Hamamatsu City Japan

Hamamatsu City Japan

I’m sure many of you haven’t heard of Hamamatsu City before. Well, me too until I’ve stayed here for a couple of weeks. It sure isn’t the place to do some touristy stuff but if you happen to be here, you’ll enjoy the peaceful and relaxed environment compared to other busy cities.

If you’re looking for a complete guide to Hamamatsu City, then this is not it. I’ll only share what I’ve experienced given the little time I have to explore the city. If you need more detailed articles, check out these links:



This is more of a picture gallery post than a detailed guide post. Hope you’ll enjoy this one!

Hamamatsu Castle

Hamamatsu City, like any other city in Japan, has a rich history to tell. One of those are the beautiful castles that were once home to rulers, lords and Samurais in Ancient Japan. Hamamatsu Castle was built around 1532 but then reconstructed after it was destroyed by air raids in WW2. Now, it stands as Hamamatsu City’s centerpiece and icon.

Hamamatsu Castle

Hamamatsu Castle

Hamamatsu Samurai

A wax figure of the Lord of Hamamatsu



You can eat delicious food anywhere in Japan. From corner stalls, convenience stores, supermarkets to restaurants and hotels… everywhere you go, there’s good food waiting for you. Here are some highlights:

There’s a Sushi-go-round restaurant near Mega Don Quijote and most of the items are just 100 Yen per plate!


Have you tried this in Japan? I had so much fun eating here! Just 100 Yen for one plate of sushi!

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Sushi Conveyor

Grab a sushi you like or order from the monitor screen


When food becomes a work of art


This one is lathered with pesto cream! Delicious!

There are lots of restaurants around the City Center. A bowl of Ramen ranges from 400 Yen to 900 Yen

Ramen Gyoza

Ramen Gyoza set meal


We ate in a Ramen restaurant where a Filipina is works as a waitress. Glad to see kababayans here.


Karaage Yummy!


It’s delicious but Gyoza in Osaka is way better.


Can I have rice with this?

Shopping and entertainment

There are quite a number of establishments around the city center where you can shop and relax. They are mainly located near Zaza City Mall and Hamamatsu Station. Some of these establishments are:

Zaza City Mall – It has a Uniqlo store in the ground floor

Night life Hamamatsu

Just across Zaza City, you can find the night life in Hamamatsu

May One Mall – Great to shop at when it’s on sale. I bought 3 discounted Anello bags here ranging from 2000 to 3000 Yen.

May One Hamamatsu

Art students showing their skills in an event in May One Mall

Bic Camera – Lots of electronic stuffs and gadgets.

Entetsu Department store – More of a High End type of mall

JoyJoy Karaoke – Sing! They have English songs.

Hamamatsu crossing

Main crossing of Hamamatsu City but not as busy as Shibuya

A little away from the City Center is Mega Don Quijote. This is where I shop most of my souvenirs and cheap gundam toys! To get there, take Bus Number 12 from Hamamatsu Bus Station or get a cab or walk (around 3kms from Hamamatsu Station).


Gundam! 20% off!

To girls reading this, Japan is a cosmetics and shampoo heaven. Better have a large luggage with you because I’m sure you’ll buy lots of beauty stuffs here.



Get a Nice Pass Card to tap payment for trains and buses. Taxi fare is expensive in Japan.

Well, it kinda sucks that I didn’t have much time to go out and explore more of Hamamatsu City and nearby cities during my visit. But there’s one thing I confirmed during my stay – It’s fun anywhere you go in Japan.


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