phones instead of having fun conversations with people.

When we’re out with friends or families, let’s put our phone down and converse naturally. You’ll see the sincerity and interest when having meaningful conversations with them. It’s also productive when you talk with someone more intelligent than you. This way, you can pick their thoughts and opinions on a topic you’re interested in or have little knowledge about. You can even ask them to be your mentor.

Phone down

Yeah I know I should put my phone down.. just one more update…

10) Keep busy with your other passions

I’m sure you have other passions besides traveling so while you’re not on the road or outside the country, shift your focus to your other passions. It may be a sport, your collection, cooking, acting, magic cards… anything as long as you’re passionate with it and you’re happy doing it.

Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

11) Exercise

Health is wealth. Always find time to exercise even just for 15 to 30 minutes. Exercise doesn’t just keep the body healthy but it clears our mind and releases stress.

Health is wealth

Like I said, health is wealth!

12) Relax, sit back and enjoy

You’re thinking, this should be a list of productive things to do right? Why are relaxation and entertaining yourself included here? Well let me tell you this. When you’re relaxed and not worrying about anything, your mind takes a vacation too and this is healthy. You get to recharge those brain cells to take on productive tasks on the next days. So don’t worry about anything, grab a beer, watch a movie and be lazy – but not too much ok? 🙂

Skychurch Rakrakan

I love going to Rock/Metal concerts. That’s Skychurch btw

13) Learn new things

To improve ourselves, we must learn new things and adapt to change. If we’re stuck at things we are used to, then we don’t progress and move forward. Instead of scrolling your IG and FB feeds, get off your sofa and start doing back flips! Think of productive things to do!


He is a programmer by profession but has a soul of a traveler. Aside from his ultimate dream of travelling around the world, he loves to eat, drink, listen to music, talk about aliens and the occasional secret guilty pleasure of singing love songs in videoke. His favorite superpower is to teleport from one place to another. I guess you know why.