Coron Travel Guide Itinerary and Expenses 4D3N

Coron Travel Guide Itinerary and Expenses 4D3N

I’ve heard so much about the beauty of Coron around 10 years ago when my colleagues were going there for vacation and team buildings posting incredible pictures of a place they call paradise. I never got the chance to visit until now. My wife and I have been to Puerto Princesa and El Nido and I think these 3 most visited places in Palawan has a different charm of its own.

Coron is blessed by a dramatic landscape of magnificent mountains, picturesque lakes, awe-inspiring beaches, wonderful lagoons, amazing shipwrecks and a colorful world under the sea.

This post is our guide and experience in our 4 Days and 3 nights trip to Coron. Included here is our itinerary and breakdown of expenses so it can help plan your visit too.

Our Itinerary

Day 1

8:20 – Depart Manila NAIA4

9:35 – Arrive Coron

Take a Van (P150) to Coron Town (40 mins)

10:15 – Arrive Coron Town and Check-in Coron Sanho Hotel

11AM – Lunch and book tours


3:30PM – Hike to Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas Coron

View of the hills from Mt. Tapyas

6PM – Dinner

(You can go to Maquinit Hotsprings after Mt. Tapyas if you want)

Day 2

9AM – Ultimate Tour C

  • Siete Picados
Siete Picados

Corals in Siete Picados

  • Kayangan Lake
Kayangan Lake Swimming area

Kayangan Lake Swimming area

  • Atwayan Beach (Lunch)
  • Skeleton Wreck
  • CYC Beach and Coral Garden
  • Twin Lagoon

Day 3

9AM – Island Escapade Tour

  • Bulog Dos
Bulog Dos Island

Bulog Dos Island

  • Banana Island
  • Malcapuya Island
Malcapuya Island

Malcapuya Island

Day 4

9:20 – Depart to Manila


Going to Coron from Manila

We booked our flight out of Manila to Coron (Busuanga) via Traveloka and boarded CEBGO for P1799 each including other fees. You can book a lower fare than this.

Going to Coron town proper and around it

Once you exit the airport, there are vans waiting there to take you to your accommodation so just tell them where you’ll stay. Don’t worry, all of them ask the standard rate of P150 per person.

Once in Coron town proper, the mode of transportation is tricycle for P10 per person minimum (P20 if special) depends on the distance. You can also rent motorbikes if you want.

Going back to Manila

Booked our flight with Cebu Pacific for P1944.4 each including fees, seat reservation and baggage allowance.

Islands of Palawan

View of Coron Islands back to Manila


We stayed at Coron Sanho Pension house for 3 nights. Actually, we didn’t reserve our first night there in advance because we want to check it out first but we did book the succeeding 2 nights in advance via Traveloka. Luckily, there’s a vacant room when we got there. It’s a twin room for P1600 without breakfast. No complaints here except when we first entered the room because it smells like cigarette smoke. Looks like the previous guest smoked inside the room. Air-conditioning is terrific and it has a ceiling fan too. Bed sheets and pillows are nice and clean. Bathroom is clean with hot and cold shower, toiletries and clean towels. It’s also complete with LED TV and WiFi is good there in the 1st floor.

Book your stay here through Agoda!

Book Coron Sanho here in Agoda

For the succeeding nights, we stayed at the Standard room in the 2nd floor. Same amenities but WiFi is a little bit slower. On our last night, the shower didn’t work but we paid no mind and just used the pail and dipper. I guess they are turning it off or something but in case this happens to you, just tell the receptionist and they’ll fix it. No worries.

Book your stay here through Agoda!

Book Coron Sanho here in Agoda

The staffs are kind and always ready to assist. They just need more coordination between each other. One has to properly turn over the requests and notices of the customer to the other front desk staff in their shifts.

Coron Sanho Resto

Breakfast time at Coron Sanho

It’s conveniently located near the port where the tour boats are docked. Also near the public market and around 3 minutes tricycle ride to the main road.

