Tokyo Japan Travel Guide Itinerary Expenses 6D5N

Tokyo Japan Travel Guide Itinerary Expenses 6D5N

As I was browsing through our Japan pictures on our last trip there, I suddenly felt this immense feeling of missing the place very much. It has been my 3rd trip to Japan but I still yearn to explore the country because like every tourist who have been there, we barely scratched the surface traveling the country.

This time, we went to the capital city of Tokyo during the autumn season. It was our first time there and first time to experience Autumn! Though we could’ve done multi cities on our first trip (we did Kansai region only) we opted not to because we want to enjoy most of our time in one place rather than spending hours in transport.

Having said that, this is our simple guide and our great enjoyable experience in Tokyo. I hope this will help you in your planning!

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Our Itinerary

Day 1 (Nov. 21)

5:40AM – Depart Manila NAIA 3

10:50AM – Arrive Narita Airport

12 PM – Check in Airbnb

3PM – Ueno Park

6PM – Dinner at Sushi-Ro

Day 2 (Nov. 22)

8AM – Sensoji Temple

Sensoji temple

Sensoji temple

10AM – Tokyo Sky Tree

12PM – Akihabara

6PM – Rikugien Garden

Rikugien garden

Just like an episode in MGB

Day 3 (Nov. 23) Mt. Fuji

8AM – Start of Mt. Fuji Day Tour

Mt. Fuji

Hello there Fuji!

7PM – Dinner at Ichiran Shinjuku

Day 4 (Nov. 24) Shinjuku

8AM – Shinjuku Gyoen Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen garden

Shinjuku Gyoen garden

12PM – Lunch at Tontake

3PM – Akihabara

Day 5 (Nov. 25) Shibuya / Ropponggi Hills

8AM – Yoyogi Park / Meiji Shrine

12PM – Lunch at Shinshuya Tempura

1PM – Shibuya Crossing / Hachiko Statue



4PM – Ropponggi Hills

Day 6 (Nov. 26) Odaiba

8AM – Tour Odaiba and Toyota Mega Web Showroom


Statue of Liberty replica in Odaiba

Day 7 (Nov. 27)

8AM – Breakfast and check-out

9AM – Go to Airport

1PM – Depart to Manila

WiFi Connectivity

When in Japan, connectivity is a must especially for information on transportation and maps! We rented a pocket wifi through KKDAY for 7 days here. Fast, efficient and reliable.


Going to/from Manila / Tokyo

We booked round-trip plane tickets from Manila to Narita (NRT) through Cebu Pacific for 8040.51 per pax all-in including seat reservation fee, check-in baggage and all other fees.

Traveling Around Tokyo

Get a Suica or Pasmo card for use in transportation around Tokyo like trains and buses then follow directions in google maps or and you’re good to go. The transportation system in Japan is efficient and reliable so you really don’t need to ride taxis as they’re expensive unless you really need to.




We booked an Airbnb room here. It’s located in Bunkyo and very near Nippori station which has a direct line to Narita Airport. The room is simple but comfortable enough for us to sleep at night. The shower is for sharing between other guests but fortunately they seldom use it and they keep it clean.


Our Airbnb accommodation. Gets the job done.

The neighborhood is quiet and it’s near Yanaka Ginza, a popular traditional shopping street in Tokyo.

Yanaka Ginza

Walking the street of Yanaka Ginza

We booked the room for 6 nights for a total of P13,134.69 but we only paid P8,154.03 since I have Airbnb credits to use. If you’re not an Airbnb member yet, then sign up here and get free credits! 

If you don’t wish to use Airbnb, check out some hostels in Tokyo! Here are some hostels recommended by travelers:

Hotel Owl Tokyo Nippori

Hostel East57 Asakusabashi

Asakusa Hotel WASOU

Ueno Station Hostel Oriental I

Or you can search for hotels/hostels in Tokyo here in Hotels Combined.


