Windfarm Pililla Rizal; A Big Step on Wind Power

Windfarm Pililla Rizal; A Big Step on Wind Power

There has been multiple times that I passed along the Windfarm in Pililla this past year but never got the chance to stop by and admire until now. Wifey asked me if we could go there with her parents for their wedding anniversary and as a traveler and an obedient husband, I agreed of course.

The Windfarm in Halayhayin, Pililla Rizal is a project of Alternergy Philippine Holdings Corporation which covers an area of 4,515 hectares and generates approximately 40 megawatts supplementing energy in Rizal and Metro Manila. I first saw Windmills in Bangui, Ilocos Norte back in 2012 and I was really glad we have these kinds of renewable source of energy here in the Philippines at last and I said we need more of this! Then I heard about this one in Pililla and it got me jumping for joy! We are now being part of the solution and this is just a start!

Directions / How to get to Windfarm Pililla Rizal:

By Private vehicle:

1) Depending where are you coming from Metro Manila, here are your options (use Waze to check):

  1. a) By C6 road (some roads are unpaved and hella traffic in barkadahan bridge depending on the time) going to East Bank road then through Manila East Road.
  2. b) By Ortigas Avenue Extension (also traffic depending on time) going to Antipolo/Teresa/Morong/Baras/Tanay route or Taytay/Angono/Binangonan/Cardona/Morong/Baras/Tanay (Manila East Road)
  3. c) By Taytay Floodway/East Bank Road going to Antipolo/Teresa/Morong/Baras/Tanay route or Taytay/Angono/Binangonan/Cardona/Morong/Baras/Tanay (Manila East Road).


2) Once in Pililla, the landmark that will tell you that you’re near the Windfarm is Villa Lorenza Resort on the left side.

3) Drive for around 10-15 minutes and in your left side is the entrance to the Windfarm.

By Public transportation

I haven’t commuted in a very long time via this route but here are my suggestions. You just have to confirm it with the transportation companies or with someone more knowledgeable and experienced commuting there.

Hmm let me see, there are vans and jeeps in Starmall/Edsa Crossing going to Tanay. Then from Tanay, you can take a tricycle or maybe take the jeep with the Siniloan (Laguna) route. Of course, it might be cheaper if you go by tricycle i.e. if you’re in a group but if you’re traveling solo or a couple, then the jeep might be cheaper. I just don’t know what the actual fares are. Also, In the past, there is an EDSA Crossing-Siniloan route but I think it has stopped.

You can also take a jeepney to Siniloan in Big R in Cainta Junction. As far as I know, there’s still a jeepney terminal there going to Siniloan. Or maybe take the Raymond Bus going to Infanta, Quezon from Legarda, Manila.

The Windfarm

Unlike in Bangui that’s situated near the seashore, the Pililla windmills are on top the hills. The Windmills are on maintenance when we got there so only a few of them are functioning.

TIP: Upon entering the premises, don’t turn left to the first parking area you’ll see. Keep on driving up to the far end and park your car/bike/motorcycle there. Check and explore this area first. I’ll show the pictures on this area and the other.

Pictures from the area where you should explore first:

Windfarm Pililla Rizal

Windfarm Pililla Rizal

Windfarm Pililla Rizal

From the parking area, walk towards the windmills to get a closer look.

Laguna de Bay

There’s also a breathtaking view of Laguna de Bay.

Even when it’s summer, strong winds are blowing in this part of Rizal. No wonder the windmills are placed here.

There’s a lomi and goto house nearby in case you got hungry. We ordered the ‘Extra Lomi’ for P35 and it’s very good!

Lomi Batangas

Lomi Batangas!

After taking the mandatory selfies, you can just either go home, buy souvenirs or visit the other area that I’m talking about earlier. You need to pay a “parking fee” of P30 (for cars) and climb a makeshift stairs to go to the top of a hill for the view. Here are some pictures:

Windfarm Pililla Rizal

Windfarms has become scenic views as well

Windfarm Pililla Rizal

Windmills lined up

Windfarm Pililla Rizal

Closer look

If you’re hungry and looking for a relaxing lunch stop, you can try Bulawan Floating restaurant just opposite of Villa Lorenza Resort. The food’s delicious and the seafoods are fresh. You can even catch your own fish! Just tell the staff you want to but of course you have to pay for the fish you caught.

Bulawan Floating Restaurant

Bulawan Floating Restaurant

The Windfarm is a great stop-over for road trippers plying the Rizal-Laguna route. It’s also great that people be educated with renewable energy and how these projects are very important to Earth’s sustainability. So please if you have time during the weekends, make Windfarm Pililla Rizal as part of your itinerary!


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