Book Coron Sanho here in Agoda.

Other Accommodations

Before checking in Coron Sanho, we checked out other accommodations first. Here’s some of it:

R2R Bayview Inn – Along the main road and very much accessible. It’s P1200 per night for a standard room. They have a swimming pool! I think this is a bang for the buck accommodation but unfortunately, they are fully booked when we got there.

Mackey’s Hidden Inn – It looks nice and cozy from the looks of it. P1600 for a standard room but also fully booked.

Book at Mackey’s Hidden here in Agoda.

Marley’s Guesthouse – Looks like a hip place that’s great for budget backpackers. Just P500 for a fan room (double bed) per night. Shared bathroom and showers.

Book at Marleys Guesthouse here in HotelsCombined

Luis Bay Travellers Lodge – They have fan rooms for less than P500 and air-conditioned rooms for P1300 and up. It’s just besides Coron Sanho and walking distance to the port where the tour boats are docked.

Book at Luis Ba Travellers Lodge here in Agoda.

or search and compare prices of accommodations here in Hotels Combined.


There are lots of tour agencies in Coron and you might want to check first if your hotel offers one or has an accredited tour company to tour you in the islands. We booked our tours with Laughtrip Travel and Tours. It was ok. The tour guides are kind and one of them jokes a lot and knows how to liven up the mood. We only wish that they improve on the food (lunch) just like what other tour companies in El Nido are preparing i.e. grilled fish, shrimp, squid, crab, grilled pork, softdrinks, etc. I don’t know if other tour companies in Coron has a better menu – if yes, kindly let me know!

Anyway, we’re here for the beautiful places right? We booked the Ultimate Tour C and Island Escapade Tour. Let’s get on with it.

Ultimate Tour C

– P1200 per pax including food, snacks, tour guide, life vest, hotel pick-up, entrance fees

  • Siete Picados – Snorkeling place. Beautiful corals and cute fishes here.
Siete Picados

Snorkeling at Siete Picados


My snorkeling vid at Siete Picados in Coron.

Posted by The Travel Debugger on Saturday, December 9, 2017

  • Kayangan Lake – The most pictured postcard worthy spot in Coron. You can also swim here but life jacket is required!
Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake

  • Atwayan Beach (Lunch)
Atwayan beach

Atwayan beach

  • Skeleton Wreck – Free dive or snorkel to see a sunken Japanese ship during WWII.
Skeleton Wreck

Skeleton Wreck

  • CYC Beach and Coral Garden – CYC means Coron Youth Club. Snorkeling site too in the Coral Garden.
CYC Beach

Coron Youth Club Beach and Coral Garden

  • Twin Lagoon – This reminds me of the Big Lagoon in El Nido but as the name implies, there are two lagoons divided by a big limestone rock formation. Pretty cool.
Twin Lagoon

Twin Lagoon

Island Escapade Tour

– P1200 per pax including food, snacks, tour guide, life vest, hotel pick-up, entrance fees

The first stop of this tour (Bulog Dos) is 1.5hrs away from Coron town but it’s all worth it so have patience.

  • Bulog Dos – Such a beautiful island. Powdery sand, crystal clear waters, sandbar and a magnificent view on top of a hill. Bulog means bald but I don’t think there’s anything bald here. The view on top also reminds me of Islas de Gigantes in Iloilo.
Bulog Dos

Nope this is not Islas De Gigantes.

  • Banana Island – I don’t quite get it why it’s called Banana island because there’s no bananas there and the island is not shaped like a banana but anyway, this is likewise a beautiful and laid back island. This is where we had lunch and snorkeling.
Banana Island

Banana Island

Banana Island snorkeling

Banana Island snorkeling

  • Malcapuya Island – Our tour guide said this island is like Boracay. Sorry sir, this is waayy better than Boracay! I wish we can stay here longer but we have to go back to Coron town before it gets dark.
Malcapuya Island

You will fall in love with Malcapuya

Mt. Tapyas (Free entrance)

I swear, this is worth the climb. The view up there is amazing. You’ll see magnificent rolling hills, the town of Coron, the beautiful sea and, depending on the time you’ll hike – Sunrise and Sunset. We went there for the Sunset but there’s some dark clouds glooming over so the Sunset wasn’t that epic.