Tokyo is amazing. It’s definitely one of those places that we will return for sure. It’s ancient Japan meets Hi-tech Japan. Many beautiful temples and parks scattered around tall skyscrapers which for me, is the ideal modern city.

Out of Tokyo, we went on a Mt. Fuji Day Tour which highlights our second Japan Trip.

Parks and Gardens

Ueno Park

A simple park in Ueno. If you just want to relax, have meaningful conversations and rest your legs after some extreme shopping.

Ueno Park

Ueno Park

Shinjuku Gyoen Park

Very nice park! We enjoyed taking pictures and people watching here. Lots of photo enthusiasts and models taking their best poses in the colorful autumn background.

Shinjuku Gyoen

Colorful autumn leaves

Shinjuku Gyoen

Rikugien Garden

It’s a little weird to visit a garden during night time but we went here to see the illuminations and it’s just walking distance from where we are staying so we might as well go. This place is great for photographers who likes to shoot at night. The reflections of the trees in the water is amazing.

Rikugien garden

Rikugien garden


Shibuya is most known for the world’s busiest crossing. You’d be amazed that even if you cross this intersection blindfolded, you won’t get bumped by anyone – but don’t do that of course. If you want to take a video and watch the crossing in action, go to the 2nd floor of any nearby buildings. We went to a nearby Starbucks and the place is perfect for this.

Shibuya Crossing

The busiest intersection in the world

Also, don’t forget to visit the statue of Hachiko, the most loyal dog! He is located near the crossing and be disciplined enough to fall in line if there are many people lining up to take a picture with Hachiko.



After some people watching, stroll around Yoyogi park for fresh air and visit Meiji Shrine and offer a prayer or two or make a wish on those wooden tablets called ema.

Yoyogi park

Entrance to Yoyogi park

Sake barrels

Sake barrels in Yoyogi park

Meiji Shrine

A wedding ceremony in Meiji Shrine


This place is heaven for every Japanese pop-culture fan. I’m a fan of old anime back from my childhood and young adult years so this is a wonderful place for me too. There are also lots of toys here and I can’t help myself so I bought a Super Saiyan Goku figure and Tomica miniature cars. We went here twice during the trip!




Odaiba is an entertainment hub located on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. It is home to the giant Gundam robot statue in front of Diver City. It is the most awesome thing you’ll see there!


Unicorn Gundam!

We also went to the replica of the Statue of Liberty and in the Toyota Mega Web City Showcase. We enjoyed checking out the cars: old, new and futuristic. You can also try the racing simulation which its functions are patterned to a real car.

Toyota Mega Web

Trying out a Racing simulation

Mt. Fuji

This was the highlight of our trip! We booked the day tour from Klook for P2766 per person which is reasonable compared to DIYing the trip as I made a computation and it’s almost the same.

Mt. Fuji is one of the most beautiful places in the world that I’ve ever seen. It’s completely stunning. We were very fortunate that Mt. Fuji was not covered with clouds.

Mt. Fuji

Fuji ain’t shy that day!

Oshino Hakkai

Part of the tour is a stop at Oshino Hakkai, a small village in the Fuji Five Lake region.

Besides Mt. Fuji, we also get to experience how to make our own Matcha green tea taught by a Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) instructor!

For our last stop, we dropped by at a Gotemba premium outlet where you can shop for branded clothing, shoes, toys, etc. Almost all of the outlets are on sale that day because it was Black Friday! I bought a pair of running shoes from ADIDAS and toys from BANDAI. I think we were only allotted around 2 hours for shopping so my advise is focus on a few shops and walk fast!

Gotemba Outlet

Entrance to Gotemba Outlets

Book your Mt. Fuji Day Tour here in Klook.


We all know food in Japan is delicious and awesome. I’ve detailed some of our food adventures here in <Osaka> so I wouldn’t get into much detail anymore but rather, I’d just share some of what we had in Tokyo.


