Tali Beach – A sweet spot in Nasugbu Batangas

Tali Beach – A sweet spot in Nasugbu Batangas

Our team just had our summer team-building in the beautiful Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. This is actually my first trip to the beach this summer of ’17! I know, it’s a little late for summer since the rainy season just started here in the Philippines. Luckily, it didn’t rain that weekend and we enjoyed every bit of summer swimming and drinking.

Tali Beach is an exclusive subdivision along the coast of Nasugbu Bay so in order to enter, you must secure a gate pass with permission from a resident and owner of a house in the subdivision. There are home owners in Tali beach that are renting out their house and posting it in online classifieds like olx and airbnb (click here to sign up) so you might want to check that out.

The Beach

The first words that came out from my mouth when I saw the beach was “Aba, maganda din pala” (Wow, It’s beautiful too isn’t it?). I wasn’t really expecting a lot coz I’ve been to beaches in Nasugbu in the past but I realized that the beach here is way different. It’s absolutely stunning and picturesque. The cliffs and landscapes adds drama to it that you’d feel like you’re in a movie or something. Perfect for great photographs especially for pre-nup pictorials and wedding shots! I’m no photographer and I admit, this is an area that I must improve on but I still shot some decent pics with my cam phone. Sometimes, no matter what your level of photography skill is, when nature is this beautiful, it doesn’t matter at all.

Cliff Tali Beach

Batanes? Nope.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

Chillin’ at Tali

I believe this is Sunset Beach. We didn’t swim here because the shore has too many sharp edged rocks. I just accompanied my officemate to fly his racing drone but after 1 battery, we were told by the security guard that it is not allowed to fly a drone there and we need a permit to do so. It’s ok, at least we got one shot :D. Here’s a link to the drone video.

Cliff diving is one of the main activities here and we’re supposed to do that but the waves are strong so the security guards won’t permit the visitors to jump for safety reasons. For me, that’s good that they’re prioritizing safety above anything else. There’s always next time. We just took some pictures and shameless selfies in the site.

Tali Beach Cliff

At the Cliff jump site

Selfie Tali Beach Cliff

I’m not really photogenic so you’ll seldom see solo pics of me in my blog lol

We also went to the “Main Beach”. This is where we swam because the rocks are fewer and isn’t sharp. I don’t have pictures but the beach is small and nothing extra ordinary.

The House

We rented a big house for an overnight stay for P15k. It is good for around 20-25 people, has 2 bedrooms with 2 beds each, sofas, single foldable beds, 4 toilets, complete kitchen, small pool and a nice view of the sea.

View Tali Beach

View of the beach inside the house

Living Room Tali Beach

Living Room

Bed Tali Beach


Pool Tali Beach

Enjoying our day here

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Directions to Tali Beach

By private car:

Waze 😀 Seriously, use Waze to know which route will take you there faster. It’ll be either SLEX or Cavitex. We took the CavitEx route and from C5 elevated u-turn and got there around 3 hours. Pass CavitEx straight to Naic, Maragondon and Ternate. You can stop by Kaybiang Tunnel and other scenic views along the coastline.

By public transport:

One of my officemates commuted from Manila to Tali by himself and he rode a DLTB Bus in Gil Puyat-Taft Avenue bound for Nasugbu for P160. He alighted at the town plaza and hailed a tricycle to Tali Beach for P150 special fare. Our hired van picked him up at the entrance of Tali Beach because tricycles are prohibited from entering.

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