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Hey there! I am Jayson, the man behind this website called The Travel Debugger. So, why “The Travel Debugger” you say? Well, for those of you who don’t know what a “Debugger” means, it is a computer programming tool to help programmers analyze their codes for errors or simply check the values of declared variables during runtime. Geeky? A bit. I’m a programmer by profession so I thought why not incorporate my profession to the title of my blog? But what’s more interesting regarding the blog title is I’ve been bitten by the Travel bug 🙂 So I’m in the hopes of literally “debugging” my life through travelling and trying to know the world not just taking a look at pictures in the internet but by actually being there to experience it.

How I started Travelling

I got hooked on travelling when a longtime friend of mine tagged me along on their surfing trips to La Union and Baler in the Philippines. Back then, I consider travelling as an expense, a temporary fun and nothing more. Not until I realized that travelling is more than that. I gained friends, learned a lot about myself and respected the environment more. Then in 2013 when my longtime girlfriend and I got married, we went to our first out of country together in Hong Kong for our honeymoon. Since then, I realized that travelling is my passion and this is what I always wanted to do. No material things on Earth can give that happiness to me more than travelling.

I’m still working full time as a software programmer but I dream of travelling around the world to see all the magnificent places on Earth and learn about other nation’s food and culture. Our goal is to visit different countries at least every year (hopefully two to three times a year) until we get to the age where I can’t even wipe our own arse. It’s a lifelong dream of me to travel around the world. When I was a little kid, I’ve watched the animated versions of “Around the world in 80 days” and “20,000 leagues under the sea”. I’ve always wondered what’s like to travel the world and see different people and places other than the Philippines. It’s also my dream back then to witness and feel snow as I always get envious with my cousins who are in the States sending us Christmas cards with them playing in the snow. So I said to myself, I have to fulfill my childhood dream now that I have the means.

Taking it one step at a time

My wife and I are taking it one step at a time now (we are fairly new) and we do have a travel fund that we save for in a monthly basis. We always travel on a budget and spend money wisely without sacrificing much during our travels.

We are very committed to travelling as we are committed to each other. Travelling is one of our ways to strengthen the bond of our marriage and friendship. We would like to share to everyone that traveling shouldn’t stop even when you have your own family now and additional responsibilities.

My Website

Here in my website, you will find lots of tips on how we do our travels like guides and budgeting. You will also find food and restaurant reviews (we love to eat!), accommodation reviews, inspiring articles and just anything under the sun 🙂

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