Where to stay in Greenhills

Where to stay in Greenhills

When you hear ‘Greenhills’, one thing comes to mind – Shopping. Greenhills is one of those places to go to if you’re looking for huge bargains. I remember back in the 90s, we go to Greenhills when Christmas time is approaching. Mom and Dad would buy us new clothes to our liking as their presents to us. Now, Greenhills has been developed to cater to modern lifestyle. The shopping complex was further expanded to accommodate the rising demand. International and local restaurants sprung up like mushrooms and new condos and office buildings were built nearby.

And if you’re looking for a place to relax and spend a couple of nights at after a day of shopping, you can stay at the first and only Hotel in Greenhills – Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern! We stayed here last weekend and it was amazing. The Hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the shopping complex so when you’re tired, you can simply walk a little bit and take a rest to relax your aching feet. To help you further on your decision of where to stay in Greenhills, read our review in this post!

They say that first impressions lasts. And when we entered the Hotel, we were impressed by the lobby’s lovely interior. Warm greetings by the guards and reception staff made us feel that we are truly welcomed not just as guests but like someone who’s living there for a long time.

Greenhills Elan Hotel Reception


Greenhills Elan Hotel lobby

While waiting to check-in

Our Room

We stayed at their 1BR Presidential Suite at the 37th floor. I must say, we truly didn’t expect the room to be this awesome! It’s very spacious especially the bedroom! The Queen-sized bed can fit a family of four but it’s also great for couples (like us) for that extra lovely evening.

Greenhills Elan Hotel Presidential Suite

Our bed at the 1BR Presidential Suite

The bed’s soft and great for relaxing that aching back. The blanket’s very comfy and the sheets are clean – no stains and foul smell whatsoever. And I like that there are many soft pillows! As a dude who loves pillows this is a major plus. In some hotels, there are only like 4 pillows but this one has six!

One of the first things my wife check is the bathroom and it didn’t disappoint her. It is very clean and complete with bath tub, hot and cold shower, toiletries and lots of towels. I wish we have a tub at home!

Greenhills Elan Hotel Bath tub

Bath tub

The suite has two LED cable TVs – one in the bedroom and a bigger one in the living room. Perfect for those couch potato sessions while drinking beer and eating pizza. There’s a kitchen area too with a fridge and an electronic kettle for that much needed coffee in the morning. It’s very much like a condo unit with all the amenities you’re looking for in a Hotel.

Greenhills Elan Hotel 1BR Presidential Suite

The Living Room

Greenhills Elan Hotel office desk

Panggap mode

Greenhills Elan Hotel

Coffee time


  • WiFi

Believe it or not, Internet is now an individual necessity in this digital age. If a hotel has a weak or non-existent WiFi connectivity, then people would complain and get angry. Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern, fortunately provides strong WiFi. This is a major plus for business travelers and social media junkies out there.

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

They have an outdoor swimming pool at the Penthouse to cool off your body from the sweltering heat. Plus the view at the Penthouse is great especially during sunset.

Greenhills Elan Hotel Swimming Pool

Outdoor Pool at the roofdeck

Greenhills Elan Cafe

  • Fitness Gym

For you fitness buffs out there, their gym is solid with almost all of the necessary equipment for your cardio exercises and strength conditioning.

  • Elan Cafe

The breakfast included is buffet style when you book a room with breakfast. It is served at the elegant Elan Cafe at the lobby floor. We love the cafe’s ambiance especially its indoor waterfall wall. It makes dining more pleasurable and relaxing. The chef and the wait staff are very attentive and courteous.

Greenhills Elan Cafe

Greenhills Elan Cafe

Elan Cafe Dining

Nice ambiance!

The food’s good! They serve salad, french toast, bread, omelets and a variety of viand. Though I’d suggest that they also serve fried rice especially for breakfast even it’s just the normal garlic fried rice. We Pinoys love fried rice!

Greenhills Elan Cafe

Let’s eat!

Greenhills Elan Cafe

Greenhills Elan Cafe

Greenhills Elan Cafe

Greenhills Elan Cafe


Perfect. I can’t say anything negative about it. All of them are kind, courteous and willing to assist if you need something. Every time they see you, they always greet you with a smile. The reception staff communicates effectively and they know very well how to handle requests and inquiries.


Need I say more? Walking distance from the shopping centers in Greenhills? Really, it’s just about 100 meters to the nearest entrance.

Address: 49 Annapolis Street Greenhills, San Juan City Metro Manila, 1500, Philippines

Nearest MRT station is Santolan Station if you need to commute to other parts of the metro. Robinson’s Galleria is also very near. It’s just one bus ride away to reach the Ortigas area.

How to Book

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Greenhills Elan Hotel Book

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Contact Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern

For further inquires you may contact the Hotel at:

Phone Number: +63-2-7447979
E-mail: info@greenhillselanhotelmodern.com
Website: www.greenhillselanhotelmodern.com

Greenhilss Elan Hotel

Final Remarks

We’re very satisfied and delighted on our stay in Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern. We very much like the presidential suite and all the amenities the Hotel offers. The price is reasonable and highly justified especially if you have business to do within San Juan and Ortigas area. To those who wants a combination of bargain shopping, dining and relaxation this is the Hotel to stay at. I’d definitely recommend Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern to anyone looking for a place to stay in Greenhills.

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