Mt. Tapyas

So beautiful

Mt. Tapyas Sunset

Mt. Tapyas Sunset

I heard it was 721 steps to go up. To those who haven’t done any exercise lately, don’t worry. There are benches and sheds where you can rest for a bit during the climb. We actually started at 3:30PM and got to the top at past 4PM because we stopped a lot, took pictures and chat a lot during rest.

700+ steps to Mt. Tapyas

700+ steps to Mt. Tapyas

After Mt. Tapyas, you can go straight to Maquinit Hot Springs if you like. There are tricycles already waiting at the basketball court (foot of the hill) to take you there. The local that I asked said the fare is P400 roundtrip for a 1hr waiting time at the hot springs. Entrance fee is P200.


There are many restaurants in the town proper but we didn’t try any of them. Mostly are Filipino and International restaurants serving Western dishes. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a good restaurant there but as for us, we just ate at small eateries that serves silog meals and lutong bahay. Silog meals usually cost around 70 to 100 pesos and it was delicious. We also brought packed food with us so that’s what we mostly ate for dinner.

Coron Sanho Breakfast

My breakfast at Coron Sanho

I also checked the food that Coron Sanho serves for lunch and dinner. Since the hotel is owned by Koreans, they serve authentic Korean dishes. It’s a little bit pricey but if you’re craving for Korean food it might be worth a try. They have Kimbap, Korean BBQ, Crispy pork cutlet, soup, ramen and dumplings ranging from 300 to 600 PHP.


Here is a summary of our Expenses in Coron per pax. Please note that shopping items and souvenirs were not included as this may vary per individual preferences.

Day 0 (Flight to Coron)
Flight to Coron via Cebu Pacific3743.4Roundtrip ticket with seat reservation, check-in
Day 1 (Arrive Coron, Mt. Tapyas)
Coron Sanho 1 Night - Twin Room8001600 per night no breakfast
Van to Coron Town Proper150
Lunch90Dangsilog - 90
Tapsilog - 90
Tricycle to Mt Tapyas3060 Total up to Basketball court
Dinner95Pansit Guisado - 90
Tocilog - 100
Tricycle to Coron Sanho1020 Total
Day 2 (Ultimate Tour C)
Coron Sanho 2 Nights - Standard room1111.2Original Total is 2822.40 less discount of 600 - 2222.40 for 2 nights
Ultimate Tour C1200
Water, rice49.54L Water - 75
Rice x 2 - 24
Day 3 (Island Escapade Tour)
Island Escapade Tour1200
Water, rice, snacks77.51L Water - 40, Rice - 10 x 3, Fishball - 10 x 2, Sprite - 30, Chippy - 35
Day 4 (Depart to Manila)
Van to Airport150
Airport Terminal Fee100

You can further lower your expenses by grabbing a cheaper airfare and a cheaper accommodation. There are inns and guesthouses that offer fan rooms for P500 per night so that’s an option if budget is really tight. Also, if you book a flight with Traveloka for the first time, they’ll give you a discount if you book your accommodation through them too. We got a discount of P600 on our 2 nights booking with Coron Sanho.

Coron is a very beautiful place. Let’s help each other protect its natural resources and stop whatever threats of its destruction by some unscrupulous people.


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  • Serena Joy

    wow, Coron has so many cool places to explore, you have really amplified my wanderlust with this post! I am planning a trip for the Philippines next year and I’m so excited about Kayangan Lake and wreck diving, especially the Tangat wreck ( Your fabulous photos are making me even more eager to go there. 2019, just come already!!!!