For affordable conveyor belt sushi experience, consider Sushi-Ro! They have a wide selection of sushi and it was very delicious! Try the ones with pesto or cheese!


I think this is a Salmon sushi with cheese

Ichiran Ramen

This is one of the godliest Ramen we’ve ever had. The broth is just super delicious. We had this at Shinjuku right after the Mt. Fuji trip. There was a line but it didn’t take long till we get seated. And you should know that when there’s people lining up to eat, the food must be great. We were not disappointed at all! The only thing we regret is we didn’t take home their instant ramen sold in the reception! Next time, we’ll surely buy.

Ichiran ramen

Best tasting broth!

Tonkatsu at Tontake

If you’re craving for Tonkatsu, drop by at Tontake – a small family-run restaurant in Shinjuku serving one of the best tonkatsus out there. You might have a hard time finding it but just trust google maps and your keen eye.

Pork tonkatsu at Tontake

Pork tonkatsu at Tontake

Shinshuya Tempura

Another great find specializing in Tempura! We ordered one with the noodle soup and one with rice and both are amazing.

Shinshuya tempura

Tempura noodle soup

Food court at Diver City, Odaiba

Lots of food choices here but one of the standouts is Gindaco Takoyaki!


Yes I know, that’s how good it is

Expenses Summary

Here is a summary of our Expenses in Japan per person. Please note that shopping items and souvenirs were not included as this may vary per individual preferences. Some of the items are shared between us like Lunch so that is already the cost per person. I indicated some comments in the Remarks column like the total of the item in JPY. Conversion rate based in 1 JPY = .466 PHP

Roundtrip Cebu Pacific fare (MNL - NRT)8040.51All in including tax, fees, advanced seat reservations, check-in baggage
Day 1 (Flight to Tokyo, Check-in Airbnb, Ueno)
Airbnb room 6 nights4077.01Original total is 13134.69 for 6 nights but I have airbnb credits so the new total is 8154.03
Global Pocket WiFI for 7 days597.331194.67 Total for 7 days booked through KKDAY
Narita to Nippori station495.541030 JPY
Suica Card1443.173000 JPY
Sushiro Dinner340.051414 JPY total for two
Day 2 (Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Skytree, Akihabara, Rikugien Garden)
Hakata Furyu Ramen416.061730 JPY total for 2 (2 bowls of ramen)
Rikugien garden entrance144.33
Gyoza Dinner179.21745 JPY Total
Day 3 (Mt. Fuji)
Mt. Fuji Day Tour2766
Food during tour at Mt. Fuji 638.44
Lunch at Lawson convenience store103.93458 Yen divided by 2
Ichiran Ramen at Shinjuku491.12Ramen plus egg
Day 4 (Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Akihabara)
Entrance to Gyoen Park96.28200 JPY
Tonkatsu Lunch at Tontake385Pork Tonkatsu - 850 JPY
Chicken Tonkatsu - 750 JPY
Okonomiyaki Street food120.33500 JPY
MOs Burger207860 JPY
Day 5 (Shibuya - Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine, Shibuya crossing, Hachiko statue, Ropponggi Hills)
Food and snacks528.82
Starbucks at Shibuya crossing182.9Frap - 490JPY, Berry bread - 270JPY
Shinshuya Tempura250.261040 JPY
Day 6 (Odaiba)
Food court lunch384.99Ramen - 650 JPY
Karaage - 370 JPY
Takoyaki - 580 JPY
Suica Card refund240.59500 JPY each card
Train tickets226.2

P22,718.21 for 6 days in Tokyo… hey, not bad! I actually wouldn’t mind spending more in Tokyo because the city is just that amazing!

In a nutshell, we had an amazing trip to Tokyo and we would like to travel there again in the future. There’s just so much to do, see and eat and 6 days wasn’t enough! Anyway, I hope this will help you in planning your trip and If you are happy about it, kindly share this post! Thanks!

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